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Lidget Deluxe Anthracite Apex Concrete Garages

Lidget Deluxe Apex Prefabricated Garages - Display Site - FREE Assembly
Lidget Deluxe Apex Prefabricated Garages - Display Site - FREE Assembly

Apex Anthracite Effect Garages
  • Complete with Black Up&Over Prefab Garage Door
  • 14ft 3in to 28ft 3in Long. 8ft 6in to 20ft 6in Wide.
  • Modern Stylish Anthracite Effect
  • Anthracite PVCu Fascias and Vergeboards
  • PVCu 4ft Wide Window Inc as Standard
  • 2m (6ft 6in) Eaves. EXTRA Height Option
  • 3ft Wide Steel Side Personal Door Inc
  • Blue/Black Fibre Cement Roof with Foam Fillers
  • Real Hand Pointed Brick Front Posts
  • PVCu Gutters & Downpipes On Both Sides
  • Sand, Cement Fillet included
  • FREE Assembly of These Concrete Garages.
  • 4 Point Locking Security 'Up & Over Door
  • Unbeatable Value - Comprehensive backup
  • Peace of mind as Standard 10 Years Guarantee
  • These Pent Prefabricated Garages are British Made.
  • Surrey Concrete Garages Display Site

Superb Apex Precast Anthracite Effect Concrete Garages

Why You Should Choose This Deluxe Anthracite Garage for Your Home
Why You Should Choose This Deluxe Anthracite Garage for Your Home

Lidget Deluxe Prefab Anthracite Apex Concrete Garages for Sale

The Deluxe concrete garage range with its latest anthracite modern garage has been further improved. By doing so it reflects the modern style which people are looking for and this is why is was important that any addition should reflect this and this building scores on all fronts. A black horizontal ribbed up and over door with security enhanced 4 point locking is standard as well as a 3ft steel personal door (with multi locking), UPVc 4ft fixed window, PVCu fascias and barge boards - all in Anthracite colour are included. The hand pointed real brick font posts for extra elegance further enhances this garage as well. The Up&Over door can be upgraded to be electrically operated if required. This completes these concrete garages for most people.

These Solid Concrete Buildings Come with 10 year Guarantee for Your Peace Of Mind

The black/blue coloured fibre cement roof sheets comes with foam filler for a draught proof finish and for long life. Solid, robust reinforced concrete panels eliminates any worries about your car not being safe and protects it from the elements. And, concrete, by its very nature ensures there is not worry about this prefab garage rotting. Being sectional these garages can be dismantled and taken with you when you move, if you choose, or will raise the value of your property. Begs the question why look anywhere else?

Installation Is Included To Save You Time And Money

These Deluxe apex concrete garages include free assembly, vat, a 10 year no quibble guarantee, solid spar concrete panels for long life, sturdy roofs, the very best 'Up&Over' doors, 4ft wide window, steel personal door, gutters and delivery. All this should ensures you than no-one offers a superior all round garage package that this. This modern looking prefab concrete garages is clearly one of your best options available in the market.

Free Erection - Long Guarantee
High Quality Materials - UPVc Window Included

Prefab Garage Lidget Compton Apex Garages Price List
Prefab Garage Lidget Compton Apex Garages Price List

'Lidget' Anthracite Deluxe Apex Precast Concrete Garages for Sale

Size L x WList
14ft 3in x 8ft 6in4,311
16ft 3in x 8ft 6in4,641
18ft 3in x 8ft 6in4,973
20ft 3in x 8ft 6in5,207
22ft 3in x 8ft 6in5,576
24ft 3in x 8ft 6in5,924
26ft 3in x 8ft 6in6,253
Each Extra 2ft in Length329
14ft 3in x 9ft 6in4,683
16ft 3in x 9ft 6in5,020
18ft 3in x 9ft 6in5,357
20ft 3in x 9ft 6in5,659
22ft 3in x 9ft 6in5,919
24ft 3in x 9ft 6in6,193
26ft 3in x 9ft 6in6,532
Each Extra 2ft in Length329
14ft 3in x 10ft 6in4,895
16ft 3in x 10ft 6in5,241
18ft 3in x 10ft 6in5,530
20ft 3in x 10ft 6in5,875
22ft 3in x 10ft 6in6,205
24ft 3in x 10ft 6in6,617
26ft 3in x 10ft 6in6,965
Each Extra 2ft in Length329
14ft 3in x 12ft 6in5,524
16ft 3in x 12ft 6in5,880
18ft 3in x 12ft 6in6,238
20ft 3in x 12ft 6in6,548
22ft 3in x 12ft 6in6,832
24ft 3in x 12ft 6in7,133
26ft 3in x 12ft 6in7,489
Each Extra 2ft in Length329
14ft 3in x 14ft 6in6,793
16ft 3in x 14ft 6in7,157
18ft 3in x 14ft 6in7,412
20ft 3in x 14ft 6in7,897
22ft 3in x 14ft 6in8,179
24ft 3in x 14ft 6in8,481
26ft 3in x 14ft 6in8,865
Each Extra 2ft in Length329
14ft 3in x 16ft 6in7,048
16ft 3in x 16ft 6in7,433
18ft 3in x 16ft 6in7,811
20ft 3in x 16ft 6in8,213
Size L x WList
22ft 3in x 16ft 6in8,579
24ft 3in x 16ft 6in8,981
26ft 3in x 16ft 6in9,365
Each Extra 2ft in Length384
14ft 3in x 18ft 6in8,025
16ft 3in x 18ft 6in8,307
18ft 3in x 18ft 6in8,679
20ft 3in x 18ft 6in9,099
22ft 3in x 18ft 6in9,492
24ft 3in x 18ft 6in9,875
26ft 3in x 18ft 6in10,244
Each Extra 2ft in Length384
14ft 3in x 20ft 6in8,595
16ft 3in x 20ft 6in8,971
18ft 3in x 20ft 6in9,383
20ft 3in x 20ft 6in9,669
22ft 3in x 20ft 6in10,125
24ft 3in x 20ft 6in10,475
26ft 3in x 20ft 6in10,850
Each Extra 2ft in Length384
14ft 3in x 22ft 6in9,741
16ft 3in x 22ft 6in10,121
18ft 3in x 22ft 6in10,593
20ft 3in x 22ft 6in11,136
22ft 3in x 22ft 6in11,588
24ft 3in x 22ft 6in11,871
26ft 3in x 22ft 6in12,198
Each Extra 2ft in Length384
14ft 3in x 24ft 6in10,852
16ft 3in x 24ft 6in11,241
18ft 3in x 24ft 6in11,745
20ft 3in x 24ft 6in12,098
22ft 3in x 24ft 6in12,879
24ft 3in x 24ft 6in13,143
26ft 3in x 24ft 6in13,532
Each Extra 2ft in Length384
14ft 3in x 26ft 6in13,508
16ft 3in x 26ft 6in13,892
18ft 3in x 26ft 6in14,612
20ft 3in x 26ft 6in14,919
22ft 3in x 26ft 6in15,664
24ft 3in x 26ft 6in15,975
26ft 3in x 26ft 6in16,360
Each Extra 2ft in Length384

These superb Lidget Anthracite Deluxe apex concrete garages are designed to be the very best and include as standard the following:- brick horizontal ribbed 'up and over' door with security enhanced 4 point locking system (n.a on 10ft doors), UPVc barge boards and fascias, blue-black coloured roof sheets, 4ft wide UPVc fixed window, 3ft steel multi point locking personal door, hand pointed Anthracite Real Brick front posts, UPVC gutters on both sides as well as sand & cement fillet. If you would like these Deluxe concrete garages with different options then please ask.

If you are interested in a prefabricated concrete garage it's important you make the right choice so visit our large Surrey concrete garage display viewing areas which is in Surrey nor far from Junction 10 of the M25. Don't risk buying without viewing!

Lidget Compton Deluxe Apex Prefab Concrete Garages Specifications
Lidget Compton Deluxe Apex Prefab Concrete Garages Specifications
Sizes:Outside Widths  ranges from 8 ft to 26 ft Lengths 14ft 3in right up to any length.
Concrete garage Internal Sizes are normally 6in less than the building size.
Cladding:These deluxe Anthracite effect gable (or apex) concrete prefab garages are made from solid spar concrete panels.
Construction: Vertical Panel Concrete System finish providing reinforced interlocking panels for maximum strength, space and rigidity.
Partitions:It may be possible to segregate your concrete garage so please ask about a partition to suit.
Style:These Apex Deluxe garages are also known as Gable Deluxe, Pointed Deluxe or V-Shaped Roof
Roof:Sturdy fibre blue-black cement roof complete with eaves fillers. 12 degree pitch on roof. Anthracite PVCu fascias and barge boards included.
Gutters:PVCu gutters and downpipes included as standard. Normally black to match the 'up and over' doors.
(up and over)
Highest quality 'Up & Over' with security enhanced 4 point locking (n/a on 10ft door). Option for an electrically operated door. Hand pointed Real brick in front piers posts in Anthracite colour.
Personal Doors: 3ft steel personal multi point locking door included as standard. Anthracite colour. Option for extra personal doors in timber, galvanised steel or PVCu. Opening in or out to suit (if specified and extra for opening inwards).
Windows:Anthracite PVCu 4ft wide fixed garage window included as standard. Option for PVCu opening windows to suit your requirements.
Height:-Garage wall height is 6ft 6in (2.00m) rising to 7ft 4in (2.21m) or up to 9ft 9in (2.9m) depending on width of concrete garage.
Optional Extras:Extra Length, Opening or Fixed Garage Window, garage pedestrian door, drive through options, translucent roofs, partition walls.
Full details of all custom options on this page (opens new page).
Assembly:Full assembly - fitting service is included at no extra charge on all apex concrete garages to save your time and effort
Local Authority Approval:Building regulation is sometimes required however planning permission is not normally needed. However please ensure you double check with your local council for the most up to date information. We can provide plans as required.
Guarantee:As standard these deluxe apex Anthracite prefabricated concrete garages come complete with 10 Year Structural Guarantee which, unusually, is transferable if you move home. This helps to increase the value of your home.
Delivery:There are no nasty addons as FREE delivery (as well as FREE assembly) is included in all of England, Wales and Scotland with the exceptions of post codes TR, PL, TQ, PA, PH, AB, DD, IV and KW where there would be a surcharge. If you are in these post codes then please call for delivery charges. Note Mainland Only. If you are offshore please call to obtain quote for delivery. (e.g. 750 delivery charge to Isle of Wight)

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