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Trentan 'Taastrup' Nordic Log Cabins

Trentan 'Taastrup' Log Cabin Info
  • 8x6 to 20x6 (or Longer) Apex Sectional Buildings
  • 15 Years Warranty on Timber and Onduline
  • Quality Redwood Timber (not cheap whitewood)
  • Onduline Roofs on Top of T&G Boarded Roofs
  • Solid Heavy Duty T&G Floors as Standard
  • FREE Fitting or Assembly of Sectional Workshops
  • Fully Pressure Treated Tanalised T&G Solid Wood
  • Barn Like Doors With Key Lock as Standard.
  • Toughened Glass NOT cheap horticultural or perspex
  • 70 x 33mm thick (3" x 1½" nominal) Framework
  • Great Workshops Eaves Height of 6ft 3in.
  • Fully Bespoke Workshops ALL Sizes Workshops
  • All Workshops Have Rust Resistant Fittings & Nails.
  • Sectional Workshops Display for Viewing
  • Garden Workshops Screwed Together from Inside
  • Less Than 2.5m High Overall for Planning
  • Lining & Insulation Option for All Year Round Use
  • Garden Workshops Timber Subframes Built

Platinum Supreme Apex Heavy Duty Workshops for the Garden
Platinum Supreme 6ft Apex Apex Sectional Buildings
(Showing 16x10 Platinum Heavy Duty Workshops)
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Elegant Trentan Taastrup Log Cabins

Taastrup Log Cabins for Your Garden and Family

The garden is a great place to be and a modern well built log cabin will help to enhance your enjoyment of it. This is where the Taastrup log cabin really delivers. Its modern appearance with full length doors and window allows light to flood into it allowing you and you family to enjoy the garden environment. And there are many uses for these Taastrup log cabins such as a recreation room, a hobby room, fitness room, summerhouse or glorified den for the children. Any of these uses will allow the most enjoyment to be had. Also as standard are Georgian windows bars so you can transform the look to a Georgian style if that suits you better. The great design is key to this log cabin and is very adaptable.

Super Strong Log Cabins with Strength As Standard

It's important that your choice of log cabin is one which is strong and well designed for the UK weather. This is why Nordic timber is used as it's renowned for being slow growing and thus more stable in an outdoor environment. The Swedes know this and is a mainstay of the log cabins and outdoor buildings in their beautiful country. And if it's good enough for the weather they get then it's will stand up to anything the British weather will throw at it. Also the design of these Taastrup utilises the strength of the Nordic timber to ensure the strongest log cabin available.

The Best Material are used on These Quality Log Cabins.

Nordic timber, because of its strength is a key element of these log cabins. Although it's possible to buy timber from cheaper sources and which may save a few pounds the fact is that it's better to make it with the best and more correct materials in the first place. The relatively small difference in cost is well worth it to ensure you get the best and longest life from your new log cabin. By making down to a price restricts many log cabin manufacturers from using adequate materials so give serious thought to this before taking the wrong steps. Add in the special storm proof windows designed specially for these buildings and you can be sure of the longest life of it.

Log Cabin Assembly Service Available if Required

The design of these superb Taastrup log cabins is such that they are relatively easy build with their modular construction. Each log slots into place one at a time as the cabin is built up. All sections are cut to size and are normally pre-assembled at the factory to ensure every part fits. They are then dismantled, bar coded and and flat packed before being shipped to the customer. All of these steps means building the log cabin is 'child's play' - well nearly. However we can offer a log cabin fitting service where the building can be done for you. This will definitely lighten the load if you choose and will save you time and effort. All you would have to worry about is how to enjoy your new log cabin in your garden. Can't be bad!

Always Try To View at a Log Cabin Display Site Before Buying

There are many web sites offering log cabins for sale however you need to ensure you stay rational when looking at these flashy web sites or at any glossy brochures. Hopefully they will deliver what you are expecting but the only way to be sure is to visit a log cabin display area and see for yourself. We have a log cabin display area near Woking in Surrey about 5 miles from the M25 where you can see examples of the Trentan log cabin range. Normally there is a selection of cabins but you can be sure there will always be at least one. This gives you the opportunity to see the type of wood used, the build quality of the cabin and how good the doors and windows are.. Very important before buying. Even if you don't visit the fact there are buildings for the public to see should give you confidence in their products.

Bespoke Log Cabins to Suit Your Requirements

The Taastrup log cabin is available in standard size and layout but if you like the design but would like a different size or with the doors and windows moved then we should be able to help. It might cost a little more than the standard Taastrup log cabin due to the extra work involved but you will end up with a building which reflects your need. We have developed special software to be able to offer a custom quote for our log cabins very quickly so please feel free to ask. This service has evolved over the years as we strive to build on our family business credentials having been in the garden building trade since 1979. This experience is important to use and also helps to give us the know how about the quality of materials. Our Ethos is 'Make to a Standard - NOT down to a price'.

Futher Features
Trentan ® Apex Sectional Buildings

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Features of Trentan Platinum Garden Workshops For Sale
Sizes: Garden Workshops are available in sizes from 8 x 8 up to 14 x 30 as standard, but larger buildings can be made so please ask if you need any other size.
Cladding: The workshops are clad in a choice of 16mm (12mm finished thickness) shiplap OR 19mm (15mm finished thickness) T&G. (Redwood deal not cheaper inferior whitewood). No further anti-rot treatment required. Coach screwed construction. OR Further option for 20mm T&G Redwood deal Loglap cladding.
Framing: 70 x 33mm thick (3" x 1½" nominal) as standard on all garden workshops tanalised quality timber. Diagonal bracing for strength. Thicker in corners.
Style: Apex, gable or 'V; shaped roof. Sometimes described as 'saddle back' pitched roof or angle. Option for transverse or reverse pitch at no extra charge. If you are looking for a pent or mono pitch garden workshop take a look on this page.
Roofs: Onduline roofing on top of 15mm (finish thickness) T&G timber boards NOT 8mm OSB boarding as on the Trentan Tunstall Workshops. This boarding gives a clean look to the interior of the workshop. 15 years guarantee on Onduline. Option for green mineral roofing felt on T&G boards at no extra charge. Standard warranty of felted roofs. Option for gutters and downpipes, if required.
Floors: Heavy duty garden workshops floors are made from 19mm (15mm finished thickness) pressure treated T&G boards on 47 x 47mm tanalised floor joists. NO chipboard or cheap sheet materials used on this important part of the building.
Door: Tanalised ledged & braced framed double doors 178cm high x 150cm wide (5ft 10in x 5ft).
Fitted with key lock.
Option for Joinery made double workshop doors fitted with rim locks and handle.
Windows: These garden workshops have joinery made windows which include opening windows as standard. Glass used is fully toughened, for safety, not cheap horticultural.
Height: Eaves height 191cm (6ft 3in) eaves on all buildings. Ridge height on 2.4m (8ft) wide garden workshops is 241cm (7ft 11in), on workshops 3.0m (10ft) wide is 251cm (8ft 3in) and on workshops 3.6m (12ft) wide will be 256cm (8ft 5in). Option for extra height OR Less than 2.5m for planning issues. Check if height is important.
Treatment: All garden workshops and sectional building pressure treated using the renowned Tanalith treatment which give the cladding and timber a 15 year life against rotting.
Erection: FREE Erection of these garden workshops onto your solid and level concrete or paving slab base.
Insulation: Insulation and Lining of these apex buildings is an option. This will help to keep the garden workshop warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Worth thinking about.
Delivery: FREE delivery in most of England. Check costs here.
Alterations: Any size garden building or sectional building made with extra doors, windows or partitions. If not sure please contact us for your personal quote
Optional Extras: Some of the options available for these garden workshops and sectional buildings are joinery doors, extra windows, georgian windows, extra height, ply lining followed by a bitumen paper lining, 4x2 framing, partitions and lining & insulating.
Sizes: Unless specified as finished size then timber sizes quoted are before machining which reduces the size quoted by about 3mm. Overall sizes of garden workshops are nominal METRIC sizes which are slightly smaller than imperial.

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