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'Diamond' Barnwell Sectional Buildings - Heavy Duty Workshops

'Barnwell' Garden Workshops
  • ALL Sizes Made from 6x4 to 28x14
  • Pressure Treated Tanalised Option
  • Option to Line & Insulate
  • Redwood timber (not cheap whitewood)
  • 47 x 47mm (2x2in) Sturdy Vertical framing
  • Toughened Glass Windows (not horticultural or perspex)
  • FREE Assembly of Sectional Buildings.
  • Heavy Duty Workshops Spirit Based Treated Cladding
  • Super Minimum 1.94m (76½in) Inside Eaves Height
  • Rust Resistant Fittings (to prevent ugly rust stains)
  • Fully framed Double Joinery Workshop Doors
  • Sectional Buildings Coach Screwed Together for Strength
  • Timber Bases Built for Garden Workshops
  • Apex or Pent Styles - Bespoke Designs - No Problems
  • Proud to display Sectional Buildings for Viewing
  • All Shed Timber from Sustainable Sources

Diamond Apex Heavy Duty Workshops for the Garden
Diamond Heavy Duty Garden Workshops
Diamond 'Barnwell' Garden Workshops Info
'Barnwell' Garden Workshops

These 'Barnwell' Heavy Duty Garden Workshops Add Value to Your Home.

The Diamond 'Barnwell' heavy duty workshops are hard to beat when buying a building for your garden. Soundly built to a high standard and not down to a price is the key to the strength and popularity of these workshops. They really come into their own whether they are used as a garden workshop, as a superb garden store, an hobby room or a den for the children. And besides that they can stand proudly in your garden and display an impressive appearance of strength, which it has. And by choosing these superb buildings you can create more space inside your home. But how can you be sure that these are as good as what we say. By taking a look on this independent feedback web site where previous customers leave their comments about the buildings and the service received from 1st Choice.

Before Buying a Garden Workshop Do a Little Research

There are a large number of garden buildings available to buy but there are not that many which can live up to 'heavy duty workshop'. Many are, at best, just glorified cheap sheds so you need to ask questions. How thick is the timber, how tall, what type of timber, do they have double doors etc. The quality of timber is crucial for the longevity of these buildings so don't be fobbed off. By doing so you will soon find out why the cheap 'garden workshops' are cheaper than these superb Barnwell Heavy duty garden workshops. Also it worth remembering that these garden workshops can be lined and insulated of you choose. Take a look on this page for advice on what to look out for - you won't regret it. And you will nearly always find that the cheap garden workshop is not the best value.

Ensure That Cheap Timber is Not Being Used in Your Choice of Garden Workshop

You will find that the cheap garden workshops, besides being a 'wolf in sheep's clothing', will be made using fast growing whitewood grade timber. To get the best life from a garden workshop you should insist on slow growing redwood deal timber which is more stable and long lasting. It does cost a little more than whitewood but it's worth every penny as it makes your new garden workshop a much stronger and longer lasting building. A sound investment for the long term. You may decide a cheap garden workshop will serve you for a few years before you maybe move houses but when you come to sell a cheap decaying garden workshop will not impress any prospective buyers. Just a though to consider. Ensure all walls and roof are made from T&G boards for the best protection against the weather. Also check how thick the timber is. The timber on these 'Barnwell' heavy duty garden workshops is cut from 19mm nominal (16mm finished thickness) T&G boards for the most amount of strength. Also check the thickness of the framing used as some 'garden workshops' are made using 1in x 1in (25mm x 25mm) framework - total madness. Double check before making a decision.

Cheap Chipboard, OSB Board and Other Cheap Boards Have No Place on A Quality Garden Workshop

Again to cut costs some 'cheap garden workshops' companies use chipboard, OSB board, Wafer board or Sterling board in an effort to cut costs. This has to be false economy as all of these boards when getting wet will start to disintegrate and bring your garden workshop to a premature end. Not a good idea. To cover up the fact that these cheap and unsuitable materials are being used you will find that many cheap garden workshop makers will describe their floors and roofs from 'sheet material'. Sounds good until you realise they have been using chipboard etc but are too embarrassed (being kind about their motives) to admit it. In the short term you may be all right but why take the risk? By choosing correctly in the 1st place you can avoid trouble later than the line. There is an exception and that is Caber Board. Widely used in brand new houses and is designed to be suitable for wet situations such as kitchens or bathrooms in brand new houses. This is a great choice and ticks all the boxes. Your 1st Choice should be to do right 1st time.

When It Comes to Building Your New Garden Workshops We Will Build It

Heavy duty garden workshops, by their very name, are heavy so can be hard work to build. With the large garden workshops as well as with their weight you need to be careful if you choose to build your new building. However 1st Choice will offer free assembly on all their 'Barnwell' heavy duty workshops to save you the hard work involved. This also means that it will be built and assembled correctly saving you problems down the line. Cheap garden workshop companies who claim it's easy to build their workshop could mean they are made from very lightweight materials. Or they don't offer an option to build which is not good. Allow 1st Choice to arrange free erection and save you back from aches and pains. You won't regret it.

Where Ever Possible Try To View Your New Garden Workshop Beforehand

Probably more than just a basic garden shed you should only buy a garden workshop from a company which has the confidence to display their products for close scrutiny. These companies, which include 1st Choice Garden Workshops with their heavy duty workshops display site in Surrey, should be at the top of your list when deciding your choice. Even if you don't view you can be sure the confidence they have in their product which must be a good thing. You need to be a little more wary with internet companies which don't offer you a chance to view beforehand because when your new 'workshop' arrives it will be too late to change your mind. Even with the best will in the world a flashy web site can never convey whether a garden workshop is good or otherwise. Just give this some thought before deciding - after all it's your money you are spending.

'Barnwell' Workshops Sizes

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Sizes Available
8' x 6'
9' x 6'
10' x 6'
12' x 6'
7' x 7'
8' x 7'
9' x 7'
10' x 7'
11' x 7'
12' x 7'
8' x 8'
9' x 8'
10' x 8'
11' x 8'
12' x 8'
13' x 8'
14' x 8'
15' x 8'
16' x 8'
18' x 8'
20' x 8'
24' x 8'
26' x 8'
28' x 8'
9' x 9'
10' x 9'
12' x 9'
14' x 9'
16' x 9'
18' x 9'
12' x 10'
14' x 10'
16' x 10'
18' x 10'
20' x 10'
22' x 10'
14' x 12'
16' x 12'
18' x 12'
20' x 12'
22' x 12'
24' x 12'
16' x 14'
18' x 14'
20' x 14'
22' x 14'
24' x 14'
26' x 14'
All Other Building Sizes
from 6x4 up to 38x14

Customer Feedback

 Every aspect of selecting, buying, delivering and erecting the shed was straightforward and uncomplicated. Having worked with the widest variety of tradesmen and companies over the last two years, Leisure Buildings were by far the most reliable and impressive.

Thank you. Keep up the great work.  

Diamond Deliveries Diamond Garden Sheds Delivery and FREE Erection (Assembly) Area
FREE Delivery & Erection
Delivery & Erection 10%

Customer Feedback

 I had my shed installed this week and I am very pleased with it.

Thank you for a great shed a super service.