Latest Garden Building Blogs
Latest Garden Building Blogs

Buyer Beware- Check List Guide When Buying a Garden Building.

Basic Default Building - Garden sheds and timber workshops are reasonably straightforward buildings consisting of four walls, a roof and, usually from the better manufacturers, a solid substantial floor. The height will vary - maybe just enough room to walk in on the sheds but definitely good head clearance on the workshops as this will make it more comfortable to work in. Size again varies greatly from maybe as small as 4 ft x 3 ft for a little storage unit and up to 20 ft x 12 ft for a fully functioning, all singing heavy duty workshop. Add in the different styles of roof and you can see there is a building to suit everyone including you. ... Go to post

Is This The Answer To Your Summer House Or Shed-Workshop Dilemma?

Summer house or garden shed-workshop? What should you go for? You know you like the look of a summerhouse where you can sit and relax after a long week at work with your family and friends. But you need a garden shed or workshop for storing all your garden equipment, tools, tins of paint etc which would be wasted in a summer building. The answer is to combine the two into one building which is an integral shed-workshop built into the summerhouse. This will allow your garden to have one streamline building fulfilling both options. ... Go to post

Are You One Of The 96% Of Unhappy Customers Which Don't Complain?

Are you one of the 96% of unhappy customers which don't complain? Or, sadly for the business, one of the 91% who won't deal with that business again? We are all in the market for garden buildings which can improve our lives and add enjoyment to our 'day to day' experience so we need to be sure of whom we are dealing with. And the best way to do that is feedback from previous customers who can relay their experiences - good and bad. This is one of the benefits of the 'cyber years' where it's reasonably easy to give feedback through several platforms which includes Facebook, Twitter as well as many recognised feedback companies such as Trustpilot, Feefo, Google Feedback etc.. ... Go to post

How To Avoid Being Ripped Off When A Buying New Garden Shed

Buying a new garden shed, summer house, log cabin or garden workshop is an exciting time as your plans for your new building to blend into your home take shape. BUT it can all go wrong as there are many unscrupulous people and firms on the prowl trying to rip you off. So you need to be VERY careful. By following the advice below you can avoid being a statistic in the courts as in the following recent case. Wolverhampton Crown Court heard the case where Pinesheds, run by Steven Corbett, advertised his garden sheds on Ebay and upon receiving the money pocketed it, denying his customers their expected brand new buildings which he had promised. He told the court that he had 'dug himself into an hole ' and 'overreached himself' and this had led to him not fulfilling these orders. ... Go to post

Thinking of Buying a Summer House for Your Garden, Then Read On.

It's Easy To Buy a Summer Building - Yes?? It appears to be easy to buy summer houses - just take a look on the internet - see a building which takes your fancy and then search for the best price - 'a piece of cake'! Well - life's not like that. This is because there is such a large range of summer buildings available with the quality (or lack of it on many of the cheap 'make down to a price' summerhouses) varying tremendously. To ensure you are not disappointed you do need to be very careful and do some homework (sorry). An Established Garden Building Business is Best to Buy From. A company which have been established a long time is a good choice as you can be reasonably sure that they have gained a great deal of expertise in the market. More importantly by being in business for a long time they must have listened to their customers. You will find ... Go to post

How Often To Treat Your Garden Workshop, Summer House or Shed

You may feel you want to put it off but your garden shed does need treating from time to time to give it a long life. If you follow our advice you won't need to do this more than every 2 or 3 years. This will ensure your garden shed and out buildings can be protected against everything the weather can throw at it. Treating a garden shed can be a messy affair, certainly if I am doing it, so the advice is to wear old clothes which can be thrown away if too badly stained. Always bear in mind that many treatments can irrigate the skin due to the chemicals in them which help to preserve the wood. But always take your time and try not to splash the treatment. If you do get any treatment on your hands, face or skin ensure you wash this off straight away.... Go to post

Garden Sheds Buying Guide

If you are thinking of buying a timber garden shed there are many things to consider to ensure your don't waste your money. With many cheap garden sheds on the market you may be tempted to think these will fulfil your needs but it you intend to use the sheds for many years this can be a false economy. The main thing to look at is the thickness of the shed framing (effectively the skeleton of the shed). You will find that the cheap sheds often have framing only 28mm x 28mm (that is only 1" x 1"). Take a look on a ruler and see how small that is. Then try to imagine that this very thin timber has to hold the weight of the cladding, and the roof and felt, although the roof is very thin as well. Then try to imagine a layer of snow on the roof (it does happen) and think how much extra weight this puts on the shed.... Go to post

Beware Of This Garden Shed Trap

When you are thinking of investing in a new garden shed, summer house, garden workshop or garage do you rely on a computer screen or leaflet or do you take the conscious decision to actually go and touch the product. Yes - I know that actually touching the product may seem old fashioned but the fact is, with certain items you may buy then, this is the only way to know what you are going to get. Timber and Wooden Garden Sheds We all can see the super, all dancing web sites where the marketing men have pulled out all the stops to entice you into believing that their new garden shed, summer house or garden building is the best and also the cheapest. However cheap does not mean BEST value and you can't even make a judgment until AFTER your new shed or summer house has been delivered. .... Go to post

Experience Shows OSB & Chipboard No Good for Garden Buildings

Its not hard to believe that the garden and the garden shed have been home to many creative ideas which have evolved into businesses and helped to sustain their owners lifestyle. Because in the garden away from the day to day pressures of the world the mind can wander a little, unrestricted about what is going on in the world and totally unexpected ideas can pop up. Timber and Wooden Garden Sheds. The garden shed or summerhouse is key to this because even on a wet day the peace and quiet can help that little germ of inspiration to flourish. Clearly the value of the garden shed is of great value to the UK and even more so during this period of negative feeling and struggling economy. I started my garden shed business in 1979, before Margaret Thatcher came to power, in my garden. I was looking for ideas ...Go to post

How To Choose Summer Houses Floor

Different summer house manufacturers use different types of materials for their shed or summerhouses floors. Whilst some are suitable for outdoor use there are many which should not be used as they are not designed to stand up to the wet British climate and are likely to fail quite soon after delivery. To understand the type of material used we need to know how they are made:- Chipboard floors:- These are made from wood chips, as its name suggest. These are stuck together and compressed to make a solid material. Absolutely ideal for kitchen cabinets or anything used indoors but outdoors are susceptible to damp. Just a small amount of damp can make the boards fail. As soon as water gets into the shed floor it will be absorbed into the chips making the board swell and then disintegrate. There is nothing you ...Go to post

How To Choose THE Building To Suit YOU

Garden buildings are well established as being very versatile as well as being adaptable to the shed owner's use which is not surprising considering the sheer number of choices and sizes available. Certainly from the shed companies, such as 1st Choice, which remember that they should produce a building to suit YOU and not what suits them. Timber and Wooden Garden Sheds You will find the cheap shed companies only offer sheds in just a few set sizes and just a couple of basic designs. Which can be OK if that is what you are looking for. However would it not be good to utilise your garden, which in modern houses is smaller and smaller, to the full with a shed to fit your garden. How about the door and windows, or no windows, or to be situated on a side to suit you. A wider door or double doors ... The choice of garden sheds is yours so it is understandable that in many cases they are more popular than home extensions. ...Go to post

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