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Graffham Greenhouse Shed

Graffham Greenhouse-Garden Shed Combi Buildings for Sale
Graffham Greenhouse-Garden Shed Combi Buildings for Sale
Graffham Greenhouse-Shed Combo
  • 10ft x 6ft Overall Greenhouse-Shed Size
  • Greenhouse Section is 6ft x 6ft - Garden Shed is 6ft x 3ft - Longer Lengths available
  • Redwood timber (not the cheaper whitewood)
  • 2" x 2" Heavy Duty framing
  • Glass door on Greenhouse end
  • Door with handle & key lock in Shed
  • FREE erection of Greenhouse-Combo
  • All Cladding Treated as Standard
  • Opening Windows & Timber Staging
  • Greenhouse-Shed Nails are Rust Resistant.
  • Coach Screwed Construction for Strength
  • Toughened Glass THROUGHOUT Building
  • Very Versatile and Attractive.
  • Timber Bases Built
  • On display for you to view

Woking, Surrey Display Site

Here's Why This Greenhouse-Shed is Perfect For Your Garden
Here's Why This Greenhouse-Shed is Perfect For Your Garden

Why Buy a Garden Greenhouse Shed for Your Home?

The garden shed combined with a greenhouse is a great idea for many gardeners. It provides extra storage and an area for growing lovely garden produce so you will find that the Diamond Graffham 10ft x 6ft Greenhouse-Shed Combination could be the answer to your needs. You have a superb 6 ft x 6 ft greenhouse, naturally with toughened glass for safety, and a super 6 ft x 3 ft shed for storing your tools, seed trays and garden accessories away from prying eyes. By combining the Greenhouse with a garden shed you have a visually pleasing garden building which is very functional and eco-friendly - just think of the lovely tomatoes, strawberries which you will be able to enjoy. Also available in longer lengths - please ask

Check Out What You Are Buying and From Whom

With a large choice of greenhouse and garden shed suppliers you need to make the right choice so ensure you do your homework. You may find cheaper greenhouse-shed combination buildings but ensure that you check what is included. It's vitally important that only toughened glass is used for safety but many cheap greenhouse-shed combos use horticultural glass (effectively second grade glass) which may get by on a small garden shed but has no place on a greenhouse. It's also good to know a little about the company you are buying from to get a feel for the service they offer. An independent review site has many comments from 1st Choice's earlier customer where you can take a view on what they are saying. In this day and age where customer service is important it's good to check this out.

What Quality or Type of Materials are Being Used in Your New Greenhouse Shed?

The quality of materials used in greenhouse-sheds can vary tremendously so check out before buying. Many buildings are made using fast growing whitewood timber as it's much cheaper than redwood deal timber. However redwood deal, because it grows slower, is a more stable material and is more likely to stand the 'test of time'. It's a more expensive than whitewood but the benefits are worth every penny. Toughened glass is the standard for safety, not cheap horticultural (potentially dangerous) glass or unsuitable plastic, acrylic or perspex which scratches and rattles in the wind. Check out the thickness of the framing (effectively the skeleton) of the greenhouse shed and some cheap greenhouse-shed makers use only 1in x 1in (25mm x 25mm) thick timber. Not very strong at all. The best option is 2in x 2in (nominal thickness) vertical framing for the best results.

Be Wary of Cheap OSB Board, Chipboard or other Cheap Man Made Boards

Another product used to keeps cost down to produce a cheap greenhouse - shed combo is chipboard, OSB board, wafer board or Sterling board. None of these products will enhance your new greenhouse combo and will put it at risk if these boards get wet - and your new building is going outside to face the British weather. They may be OK for making kitchen cabinets but be very wary if you are offered these on your new building. You may also find these boards described as 'sheet materials' which is done to hide the fact you are being supplied with these cheap inadequate boards. Be careful before signing on the 'dotted line'. Take a look on this page for advice on what to look out for - you won't regret it. And you will nearly always find that the cheap shed is not the best value.

Your New Greenhouse Garden Shed - Built Free of Charge

Greenhouse - Garden Shed Combination buildings, by their very nature, are more involved when they come to be assembled. This is why 1st Choice Leisure Buildings offers these building with free assembly to ensure they are installed correctly. This is important for the longevity of these combo's and to ensure you don't get any problems in the future. Many internet companies claim they are easy to build which is not really true. It's also can be hard work besides it being vitally important that they are built in the correct manner. One of the reasons these other companies say it's easy is because they don't offer that option. So the best advice is for the experts to take the strain and build it for you. Give your back a rest.

Visit a Greenhouses-Garden Shed Display Site Where Ever Possible

You will mostly find that most internet companies don't offer an option to view because they claim it's cheaper for them and you. However you can never be sure what you are going to get delivered until it arrives at your door. By then it's too late. Take a trip to 1st Choice Leisure Building's display site near Guildford and Woking in Surrey and see what in situ. This will give you an opportunity to make YOUR mind up before splashing out. Even if you can't visit the fact that these greenhouse-shed combos are normally on display to the public should give you confidence in the products being offered. Surely this must give you a little peace of mind

Graffham Greenhouse Sheds Combination Specifications
Graffham Greenhouse Sheds Combination Specifications
Sizes:Available in 10 ft x 6 ft. Greenhouse section is 1.8 x 1.98m (6ft x 6ft) and the Garden shed section is 1.8 x 1.06m (6ft x 3ft). Longer models possible.
Cladding:16mm (12mm finished thickness) T&G Shiplap (Redwood deal not cheap whitewood). Treated externally. Coach screwed construction.
Vertical Framing:50 x 45mm (2" x 2" nominal) as standard. Effectively thicker in corners when erected (about 70 x 45mm.
Style:Apex models.
Roofs:16mm (12mm finished thickness) T&G timber (no chipboard, sterling board or OSB board) and covered with heavy green mineral roofing felt on the shed section. Toughened glass on the Greenhouse section..
Floors16mm (12mm finished thickness) T&G boards set on 50 x 45mm (2x2 nominal) pressure impregnated joists for long life, within the shed section.
Doors:Solid Door Fully Ledged and braced (thickness of framing is 100mm x 38mm). Supplied with a rim lock and handle for security with two turn buckles. On the Greenhouse section the door is toughened glass with tower bolt to secure. Size: 5' 8" x 2' 0" on all models.
Staging:Timber staging is included as standard underneath both windows in the greenhouse section.
Windows:Included are two opening window within the greenhouse section. Glass is toughened.
Single window in shed section on left hand side as you go in garden shed section.
Corner Strips:'Wrap Around' corner strips for extra protection to the end grain of the timber and for a smarter finish.
Height Apex:Internal eaves height 5' 8½" eaves on all shed-greenhouse combi's. Ridge height is 6' 5". Extra height available at 2 per foot around the perimeter of the summerhouse for each extra 90mm (3½")
Treatment:All garden solar buildings and potting sheds are DIPPED treated with a high quality spirit based timber preservative free of charge. (NOT washed out water based treatment) OR optional Premier Double Dipped treatment OR Paint option in range of colours.
Nails:These are all rust resistant to ensure long lasting good appearance to your workshop. NO staples are used as these are not suitable for a quality building.
Erection:The Graffham Greenhouse-Shed are erected FREE of charge, provided you provide a solid level concrete or paving slab base or timber decked area. Building are secured using coach screws for ease of taking them down again if you decide to move.
Delivery:Delivery is FREE within Diamond standard delivery area but they can be delivered in most of Southern and Central, outside of the free delivery area, at an extra delivery charge and still with FREE installation.
Alterations:Please ask.
Sizes:Unless specified as finished size then sizes quoted are before machining which reduces the size quoted by about 3mm. BEWARE. Many garden shed manufacturers quote BEFORE machining sizes making them APPEAR larger - don't be fooled.

10x6 (3.0m x 1.8m) Shed
Combination Greenhouse
Greenhouse-Shed Combo
Price: 1,448.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
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10x6 Diamond Graffham Greenhouse-Shed Combination - FREE Fitting

Garden Buildings Buying Advice

How To Guide:- Choosing a Garden Shed Floor

There are many aspects to the modern garden shed or summer house and most people would concentrate on the appearance of the building. This is understandable as we all want our possessions to look good, however, the garden shed or summerhouse floor can be most at risk and can bring a premature end to your garden building. So besides looking at the looks ensure you know what type of floor your garden shed or summerhouse will have.

Different garden shed or summer houses manufacturers take different views on the type of floors they put in their buildings. Reputable and knowledgeable shed manufacturers will ensure the type of material used and the general construction will last a very long time.

Some of the cheaper mass marketed garden sheds makers cut all the costs to the bone to make the price as cheap as possible. Nothing overly wrong in that, or for you to buy one of these cheap sheds, IF, you are only looking for your new garden building to last a few years, maybe before you move house - Continue reading --

Feefo Independent Feedback & Reviews

  • DIAMOND12-7 - They were very helpful and offered a good service. Very happy with the price and quality of the product. It is well constructed. Would recommend.
  • DIAMOND18-8 - Very good
  • DIAMOND5-4 - Excellent service. No fuss and everything done on time. Perfect.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - I was very pleased with the service provided by the company and was impressed that your fitters took less than half an hour to assemble my shed. There was no resulting mess or untidiness and the fitters were friendly and courteous. Having had the shed for four months so far I am still very satisfied with it.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - I've bought 4 sheds and every one is excellent. I had the best service I've had in ages. Always polite and always courteous. Everything was exactly what I ordered, delivered as promised and assembled in a very professional manner by experienced, friendly people.
  • DIAMOND10-6 - Excellent service and got exactly what I ordered good price for a quality item. Sturdy and well made item. I would particularly compliment the 2 guys who put it up, great job many thanks!
  • DIAMOND10-6 - Prompt delivery and good communication. Good quality shed and the fitter went out of his way to put it up and called to let me know about an uneven base and usually meant it would not be put up. I REALLY appreciated that.
  • DIAMOND10-6 - Very good service. Very good shed.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - Very polite when doing business with them. Very sturdy and neat shed. Perfect for my needs
  • DIAMOND6-4 - The wait was shorter than I had been warned it might be. (My order was at peak time.) The contractor 1st Choice recommended for the base, and the workmen who put up the actual shed, arrived when they said they would, were polite and friendly and did a good job. So far, standing up well to the weather. Only been a few months. So don't know about longer term resilience yet.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - good communication no issues. Good quality construction - didnt disappoint.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - Great service from start to finish - they gave helpful advice over the phone which allowed me to find the right shed for what I needed and also helped arrange for a base to be fitted. Good quality shed delivered and erected very quickly and efficiently
  • DIAMOND6-4 - Very Good quality shed, delivered on time and erected in pouring rain by very cheerful fitters, very happy! Well made, erected by professionals, attractive to look at and very secure, what more could you ask?
  • DIAMOND6-6 - Efficient, friendly, excellent service. Well built, well erected, no problems!
  • DIAMOND8-5 - So Helpful, Brill
  • DIAMOND8-5 - Excellent, Good
  • DIAMOND8-6 - The delivery was on time and the persoel polite and efficient.
  • DIAMOND8-6 - Excellent service from start to finish. I was kept informed of the order status. It was delivered as planned and put up efficiently. The lads were polite and helpful. Very good quality. I was a bit dubious about purchasing online but a client recommended them - I'm glad she did!
  • DIAMOND8-6 - Very good communications, all worked well. Minor niggle, construction nails misaligned, count of 15 otherwise a very good product.
  • DIAMOND8-6 - Absolutely nothing bad to say about them. All worked just how you'd like bit too. Does exactly what it needs to, well constructed and looks good.
  • DIAMOND9-4 - A very good service, on time and assembled competently on site.
  • DIAMOND11-7 - Quick delivery good communication, best price. Everything is good/great except the door which i do not feel is very secure at all. the lock just touches the frame of the door so anyone could give it a good shove and gain access to the shed.

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Some Of Our Customers Feedback

Just a note to say that the shed was delivered and erected on Monday as agreed and we are very pleased with it. The customisations - extra opening windows and additional eves height - are great.Please pass on our thanks to all concerned for a professional service.

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