Thoughts Before Buying a Garden Workshop

 We ensure that your heavy duty workshops and sectional buildings are normally delivered and built on the same day, installed by the workforce employed by the factory, guaranteeing the highest quality and the best service. No waiting around for sub-contractors to arrive. 

Sectional Buildings For Sale. View Before Buying. All Redwood Timber. Assembly Service.

Trentan ® Apex Sectional Buildings

Garden Workshops |  Trentan ® Apex Sectional Buildings

'Trentan' Apex or Gable Tanalised Pressure Treated Sectional Buildings

Trentan Apex Workshops Features
  • Garden Workshops from 8x8 up to 14x30 (or larger)
  • Redwood Quality timber (not cheap whitewood)
  • Solid Timber T&G Floors. NO Chipboard or plywood
  • These Garden Workshops are Erected FREE of Charge
  • Fully Pressure Treated T&G Solid Wood
  • 15 Years Warranty on Timber cladding & Onduline Roof
  • Toughened Glass NOT Cheap Horticultural Glass
  • 70 x 33mm thick (3" x 1½" nominal) Framework as Std
  • Workshops Have Great Eaves Height of 6ft 3in.
  • Fully Bespoke Designs ANY Size Workshop Made
  • All Workshops Have Rust Resistant Nails & fittings.
  • Garden Workshops Display for you to View BEFOREHAND
  • Garden Workshops are Coach Screwed Together
  • Can be Made Less Than 2.5m High Overall for Planning
  • Lining & Insulation Option for All Year Round Use
  • Garden Workshops Timber Subframes Built

Trentan Heavy Duty Workshops for the Garden
Trentan Platinum Garden Workshops

New Higher Specifications of our Trentan Platinum Range

We are always looking to improve our range of sectional buildings and heavy duty workshops so the Trentan range has been improved with 15mm (finished size) T&G flooring and the roofs will be 15mm (finished size) T&G covered with Onduline instead of the 8mm OSB found on the Trentan Tunstall range.

Special Air Vents have been added to the underside of the roof to allow for free flow of air. The double doors are far better with proper locks and we have also added toughened glass as standard as well as extra diagonals in the corners which make the Trentan Platinum workshops even stronger than before.

To add to this there will no delivery charges in most of England unlike the Trentan Tunstall buildings and will, of course, we assembled FREE of charge.

These Apex Garden Workshops are Built to an Unbeatable Standard not Down to a Price

The Trentan Platinum Heavy Duty Workshops for the garden are probably some of the best workshops available and this is because of the quality of materials used and the attention to detail. Solidly constructed from high quality pressure treated redwood deal (not the usual inferior whitewood found on cheap garden workshops) and with a very heavy duty framework. The roofs on these garden workshops are made from Onduline roofing sheets and underneath is 15mm (finished size) T&G boards which gives a nice clean look to the inside of the building. The floor is made from solid T&G timber and this is also fully pressure treated as is the framework on these garden workshops.

For Peace of Mind 15 Years Warranty is Standard

As all the walls, framing and floor on these garden workshops are fully pressure treated with Tanalith treatment they come with a 15 year warranty against rotting. The roof, because of the properties of Onduline, also has a 15 year lifespan so peace of mind is standard. How refreshing is that?

Fully Bespoke Garden Workshops and Any Size Made

It's important that when choosing a garden workshop, besides ensuring the building is made from top quality materials, it's important to buy a workshop to suit you. Whether this is the size or the position of the doors and windows is not important what is important is that it can be done. So whatever size you want, where ever you want the doors and windows need to go, or any other alteration please ask as we are sure we can make the garden workshop to reflect your requirements. A bit like you could get in days gone by from quality reputable firms.

Examine These Garden Workshops at our Two Display Sites

The advent of the internet has been a great boon in buying products, unfortunately, many of the buildings you can buy on the 'web' can't be seen before buying. This means that you are buying with 'your fingers crossed' which is not a good thing to be doing. At 1st Choice we realise that potential customers would like to see our workshops before buying so we have two garden workshop display sites so you can examine these buildings close up and in detail. This give you, the customer, the opportunity to examine for yourself the high quality of these buildings as well as seeing how well they are made.

Why don't other garden workshop companies do this? Is it because they don't want you to see their inferior products before they get your money? Whatever the reason there is no better way of ensuring you are making the right choice than to actually view beforehand.

Tanalised Timber & Onduline Roofing - 15 year Guarantee - saving you time !!

With a range of standard sizes, from 8x8 up to 12x20 (larger sizes available) and the option to make changes to the standard timber heavy duty apex buildings you can be assured these buildings will meet your long term needs. These garden workshops, timber buildings and sectional storage buildings can be made to your size and the doors and windows can be positioned to suit. Also, these superb garden workshops are erected FREE of charge onto your level base.

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Platinum Supreme T&G Apex Sectional Buildings. 15 Year Guarantee. FREE Erection

Trentan Pressure Treated (Tanalised) Apex Sectional Buildings 8x6 (2.4 x 1.8m) 10x6 (3.0 x 1.8m) 12x6 (3.6 x 1.8m) 14x6 (4.2 x 1.8m) 16x6 (4.8 x 1.8m)
18x6 (5.4 x 1.8m) 20x6 (6.0 x 1.8m) 8x8 (2.4 x 2.4m) 10x8 (3.0 x 2.4m) 12x8 (3.6 x 2.4m)
14x8 (4.2 x 2.4m) 16x8 (4.8 x 2.4m) 18x8 (5.4 x 2.4m) 12x10 (6.0 x 2.4m) 10x10 (3.0 x 3.0m)
12x10 (3.6 x 3.0m) 14x10 (4.2 x 3.0m) 16x10 (4.8 x 3.0m) 18x10 (5.4 x 3.0m) 20x10 (6.0 x 3.0m)
12x12 (3.6 x 3.6m) 14x12 (4.2 x 3.6m) 16x12 (4.8 x 3.6m) 18x12 (5.4 x 3.6m) 20x12 (6.0 x 3.6m)

View before buying. ANY size or design available. ALL Pressure Treated Timber. Double Doors.

Platinum Supreme T&G Pent Sectional Buildings. 15 Year Guarantee. FREE Installation

Trentan Pressure Treated (Tanalised) pent Sectional Buildings 8x6 (2.4 x 1.8m) 10x6 (3.0 x 1.8m) 12x6 (3.6 x 1.8m) 14x6 (4.2 x 1.8m) 16x6 (4.8 x 1.8m)
18x6 (5.4 x 1.8m) 20x6 (6.0 x 1.8m) 8x8 (2.4 x 2.4m) 10x8 (3.0 x 2.4m) 12x8 (3.6 x 2.4m)
14x8 (4.2 x 2.4m) 16x8 (4.8 x 2.4m) 18x8 (5.4 x 2.4m) 12x10 (6.0 x 2.4m) 10x10 (3.0 x 3.0m)
12x10 (3.6 x 3.0m) 14x10 (4.2 x 3.0m) 16x10 (4.8 x 3.0m) 18x10 (5.4 x 3.0m) 20x10 (6.0 x 3.0m)
12x12 (3.6 x 3.6m) 14x12 (4.2 x 3.6m) 16x12 (4.8 x 3.6m) 18x12 (5.4 x 3.6m) 20x12 (6.0 x 3.6m)

View before buying. ANY size or design available. ALL Pressure Treated Timber. Double Doors.

Platinum Supreme T&G Transverse Sectional Buildings. 15 Year Guarantee. FREE Fitting

Trentan Pressure Treated (Tanalised) Reverse Apex Sectional Buildings 8x6 (2.4 x 1.8m) 10x6 (3.0 x 1.8m) 12x6 (3.6 x 1.8m) 14x6 (4.2 x 1.8m) 16x6 (4.8 x 1.8m)
18x6 (5.4 x 1.8m) 20x6 (6.0 x 1.8m) 8x8 (2.4 x 2.4m) 10x8 (3.0 x 2.4m) 12x8 (3.6 x 2.4m)
14x8 (4.2 x 2.4m) 16x8 (4.8 x 2.4m) 18x8 (5.4 x 2.4m) 12x10 (6.0 x 2.4m) 10x10 (3.0 x 3.0m)
12x10 (3.6 x 3.0m) 14x10 (4.2 x 3.0m) 16x10 (4.8 x 3.0m) 18x10 (5.4 x 3.0m) 20x10 (6.0 x 3.0m)
12x12 (3.6 x 3.6m) 14x12 (4.2 x 3.6m) 16x12 (4.8 x 3.6m) 18x12 (5.4 x 3.6m) 20x12 (6.0 x 3.6m)

View before buying. ANY size or design available. ALL Pressure Treated Timber. Double Doors.

ERECTED FREE - 70 x 33mm thick (3" x 1½" nominal) - 15 Year Guarantee - T&G Timber

Features of Trentan Platinum Garden Workshops For Sale
Sizes: Garden Workshops are available in sizes from 8 x 8 up to 14 x 30 as standard, but larger buildings can be made so please ask if you need any other size.
Cladding: The workshops are clad in a choice of 16mm (12mm finished thickness) shiplap OR 19mm (15mm finished thickness) T&G. (Redwood deal not cheaper inferior whitewood). No further anti-rot treatment required. Coach screwed construction. OR Further option for 20mm T&G Redwood deal Loglap cladding.
Framing: 70 x 33mm thick (3" x 1½" nominal) as standard on all garden workshops tanalised quality timber. Diagonal bracing for strength. Thicker in corners.
Style: Apex, gable or 'V; shaped roof. Sometimes described as 'saddle back' pitched roof or angle. Option for transverse or reverse pitch at no extra charge. If you are looking for a pent or mono pitch garden workshop take a look on this page.
Roofs: Onduline roofing on top of 15mm (finish thickness) T&G timber boards NOT 8mm OSB boarding as on the Trentan Tunstall Workshops. This boarding gives a clean look to the interior of the workshop. 15 years guarantee on Onduline. Option for green mineral roofing felt on T&G boards at no extra charge. Standard warranty of felted roofs. Option for gutters and downpipes, if required.
Floors: Heavy duty garden workshops floors are made from 19mm (15mm finished thickness) pressure treated T&G boards on 47 x 47mm tanalised floor joists. NO chipboard or cheap sheet materials used on this important part of the building.
Door: Tanalised ledged & braced framed double doors 178cm high x 150cm wide (5ft 10in x 5ft).
Fitted with key lock.
Option for Joinery made double workshop doors fitted with rim locks and handle.
Windows: These garden workshops have joinery made windows which include opening windows as standard. Glass used is fully toughened, for safety, not cheap horticultural.
Height: Eaves height 191cm (6ft 3in) eaves on all buildings. Ridge height on 2.4m (8ft) wide garden workshops is 241cm (7ft 11in), on workshops 3.0m (10ft) wide is 251cm (8ft 3in) and on workshops 3.6m (12ft) wide will be 256cm (8ft 5in). Option for extra height OR Less than 2.5m for planning issues. Check if height is important.
Treatment: All garden workshops and sectional building pressure treated using the renowned Tanalith treatment which give the cladding and timber a 15 year life against rotting.
Erection: FREE Erection of these garden workshops onto your solid and level concrete or paving slab base.
Insulation: Insulation and Lining of these apex buildings is an option. This will help to keep the garden workshop warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Worth thinking about.
Delivery: FREE delivery in most of England. Check costs here.
Alterations: Any size garden building or sectional building made with extra doors, windows or partitions. If not sure please contact us for your personal quote
Optional Extras: Some of the options available for these garden workshops and sectional buildings are joinery doors, extra windows, georgian windows, extra height, ply lining followed by a bitumen paper lining, 4x2 framing, partitions and lining & insulating.
Sizes: Unless specified as finished size then timber sizes quoted are before machining which reduces the size quoted by about 3mm. Overall sizes of garden workshops are nominal METRIC sizes which are slightly smaller than imperial.

Garden Workshops |  Trentan ® Apex Sectional Buildings

Heavy Duty Workshops for Sale. Sectional Buildings for Your Garden

  • Barnwell Apex Workshops

    The Diamond Barnwell Apex Sectional Buildings are in the 'Rolls Royce' quality range but NOT in the 'Rolls Royce' price bracket. Clearly one of the better range of garden workshops available. on the market. Assembled FREE of charge. Available fully bespoke and in ANY size to suit YOU.

    To prove this point examine the quality at our display site where you can inspect the impeccable quality, from the chunky 2x2 framing, the extra thick redwood deal cladding (NOT cheap whitewood), the superb eaves height and the fantastic super strong double BARN doors. (8x8 & over)

  • Barnwell Pent Workshops

    The superb Diamond Heavy Duty Barnwell Workshop is also available with a pent roof, if that is your preference. Still built to be very high standards of the Barnwell Apex you can be sure there are very few pent sectional buildings as good.

    Besides being able to be built with a pent roof these Barnwell sectional buildings can be fully bespoke to suit your needs and in ANY size. To make life easier for you we offer free installation on these pent garden workshops which will save you time, effort and money. View examples of the Barnwell sectional buildings at our Surrey show site.

  • Platinum Apex Buildings

    When you want the best with least amount of maintenance then the Platinum Apex Sectional Buildings are the buildings to go for. Constructed from redwood deal T&G shiplap (NOT cheap whitewood), heavy duty framing, onduline roof and fully pressure treated for long life.

    Complete with double doors and extremely high 2m eaves. Free fitting. On display at Heathrow and Woking, Surrey for you to examine the superb strength of these buildings, no hiding behind the computer screen or leaflet. Guaranteed for 15 years against rot for your complete peace of mind.

  • Platinum Pent Buildings

    The Platinum Pent Sectional Buildings are made to very high standards utilising solid redwood deal T&G Shiplap (not inferior whitewood) and built on a very strong 2x2 framework making this a very robust garden workshop.

    Compete with Onduline roof giving you at least 15 years peace of mind. Double doors are standard on these pent workshops. Completely customisable to suit YOUR needs. Naturally it can be make in a size to suit your garden. You can see Platinum sectional buildings on display at our show sites so you go have to buy with 'your fingers crossed'.

  • Platinum Apex Hobby Room

    The stylish Platinum Pressure Treated Apex Garden Studios, comes as standard with joinery grade Georgian windows and double doors and is highly popular for this reason. Made to the very high standard of our heavy duty workshops utilising top quality redwood deal T&G timber on a superb 2x2 frame. FREE erection to save you the hassle.

    Produced to a top standard and not down to a price. These Garden Studios are available to view at Heathrow and Woking, Surrey where you will be able to fall in love with the style and craftsmanship in them.

  • Platinum Pent Hobby Room

    These Pent Style Platinum Garden Studios with their Georgian Double doors and windows are very attractive as well as being very practical. Able to sit comfortably in most gardens they make for a great garden studio or den. There is great natural ventilation with all the opening windows & these pent garden studios make great hobby rooms as well.

    These Garden Home Studios can be made bespoke to suit YOUR needs and in any size. Add in the optional full lining and insulation for great all year round use. View at Woking Display Site. Also free fitting included.

  • FREE Workshops Assembly

    Garden workshops are usually bulky and can be awkward to install; so not really a job for the DIY enthusiast, whatever our competitors may tell you! When deciding which building to purchase, look for a company which offers a full fitting service as this is best left to the professionals!

    Our full range of heavy duty workshops, sectional buildings and garden workshops are erected free of charge.. You just have to provide a suitable concrete base. It's possible for you to assemble these garden buildings yourself but this is hard work so why not take it easy.


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