Diamond ® Buildings

Diamond Range of Garden Buildings

Diamond Range of Garden Buildings

Diamond Georgian Wooden Shed
Georgian Windows
Apex, Pent or Bespoke to Suit
View at Our Display Site
Assembled Free for You

(Full Details Georgian Sheds)

Diamond Classic Wooden Shed
Opening Window
Apex, Pent or Bespoke to Suit
On Display for You To View
Free Shed Erection for You

(Full Details Classic Sheds)

Diamond Barnwell Wooden Workshop
Redwood T&G Deal
Assembled FREE of Charge
Toughened Glass
Heavy Duty Workshops on Display

(Full Details of Timber Workshops)

Guildford, Surrey Display Site
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Diamond Woodford Georgian Shed
Toughened Glass
Georgian or Classic Style
Free Erection of Shed
Many Different Sizes

(Full Details of Diamond Woodford)

Diamond Streamline Thin Shed
All Timber Man Caves
To Go in 3ft Gap
Can be made Narrower
Free Erection Included

(Full Details of Streamline Sheds)

Diamond Grendon Shed-Greenhouse
Toughened Glass
Opening Windows
Free Assembly Included
NO 'Cheap' OSB Board Used

(Greenhouse-Shed Combo)

Diamond Potting Sheds
Apex and Pent Designs
Half Glass Roof Option
Free Installation Included
No 'Cheap' OSB Roofs

(Full Details of Potting Sheds)

Diamond Stanwell Corner Garden Shed
Corner Shed Design
Includes Opening Windows
Four Different Man Cave Sizes
Free Assembly of Corner Buildings

(Full Details of Stanwell Corner Shed)

Diamond Georgian Wooden Shed
Georgian Windows
Apex, Pent or Bespoke to Suit
View at Our Display Site
Assembled Free for You

(Full Details Georgian Timber Sheds)

Garden Sheds Buying Advice, Blogs and Help

Garden Sheds Buying Advice, Blogs and Help

All Other Garden Storage, Workshops Etc Ranges.

All Other Garden Storage, Workshops Etc Ranges.

Platinum Apex & Pent Wooden Sheds
Classic Workshop Options
Eight Different Shed Models
On Display for Viewing
Free Erection Included

(Full Details of ALL Platinum Sheds)

Sapphire Apex & Pent Sheds
FREE Installation
Large Range of Styles
Many Different Sizes To Suit
Visit Our Shed Display Site

(Full Details of Sapphire Timber Sheds)

Garden Shed Bases
Base Building Service
Makes Life Easier for You
South East of England
Allows Air to circulate

(Full Details Shed Base System)

Wooden Workshops
Pressure Treated
Man Caves Erected FREE
On Display for Viewing
Any Side Made to Suit You

(Full Details Heavy Duty Workshops)

Timber Solar Potting Sheds
Apex, Pent & ½ Glass Roof Styles
Made in UK
On Display for Viewing
Redwood Deal Cladding

(Full Details Potting Sheds)

Wooden Corner Sheds
Large Range of Sizes
Nine Different Models
Several on Display
Free Assembly Included

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Metal and Plastic Garden Sheds
Long Lasting Steel or Plastic
Six Different Ranges
Many on Display
Long Warranties

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Garden Shed Bases
Base Building Service
Makes Life Easier for You
South East of England
Allows Air to circulate

(Full Details Shed Base System)

Garden Shed Bases
Top Quality Recycled Plastic
Just Clicks Together
Fast Delivery
Long Lasting & Strong

(Full Details Shed Base System)

Diamond Timber Wooden Garden Sheds

Diamond Timber Wooden Garden Sheds

'Diamond' Georgian Apex & Pent Timber Sheds

Why have a 'bog standard' wooden garden shed or man cave when you can have the delightfully attractive Diamond Georgian shed? With joinery made Georgian windows this shed looks the part and the 'better halves' may even come to like these sheds.

Made from redwood deal, not cheap whitewood on 2x2 vertical framing, you can be sure this is a long lasting garden shed. Apex or Pent styles. Superb build quality and free installation ensures an easy life for you. Any size or bespoke. Superb value and we are proud to display these garden sheds.

'Diamond' Classic Apex & Pent Timber Sheds

The Diamond Classic wooden garden sheds, made from redwood deal T&G timber on a superb 2x2 frame. Produced to a top standard and not down to a price. A cheap shed may be good initially for your bank balance but buying quality always pays off in the long run. Bespoke designs & sizes.

Our Diamond sheds are renowned for their quality of materials and build quality and when you take into account FREE erection. they are surprisingly good value. Includes opening window and key lock. Ideally suit for YOUR man cave. On Display to view.

'Diamond' Transverse Apex Woodford Timber Sheds

Take a look at the Diamond Woodford Transverse Georgian and appreciate how attractive it is in comparison to a normal shed. Wider across the front - this give a summerhouse feel but 100% practical and functional. Superb!!

Strong joinery Georgian windows are standard. Made from Redwood deal on vertical 2x2 framing. Made to a Standard and not down to a price. Free fitting of these garden sheds and on display for you to view before buying. Sizes from 6x4 up to 28x10 in ANY size. Also bespoke man cave designs to suit your needs.

'Diamond' Barnwell Timber Garden Workshops

Diamond Barnwell Heavy Duty Workshops The Diamond Barnwell Sectional Buildings are in the 'Rolls Royce' quality range but NOT in the 'Rolls Royce' price bracket. Clearly one of the better range of workshops available on the market. Assembled FREE of charge.

To prove this point examine the quality on our display site where you can inspect the impeccable quality of this buildings, from the chunky 2x2 framing, the extra thick redwood deal cladding (NOT cheap whitewood), the superb eaves height and the fantastic super strong double BARN doors on Barnwells 8ft wide & over. Perfect for you to make it your man cave.

Diamond Potting, Corner ands Skinny Sheds

Diamond Potting, Corner ands Skinny Sheds

'Diamond' Timber Solar Potting Sheds

The Diamond Timber Garden Solar Potting Shed is different to other garden potting sheds, there is glass on the front and end walls letting the sun rays flood in. No wasted space which you get with the standard design.

With the optional glass roof you have the benefit of a greenhouse but the versatility of a garden shed - the best of BOTH worlds. Naturally we have one on display so you can see how good this potting shed is. Assembled FREE. Available in Apex or Pent styles at the same price. Sizes from 6x4 up to 16x12.

'Diamond' Streamline Wooden Sheds

Have you got a narrow gap down the side of the house, or in between the garage and fence then the Diamond Streamline Timber shed is the answer. Designed to fit into a gap 3 ft wide (but can be made narrower), this shed is available in sizes from 4x3 to 12x3 and longer.

Made to the same high standards as all the other Diamond sheds you can be sure this will fit the bill. FREE fitting and on display for viewing. Utilise that wasted space with this ideal thin shed.

'Diamond' Wooden Corner Sheds

The Diamond Corner Shed is a quality building made from redwood deal T&G timber on a superb 2x2 frame and is ideal for that corner plot, fitting nicely and utilising that space. Attractively situated in the corner creating a superb looking garden building. These corner sheds are erected free of charge.

Available in 4 sizes from 6x6 up to 9x9. Complete with two opening windows for great ventilation. Make the most of the smaller garden with these corner sheds even suitable as a man cave out of the way.

'Diamond' Grendon Greenhouse-Shed

The Diamond Grendon Greenhouse-Shed Combination is the answer to your needs. You have a superb 6 ft x 6ft greenhouse, naturally with toughened glass for safety, and a super 6 ft x 4 ft shed for storing your tools, seed trays and garden accessories away from prying eyes.

By combining the Greenhouse with a garden shed you have a visually pleasing garden building which is very functional and eco-friendly - just think of the lovely tomatoes, strawberries which you will be able to enjoy.


What Everybody Ought to Know About Garden Buildings Floors

As garden sheds and summerhouses floors are very important to the life of your new building you need to be very careful in your choice of garden sheds manufacturers. Besides the type of materials used, many of which are NOT suitable for outdoor use, you need to consider various other things to ensure your new garden shed will stand the test of time.

An important question to ask is - how thick is the floor. The very minimum size you should accept is 16mm (12mm finished thickness). This size will create a strong floor if made from proper timber, however, beware of garden shed companies offering shed floors only 10mm thick (this is 3/8's of an inch) which is smaller than a standard pencil. Just take a pencil and see how easy it breaks. This will prove to you how foolhardy it is to use boards this thin - Continue reading --

Heavy Garden Workshops Display Site. View Before Buying. Don't Risk Buying Blind. All Include FREE Fitting

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