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  • Largest Range of Garages

    Buying a prefabricated sectional concrete garage is a big decision to make - so you need to know you are dealing with a soundly-based company whose reputation and expertise is beyond question. Lidget Concrete Garages with expertise of over 50 years experience is a name to trust.

    Compare the specification, prices and services of Lidget Concrete garages with other makes. You will find that the Lidget's comprehensive range is the best all-round garage value on the market today with FREE Fitting service and Delivery.

  • Lidget Apex Concrete Garages

    These sturdy Lidget Apex concrete garages have the traditional pitched roof available in 66 different sizes as standard but can be customised to suit YOU. Choice of roof colours & 10 different garage wall finishes, which combine for a 21st century modern, superbly attractive garage.

    Brick Concrete front post option. No worries about rotting, practically impossible to break into - so it an investment for the future. These concrete garages come complete with an opening window, FREE assembly and delivery so not any unexpected extras.

  • Lidget Pent Concrete Garages

    These top value for money concrete garages have a pent roof which slopes from front to back. The one piece galvanised roof on these concrete garage ensure they don't leak and when combined with the anti condensation barrier creates a superb garage giving protection to your car and valuables. Choose from 64 different garage sizes.

    With a choice of claddings and colours you will find these pent concrete garages will serve their purpose with style. Complete with a free window, FREE installation and delivery these garages are a great option for you.

  • Mansard Pent Concrete Garages

    When you would like a pent concrete garage for practicality but would like a great looking building then the this Lidget Mansard concrete garage will fit the bill. Just take a look at the superbly attractive front 'tipped' roof and you can see this is no ordinary 'run of the mill' concrete garage. One piece galvanised roof to ensure no leaks.

    Don't buy a pent concrete garage without seeing this one 'in the 'flesh'. Visit our show site near Woking and see it for yourself. Complete with window, FREE fitting and delivery.

  • Lidget Apex 15 Concrete Garage

    The bold design of these 'Apex 15' concrete garages shines out and the tile effect roof makes a bold statement about your life style. Choice of claddings, colours and options make these concrete garages particularly personal to you and your family. In 66 different standard sizes you can be sure there is a concrete garage to suit your home.

    These garages come complete with Hormann up&over door, window, FREE erection and delivery so no hidden extras. Visit our display site and see some of these concrete garages as there is nothing like seeing them 'in the flesh'.

  • Apex 20 Concrete Garages

    These Lidget Apex 20 concrete garages are the 'cream of the crop' with their traditionally made profile tile roofs, which has a 40-year guarantee and lined with untearable felt. Who can beat that? The steep pitch of these concrete garages blends in with all houses, whether it's a 1930 semi right up to the most modern 21st century house.

    Choice of 66 standard concrete garages sizes or to suit. Add in all the cladding options and you can see this garage will fit all your needs with style. FREE concrete garage fitting, delivery and window included as standard.

  • Deluxe Pent Concrete Garages

    The Lidget Pent Deluxe concrete garages are based on the standard pent garage but are packed with great features and unbeatable prices. These garages are complete with a very stylish Georgian up&over door, white PVCu fascias and window. Also included is a 3ft wide white personal door and hand painted real brick front posts.

    One piece roof, to ensure no leaks, which drain down into the enclosed gutters. These concrete garages represent great value and looks. 48 different sizes so there is a concrete garage for everyone. FREE assembly and delivery.

  • Deluxe Apex Concrete Garages

    The Lidget Apex Deluxe concrete garage builds on the success of the standard Apex 15 by the addition of a very stylish Georgian up&over door, white PVCu fascias and window. Also included is a 3ft wide white personal door and brick front posts. The garage roof with gutters, has the option of 6 different colours for you to choose.

    These concrete garages represent the very best and unbeatable prices and are available to view at our concrete garage display site, near Woking. Taking a look at these garages will ensure you will get the very best for your money.

  • Apex 90 Transverse Garages

    The Lidget Apex 90, like Joe 90, is ahead of its time and creates a new dimension for concrete garages. These transverse apex garages enables you to enjoy the appearance of the superb tile effect roof from your home. With the white 'up&over doors, white PVCu fascias, gutters and window this creates a truly stunning garage for you.

    Available in 24 sizes, four different wall finishes and four roof colours it will suit YOUR garden and will add kerb appeal to your home. Prices include FREE assembly and delivery so no 'hidden nasties'.

  • 'Lean-To' Concrete Garages

    If you are looking to attach a concrete garage to your property then the Lidget range of Lean-To concrete garages should fit the bill. Based on the 5 standard concrete garage designs this ensures the Lean-To garage adds value to your home as well as kerb value and appeal. These concrete garages are made on a 'one off' basis so truly are unique buildings.

    Choose from all the garage claddings available as well the roof options. Add in concrete garage doors & windows to suit to create your special garage. Contact us now.

  • Lidget Concrete Sheds

    When you are looking for the strength of a concrete building but with the looks, layout and style of a garden shed then the Concrete Lidget Sheds should fill the bill. Available in any size from 4ft x 16ft right up to 16ft x 16ft and also in any of the five available concrete garage styles.

    Whether its the Pent, Mansard Pent, Apex, Apex 15 or Apex 20 you will find you choose the style of concrete shed to suit YOU. The flexibility extends through to the choice of doors and windows enabling you to have a concrete shed for your garden. Erected Free

  • Concrete Garages Cladding

    Besides the 4 brick effect, 2 stone effect and 4 rendered finishes your new Lidget Concrete Garage can be clad in a Textured Garaclad feather edge finish which is truly stunning. This means if you are not sure about a concrete garage the you can have a garage with a timber look but with the strength of a concrete garage - a winning formula.

    The qualities of this PVCu cladding means there is no maintenance and will never rot. Just an occasional wipe over with soapy water will keep this concrete garage looking show room shiny. Available on all concrete garages.

  • FREE Garages Assembly

    Our full range of concrete garages and concrete buildings are erected free of charge.. You just have to provide a suitable concrete base. It's possible for you to assemble these garages but this is hard work so why not take it easy.

    Bear in mind that Lidget and Compton have a combined history of making and installing concrete garages of about 90 years you can see why it makes sense to let them take the strain. Along with their 10 year guarantee this makes up to a great deal.

Lidget Garages - Compton Pent Garage

Lidget Compton Pent Concrete Garage

These Lidget Compton Pent Concrete Garage are superb value for money concrete garages which have a great height and lengths of up to 28ft long and widths up to 20ft. Anti-condensation barrier on the fully galvanised steel roof and Hormann 'up and over' door. Includes full fascia boards and fixed garage window as standard.

With choice of Spa, Brick, Stone or Textured cladding you can be sure this concrete garage will match your requirements. 10 Years garage warranty and assembled free of charge. Visit our concrete garage display near Guildford so you can inspect the quality of the Lidget Compton concrete garages.

Lidget Garages - Mansard Pent

Lidget Compton Pent Concrete Garage with FREE assembly

The Lidget Mansard Pent Concrete Garageis a stylish concrete garage with a front pantile roof making it ultra attractive and modern. Complete with PVCu fascia, PVCu window and ultra attractive Metrotile galvanised roof with its anti-condensation barrier. Galvanised steel Hormann 'up and over' door.

Choose from Spa, Brick, Stone or Textured cladding for your ideal concrete garage. Guaranteed for 10 years and installed free of charge. Visit our concrete garage display near Guildford so you can inspect the quality of the Lidget Compton concrete garages.

Lidget Garages - Compton Apex Garage

Lidget Compton Classic Concrete Garage with FREE assembly

The Lidget Classic apex concrete garageis a traditional building but this model offers option of Spa, Brick, Stone or Textured cladding so it can reflects your taste. The fibre cement roof is available in 6 colours so will match most homes and there is an option for a translucent roof for extra light. Superb Hormann 'up and over' door.

Complete with 10 years warranty and for an easy life FREE assembly of this garage is included. A similar concrete garage is on display near Guildford so you can inspect the quality of these superb Lidget concrete garages. Available in sizes up to 26ft 6in wide x 24ft 3in long OR longer. includes wooden window and fascia as standard

Lidget Garages Apex '15' Garage

Lidget Compton Concrete Garages with 10 year guarantee

These delightful concrete garages have a striking roll tile effect roof, only available from Lidget. The PVCu maintenance free option works well with the roof and if you add the optional brick front post will make a bold statement. Choice of spa, brick, stone (Cotswold and Pennine) and textured finish enables you to select the garage to suit YOU. FREE garage assembly and window as standard.

Large range of garages styles and sizes up to 26ft wide and as long as you want. Hormann top quality garage 'Up & Over' door. Concrete garages display site near Guildford so you can view the quality of the Lidget Compton superb garages.

Lidget Garages Apex '20' Garage

Lidget Compton Apex 20 concrete garage

These Lidget 20 Apex top of the range concrete garages are fully customisable. The 20 degree roof, clad with Metrotile Bond & with 40 year guarantee, traditional pantile profile tiles is the true cream of the crop and cries out style. With timber purlins and untearable roofing felt the tiles, available in 6 colours. Truly stunning.

Complete with Hormann 'Up & Over' door, fascias and window as standard. Also assembled FREE of charge. These concrete garages are available in spa, brick, stone or rendered finish to suit your requirements. Concrete garages display site near Guildford so you can view the quality of these superb garages.

Lidget Garages Reverse Apex

Lidget Transverse Concrete Garages

The Lidget Transverse 90 Apex encompasses a new dimension in concrete garages. With the doors in the side of the garage rather than the end it's designed to suit a modern garden you will these concrete garages will add kerb appeal. Superb tile effect roof with anti-condensation barrier in choice of 4 colours.

Included as standard are gutters, downpipes, 4ft window, and fascia boards all in maintenance free PVCu. Assembled free of charge and available in choice of spa, brick, stone or rendered finish. These concrete garages have 10 years warranty for peace of mind. Concrete garages display site near Guildford so you can view the quality of these Lidget concrete garages

Lidget Garages Deluxe Apex Garage

Lidget Deluxe Concrete Garages These Lidget Deluxe Apex Concrete Garages are the ultimate value for money maintenance-free garage. Included are a Georgian 'Up &Over' door, a 3ft wide ribbed side door, real brick front posts and coloured roof sheets in choice of colours. In addition this is complete with fascia boards, 4ft window as well as gutters and downpipes - all in PVCu. 10 years warranty for peace of mind.

Assembled free of charge complete with sand and cement fillets. It's clear this is a superb all round package offering a complete concrete garage with all the trimmings. Visit our Concrete garages display site near Guildford and be impressed with the quality.

Lidget Garages Deluxe Pent Garage

Lidget Concrete Garages

The Lidget Deluxe Pent Concrete Garages are maintenance-free garage & provide ultimate value for money . Included are a Georgian 'Up &Over' door, a 3ft wide ribbed side door, real brick front posts and coloured roof sheets in choice of colours. In addition this is complete with fascia boards, 4ft window as well as gutters and downpipes - all in PVCu. 10 years warranty for peace of mind.

Assembled free of charge complete with sand and cement fillets. It's clear this is a superb all round package offering a complete concrete garage with all the trimmings. Similar concrete garages on view at Guildford concrete garages display site

Lidget Garages Lean-To Concrete Garage

Lidget Concrete Garages The Lidget Lean-To Pent Concrete Garages are the answer for when you want to make the most of the space next to your home. 5 different roof styles, (apex, pent mansard) etc you can be sure these concrete garages will complement your home perfectly. These buildings are built to suit your home so you know it will fit like a glove.

With the choice of spar, brick, stone or rendered finish you can be sure it will match your home. Combined with brick piers and the maintenance free pack and you can be sure this garage will fulfil his role beautifully. 10 years warranty for peace of mind. It's clear this is a superb all round package offering a complete concrete garage with all the trimmings. Guildford concrete garages display site

Lidget Compton Apex Pent Concrete Sheds

Lidget Concrete Sheds The Lidget Concrete Sheds are the answer for when you want to make the most of the space in your garden. 5 different roof styles, (apex, pent mansard) etc you can be sure these concrete sheds will complement your home perfectly. These buildings are built to suit your garden so you know it compliment your home.

With the choice of spar, brick, stone or rendered finish you can be sure it will match your home. With the optional maintenance free pack and you can be sure these concrete sheds will fulfil its role beautifully. 10 years warranty for peace of mind. It's clear this is a superb all round package offering a complete concrete shed for your garden with all the trimmings. Concrete garages display site at Guildford concrete garages display site

Why Lidget Compton Concrete Garages are the Best Available

Nearly 90 Years Combined Manufacturing Concrete Garages

The choice of which concrete garage to buy is a big decision to make - so you need to know Lidget Concrete Garages you are dealing with a soundly-based concrete garages company, one whose reputation and expertise is beyond question.Lidget Concrete Garages, with expertise or over 35 years experience, teamed up with Compton Concrete Garages, to create the best concrete garage company in the UK.

Their combined experience in making concrete garages comes to about 90 years so their products, which have been fine tuned over the years combined with the large range of concrete garages styles and sizes, mean it's unlikely you won't find the concrete garage to suit you and your home.

Lidget Compton Top Quality Concrete Garages Specifications

If you compare the specifications of their concrete garages with others in the market you will find that Lidget-Compton hold all the aces. Compare the thickness of the concrete panels, the quality of the concrete 'up and over' garage doors supplied by Hormann, the best in Europe, and the choice in finishes to suit YOU. Add in the fact that windows are included as standard on most of the concrete garages range and is not an expensive add on.

Lidget-Compton concrete garages are available in a range of different styles, such as pent, mono pitch, single slope or lean to concrete garages. Also the range of garages extends to apex, gable, v-shaped or pitched in a range of different pitches (the angle of the roof). They also offer the very stylish Mansard pent garage with a tile effect front elevation which will make it stand as very stylish.

FREE Installation and Delivery (**) of Concrete Garages

Besides that all the prices shown include vat, delivery and assembly of the concrete garage so no nasty 'add-ons'. As concrete garages are very heavy it's not really a DIY job, although it can be done, however where there is no extra charge why not enjoy watching someone else doing it. You will also find that Lidget-Compton concrete garages are delivered and assembled by their own staff. From start, when they load the lorry, to finish when they sweep up after assembling your new concrete garage you are dealing with just the one team.

Concrete Garages with Yorkshire Values and Service

To back up this superb service you will be invited to fill in a questionnaire about your experience with Lidget-Compton which helps to ensure their supremely high standards are maintained for the most important people in the chain - and that is YOU. Being a Yorkshire company, who says it how it is, and expect the best at all times never forget that customer is king. Without satisfied companies they will be like a lot of the other concrete garages companies - and they don't intend to be at that level.

View at Local Concrete Garages Display Sites

The commitment to their customers mean that you see examples of their concrete garages which gives you the opportunity to make your mind up. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings have a sample of concrete garages on display at their display site, between Woking and Guildford and one or two at their Heathrow display site. By you examining these buildings you can see the sheer quality of them and you will be able to see that they will add value to your life style and your home.

Endless Possibilities of Concrete Garages Designs

Now is the time to examine the possibilities of what a concrete garage can do for you and your home. Forget the utilitarian look of concrete garages of 20-30 years ago and embrace the choice which is available to you. The only problem you may have is making your mind up, the choices are so large.

Why Choose Lidget Compton Concrete Garages

Quality and Experience from Lidget and Compton

Lidget Compton concrete garages were formed by the joining of the two companies, a decision which means that the best of both these concrete garages companies, were pooled together to create the very best range of buildings. This also means that the costs can be pared down but are still able to keep the quality at a very high standard, which is expected of them, and which they would never drop even to save a few pounds. The bottom line for them is that famous proverb 'don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar' and there is never a truer word in the concrete garage business. Their combined experience, gained over 90 years, makes them the best and market leading concrete garages company in the business.

Secrets of Making Quality Concrete Garages

The key to making the best concrete garages start by utilising the very best materials and not compromising on this. Adding to this is to ensure that the most modern machinery and working methods are adopted and ensuring that you provide the best working conditions for their employees. This ensure a continuity of staff with many second generation employees working on the Lidget Compton concrete garages. Add in continuous training and listening to customer feedback and this will provide a recipe for success.

Concrete Garages Engineered For Long Life

Lidget Compton concrete garages engineers ensure their work creates better quality designs by strenuous testing of their designs. The thicker steel reinforced concrete garage panels provide better strength as the steel provides extra strength to the concrete used. They also insist on robust steel rafters which are fully galvanised for long life as well as thicker concrete garage roof sheets. The steel doors are preframed on all their concrete garages which ensures a superb sturdy fit and special unique flashings on the roof improves the garage general roof design. These details extend through to only using direct employees which ensures their ethos of providing the best from start to finish can be maintained throughout the build process of the Lidget Compton concrete garages.

Largest Concrete Garages Range in the UK

The combined Lidget and Compton garage range ensures the largest choice of available buildings and is second to none. Besides all the standard options, which are immense, they can provide concrete garages made specifically for you, so if you have a special need for a particular building please ask 1st Choice Leisure Buildings and they will obtain a quote for you. Their range of concrete garages wall claddings is huge so whether you would like the spa finish, textured finish or the patented brick or stone effect (Cotswold and Pennine) finishes. Besides that there is the all new Garaclad PVCu textured, double featheredge finish which give a whole new look to a garage.

Yorkshire Based Concrete Garages Principles

The massive investment in plant and machinery ensures that the latest and most up date technology is used in all the concrete garages which are produced. Being from Yorkshire they take particular pride in their products and refuse to cut corners. In their view there is only one way to make concrete garages and that is the right way i.e made from the best and long lasting materials and at the very best price. This does not mean making cheap concrete garages but garages which are made at the very best price. The background in engineering is the backbone behind their claim their concrete garages are very sturdy and made to last.

Concrete Garages with Yorkshire Styled Service and Backup

Lidget Compton concrete garages are proud of their reputation for top class level of customer service. Their range of garages have the benefit of being the most flexible in choices of designs. The concrete garages brochure and pricing methods sets out to make the choosing of one to suit YOU as easy as possible and above all transparent. However 1st Choice Leisure Buildings will be delighted to guide you through the options to ensure your new concrete garage will meet your needs. They will then manufacture your garage and then deliver and assemble it in your garden which provides a seam less level of service which is unsurpassed by their rivals.

Lidget Compton Concrete Garages Display Sites

Lidget Compton strives to provide the best experience for when you are considering buying a concrete garage and have set up garage display sites with trained agents to make this easier for you. At these sites you can see their concrete garages in situ and which show a number of options which will give you a very good idea of what you can expect. These concrete garage display sites and usually open most normal days for viewing. You can also expect to see advisors on site but it's always advisable to call before hand if you would like to ensure will be on site to go through the options. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings can often advise on obtaining a suitable base for your new garage and will provide the correct information for any builders.

Delivery of Lidstone Compton Concrete Garages

Concrete garages by their very nature are very heavy, certainly in the case of Lidget Compton, as well as bulky. So large lorries are employed to deliver these garages around the country (mainland only). These specialised lorries, at great expense, come with special lorry mounted fork lifts which ensures a safe a secure passage for your concrete garage into your home. This equipment ensure there is no damage to your property, the garage or the installers. Delivery time can vary depending on the time of the year but there is sometimes available a fast track delivery service if your needs are urgent.

Concrete Garages Installation and Assembly

Lidget Compton believes in using their own members of staff to install their concrete garages as this ensure the very best service. These assembly teams are responsible for loading the concrete garages onto their lorry and then deliver them to your home before unloading the garage and installing it at your home. This policy ensure continuity in the service offered. After the job is completed a questionnaire will be given to the new garage owners inviting them to comment on the product and the service offered. This happens on every single concrete garage installation and enable Lidget Compton to monitor the quality of service offered to their customers.

Concrete Garages Tips and Advice Freely Available

Within the Lidstone Compton garage brochure and in their price guide and on their website there are loads of tips about choosing, using and owning a concrete garage. Over the many years that Lidget Compton has been trading they have accumulated many ideas in connection with concrete garages, some seem obvious but many are not so it's well worth taking a look. It may be that you think of something unasked then please ask. As they say the only stupid question is the unasked question i.e no question is too silly. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings also has also set up a concrete garages forum board where you can ask questions before, during and after buying a new concrete garage.

Lidget Compton Concrete Garages Superb 10 Year Warranty

It goes without saying that when investing in a new concrete garage you expect a very long life from it and this is what the range of concrete garages from Lidget Compton offers. They back this up with a 10 year long structural guarantee which provides peace of mind that your new garage has been built correctly with top quality materials to ensure a very long life This written warranty ensure the money you spend is well protected and that it's backed up with a company with a national reputation. Also, unusually, this warranty is transferable to a new owner if you ever sell your house and will this reassurance will add to the value of your house at that time.

Why Buy Lidget Compton? Because it the Best Concrete Garage

Concrete Garage Customisation Options

Concrete Garage Custom Options

Whilst the standard concrete garage range, which is massive, may suit your needs it's often the small changes to a garage which makes it suit your needs. This is when it's important for the concrete garage company to offer the largest number of options as well as sizes. Add in a choice or size to make your concrete garage to suit you precisely and you can begin to understand why Lidget Compton is the leader in the field of concrete garages.

Concrete Garage Cladding Options

The number of options is large and the possibilities endless. There is a choice of wall finishes which range from the standard concrete garage finish, which looks like a pebble dash finish, through to brick or stone cladding. The concrete garage brick effect comes in 4 different styles to match your house. The stone finish comes in a Cotswold or Pennine style so if you live in those parts of the world your concrete garage will blend in seamlessly. And even if you live elsewhere and like the look of stone - then 'why not?'

Uniquely you can select a concrete garage which can be rendered after being constructed and this will make it unrecognisable as a prefab concrete garage. The rendering will make it look like a traditional garage built from block work but at a fraction of the cost. Finally there is the superb Garaclad wood effect finish which has to be seen to be believed. Very desirable.

Still on the outside walls of the concrete garage you can choose from front posts in a choice of brick or stone. Again this changes the look of the concrete garage to reflect your views and make it a little more special than it's all ready.

Concrete Garage Roof Options

Moving to the roof of the concrete garage there is a large choice of options which vary according to the model. However in most ranges there is a choice of colour or finish which ensures the concrete garage you choose reflects your preferences. Where some roofs are fibre cement, a far more advanced method of making concrete garages roofs than the old asbestos roofs of years ago, some are galvanised steel which ensures a very long life. The steel roofs tend to have an anti-condensation barrier applied on the inside to stop any condensation forming on the underside of the garage roof. Amazingly the steel roof are normally made in one section which eliminates any leaks where the joins would have been in the more normal 'run of the mill' garages available elsewhere.

At the end of the roof on the concrete garages there are fascia and verge boards and these add that nice cosmetic finish to the building. Normally supplied in factory treated timber there is an option for modern, long lasting PVCu boards. When applied to the concrete garage, and because they come in a range of colours including timber effect, they again change the building and make it even more personal.

Concrete Garage Main Door Options

The Lidget Concrete garages come with an 'up and over' door as standard and the width varies depending on the size of the garage. The standard colour is white but there are various colour options as well as Georgian styles which add a touch of class to the garage. If that is not enough you can choose from timber side hung doors, roller doors and sectional doors. You can also consider a door on both ends of your garage so you can gain access into your garden. If you would like it a little easier when you get home you could consider an electric remote control door. It may be a little expensive but a garage is not an every day buy so why not get it right in the first place. If you have a concrete garage door on hand then Lidget are happy to provide your garage with just the opening to take your doors saving you some money. Can't be bad!

Concrete Garage Personal Door Options

With the exception of the Deluxe Concrete Garages, which has a personal door as standard, the garages don't come with a personal door. However there is a great choice of optional garage doors ranging from wood, steel or PVCu. The PVCu garage doors are available in white or in timber effect - very nice. The steel garage doors come in brown, white or timber effect. Add in Georgian and glazed options and you can see this range of concrete garages have a great choice of doors to choose from.

Concrete Garage Window Options

On all concrete garages there is a timber window included providing a degree of light into the building. Again there is a large choice of windows in timber and PVCu which include opening windows. On some concrete garages ranges there is an option for roof lights which allow light to flood in from above.

Concrete Garage Window Options

Other options to these concrete garages are gutters and downpipes, shelves, lining clips and a timber weather bar to stop rain blowing under the door into your garage. There is also an option for the concrete garage fitters to lay a sand and cement fillet around the garage to stop water intruding into your new building. Worth considering.

Another great option is a partition. This will enable your concrete garage to be split in two so you can have your car in one end of the garage and a workshop in the other. Much nicer than having two separate buildings and usually much more cost effective.

If, even after considering all the above options there is something else you would like in you new concrete garage then give us a call. Lidget are renowned for their expertise in concrete garages and frequently excel themselves - might just be your garage as well.

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Why Choose Lidget Concrete Garages

 Exclusive Stone and Brick effect buildings, textured finish and RealBrick options ensure kerb appeal and the ability to match your new concrete garage with your home and enhance its appearance.  

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Why Choose Lidget Concrete Garages

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