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'Diamond' Timber Garden Solar Potting Sheds

Solar Potting Garden Sheds
  • Sizes from 6x4 up to 16x12
  • Redwood timber (not cheap whitewood)
  • Garden Shed Stable Door with Handle & Lock
  • Pressure Treated Tanalised Shed Option
  • FREE erection of Potting Sheds.
  • Potting Sheds Treated with Spirit Based Treatment
  • TOUGHENED Glass (NOT cheap horticultural or plastic)
  • 47 x 47mm (2" x 2" nominal) Heavy Vertical framing
  • Superb Minimum 1.74m (68½in) Internal Eaves Heights
  • Inclusive Shed Opening Window & Timber Staging
  • All Fixings are rust resistant. Coach screws construction
  • Apex, Pent and ½ Glass Roof Garden Shed Styles
  • Timber Bases Built
  • Potting Sheds Made in the UK since 1982
  • On Display For You to View

Diamond Apex potting shed with ½ Glass roof
Potting Shed with OPTIONAL ½ Glass roof
Diamond 'Solar Potting' Sheds Info
Diamond 'Solar Potting' Garden Sheds

These Solar Potting Garden Sheds are an Investment

The Diamond Solar Potting shed is a great addition for your garden and can be used for growing produce for using in your home. It can also be used for planting seeds so that you can give those plants an early start when you plant them out in your garden. With a choice of apex (gable) or pent (mono-pitch or flat roof) there should be a style which appeals to you. And on the apex potting sheds you can even have a half glass roof which makes this a stunning building. Take a look at one at the 1st Choice Garden Shed display area near Guildford and make your own mind up.

Why Buy a Garden Shed for Your Home?

The humble garden shed is a vital extra for most homes as it provides extra storage out side your home but close enough to access when ever you want. The extra shed these garden sheds bring enables you to utilise your internal space inside your home for more leisurely pursuits - always a bonus in our modern homes where space is at a premium. Always try to buy the largest garden shed you can afford to ensure the greatest amount of flexibility for storage and for working in. This enable all your clutter to be stored away 'just in case'.

Be Very Careful When Buying a Garden Shed

There is also a worry when buying a garden shed as to whether you will make the right choice. You will find that garden sheds come in a wide variety of price ranges and sizes so how do you choose. It might seem that the cheapest shed you can buy will be the best option but like many things in life it's not that simple. Just the difference in the quality of wood can make a large difference to how long your new shed will last - so tread carefully. There are many garden shed companies out there to choose from so how do you decide who to use. A good idea is to look at previous customers feedback and you can see 1st Choice Garden Sheds feedback on the Feefo independent site which should give you a good idea about them and their products which are all made from sustainable timber sources.

Always Check What Quality and Type of Materials are Being Used in Your New Garden Shed

You may find that some garden sheds are cheaper than others and there is a reason for this - and this comes down to the quality of materials used. These Diamond Woodford transverse apex garden shed are made from slow growing redwood deal rather than the cheap fast growing and less resilient white wood used on most 'cheap' sheds. This costs a little more but is worth every penny. Always insist of proper T&G timber as this will ensure the best resistance to our British weather and protecting your valuable. The thickness of the framing is also important as some cheap garden sheds will have framework not much larger than 1in x 1in (25mm x 25mm) -crazy!! Ideally look for 2in x 2in (nominal size) vertical framing for the strongest shed. Take a look on this page for advice on what to look out for - you won't regret it. And you will nearly always find that the cheap shed is not the best value.

Beware of Cheap Chipboard, OSB Board or other Cheap Man Made Boards

Again to try to make a cheap shed many companies use materials such as chipboard, OSB board, wafer board or Sterling board. All of these are totally unsuitable for using on a garden shed meant to last. As soon as these boards get wet they will start to disintegrate and this puts your valuables at risk - don't take this chance. You also need to look out for some cheap garden shed companies describing their floors and roof as being made from 'sheet materials. This is meant to hide the facts that they are using chipboard type materials and could be seem as underhand. Caber board is an exception to this as this is designed specifically for wet environments such as a kitchen or bathroom in a brand new house. This is standard on the Barnwell Heavy Duty Workshops and on all garden sheds 8ft x 8ft and over. Great choice.

Don't Struggle To Build Your New Garden Shed - Let Us Do It

Garden sheds by their very nature are heavy - well certainly well made quality ones - so it can be hard work to build them. All the Diamond Woodford transverse apex garden shed include free assembly to make life easier for you. This also ensures it has been built correctly and that the building won't have any problems such as leaking. The cheap garden shed companies often claim it's a doddle to build a garden shed and this is often because they don't offer a garden shed assembly service or by doing so make their garden sheds a lot more expensive. Why take the chance - let someone else take the strain and you put your feet up. You back will thank you for it.

Always Visit a Garden Shed Display Site Where Ever Possible

You will find that many internet companies selling garden sheds don't have a display site where you can view and examine their sheds before buying. You are expected to buy from a flashy web site or sometimes from a colour leaflet - not really ideal - and you are in their hands until after your new garden shed appears in your garden. Hopefully it will meet your expectations but you can never be sure. 1st Choice has a garden shed display area between Woking and Guildford in Surrey where are over 40 buildings of all shapes and sizes to see. This allows you to see examples of garden sheds giving you a much better idea of the likely quality. And, even if you are unable to visit, the fact there is a garden shed display area means that the company in question has the confidence for the public to view beforehand. Peace of mind as standard - what a nice option.

Solar Potting Sheds Sizes
'Solar Potting Garden Sheds Spec
'Solar Potting Garden Sheds Spec
Sizes: All solar potting sheds available in sizes from 6 x 4 up to a massive 16 x 12 in Apex and Pent styles.
Cladding: Available in two claddings - 16mm (12mm finished thickness) T&G Shiplap OR 19mm (15mm finished thickness) T&G Loglap. (Redwood deal not the cheaper whitewood). Treated externally. Coach screwed construction.
Vertical Framing: 50 x 45mm (2" x 2" nominal) as standard. Effectively thicker in corners when erected (about 70 x 45mm.
Buying Guide: FREE Garden Sheds Buying Guide Ensure you make the right decision.
Style: Apex or Pent models or Apex with s roof.
Roofs: 16mm (12mm finished thickness) T&G timber and covered with heavy green mineral roofing felt. NO chipboard, plywood, OSB, sterling board or sheet materials as these are unsuitable for outdoor use.
over 8' x 7':
Heavy duty ¾" v313 grade moisture resistant particular boarded floor set on 50 x 45mm (2x2 nominal) pressure impregnated joists for long life.
up to 8' x 7':
16mm (12mm finished thickness) T&G boards set on 50 x 45mm (2x2 nominal) pressure impregnated joists for long life. NO chipboard, plywood, OSB or sterling board as these are unsuitable for outdoor use.
Doors: Stable Doors Fully Ledged and braced (thickness of framing is 100mm x 38mm). Shed doors normally hinged towards the low side of the shed. Size: 5' 8" x 2' 6" on all models. Supplied with a rim lock and handle for security with two turn buckles. Beware of doors with NO bracing.
Staging: Timber staging is included as standard underneath the front windows.
Windows: Windows on front high side and both ends. Included are either one opening shed window or two on garden buildings 9' and over. 3mm clear horticultural glass bedded in clear silicone. Option for toughened - laminated - wired glass.
Corner Strips: 'Wrap Around' corner strips for extra protection to the end grain of the timber and for a smarter finish.
Height Apex: Internal eaves height 5' 8½" eaves on all buildings. Ridge height is 6' 5" on 8' garden sheds, 6' 11" on 10' & 11' sheds. Option for extra height if required.
Height Pent: Internal lower side 5' 8½" and 6' 5" on the higher sides. Option for extra height if required.
Treatment: All timber sheds are treated externally with a high quality timber preservative.
Nails: These are all rust resistant to ensure long lasting good appearance to your workshop. NO staples are used as these are not suitable for a quality building.
Assembly: All our garden sheds and timber buildings are fitted FREE of charge, provided you provide a solid level concrete or paving slab base or timber decked area, or possibly could be built on your timber bearers. Optionally, we have an option for building a timber raft for you. This garden sheds is secured using coach screws for ease of taking it down again if you decide to move.
Delivery: There is no charge for delivery within Diamond standard delivery area but they can be delivered in most of England or Wales, outside of the free delivery area, for a surcharge.
Alterations: Please ask.
Optional Extras: Extra height, toughened - laminated - wired glass etc - please ask.
Sizes: Unless specified as finished size then sizes quoted are before machining which reduces the size quoted by about 3mm. BEWARE. Many garden shed manufacturers quote BEFORE machining sizes making them APPEAR larger - don't be fooled.

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Sizes Available
All Other Building Sizes
from 4x3 up to 38x12

Customer Feedback

 Just thought I would let you know that the shed is now securely installed on its base frame and 4x4inch legs set on concrete pads. All wood is tanilised and it makes an impressive structure.

Thanks for your help and guidance. 

Diamond Deliveries Diamond Garden Sheds Delivery and FREE Erection (Assembly) Area
FREE Delivery & Erection
Delivery & Erection 10%

Customer Feedback

 Just a note to say that the shed was delivered and erected on Monday as agreed and we are very pleased with it. The customisations - extra opening windows and additional eves height - are great.

Please pass on our thanks to all concerned for a professional service.