Trentan ® 'Esher' Timber Corner Cabins

Esher Corner Building - Woking Display Site
Esher Corner Building - Woking Display Site

'Esher' Corner Cabins Info
  • 2.8 x 2.8m or 4.48 x 2.8m (8 x 8 or 14 x 8ft)
  • Under 2.5m Tall. 2.05m Lower Eaves Height.
  • Slow Growing Nordic Timber Used Throughout
  • Attractive Corner Log Cabin Style
  • Two Outward Opening Windows Included.
  • Double Glazed Windows (NOT Single Pane)
  • Stylish Full Length Glazed Double Doors
  • Proper Glass Throughout (NOT Perspex)
  • Solid, Strong 40mm Interlocking Logs for Walls
  • Felt Tiles in Choice of Colours Included
  • Optional Corner Cabins Erection Service
  • Delivery Times is Normally About 2-3 Weeks
  • Made To High Standard NOT Made Down to a Price
  • Kiln Dried Timber From Sustainable Sources.
  • Surrey Log Cabins UK Display Site

The fact how attractive this Esher Corner Log Wood Cabin amazes me and with the tall contemporary glass doors and windows makes this building the 'one' to choose. Certainly if you are looking to fill that spot in the corner of your garden. This corner cabins will be an asset to you. This Nordic wood cabin is fully double glazed & less than 2.5m tall for planning.

To appreciate the quality fully of a log cabin you should view them before purchasing. We have a display of log wood cabins near Guildford to help you and where you can view examples of the Trentan log wood cabins range for yourself. Don't risk buying 'blind'.

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Why You Should Choose This Esher Corner Log Cabin for Your Home & Family
Why You Should Choose This Esher Corner Log Cabin for Your Home & Family

These 'Esher' Corner Log Cabins Will Enhance Your Garden

The superb design of the 'Esher' corner log cabins adds a new look to the 'norm'. With the doors across the corner it enables the maximum amount of light into the cabin as well as the maximum amount of available wall space inside. These aspects enables the greatest amount of usage to suit all your family's requirement. If you plan to use is as a recreation room or fitness room, or as a home office, or as a 'crash room' for your children and their friend or as a summer room this garden log cabin will find all those needs. Give some thought to how much use you can get out of this cabin - you will amazed! And no wasted space in the corner or your garden.

Solid Strength As Standard - NOT an Extra Charge

The Swedes know the secret of the Nordic timber and is used extensively in their country. The slow growing nature of this wood makes it ideal for log cabins - being both strong and stable. The 'Esher' cabin benefits from this great natural material and which will enable a long life for your new cabin. The design of these 'Esher' corner log cabins has a stylish and very attractive classical or contemporary design. I'm sure we can help as we always remember it's your cabin and should reflect your requirements.

Quality of Materials in a Log Cabin is Key

Solidly constructed from Nordic timber these 'Esher' Log Cabins are made the correct way and with the right materials. Other log cabins companies take a different view and try to made DOWN to a price. This is never a good long term policy. You may save a few hundred pound but ultimately you want your new log cabin to last and, as important, to look good for the foreseeable future. By the use of cheap chipboard, OSB board or other sheet materials this can compromise your new building. Beside the carcass of the building the quality of material used should flow through into all the fittings as well. Double glazed windows with proper glass (NOT plastic) should be standard. All timber should be properly kiln dried and (very importantly) from sustainable sources.

Assembly Service Available for These Log Cabins

These superb 'Esher' log cabins can, optionally be assembled for you by a third party saving you time and effort. As they do this on a regular basis your new cabin will be up very quickly and importantly correctly. Having said that it's possible for you to assemble these buildings as everything is done to make it straightforward. The 'Esher' log cabins are initially assembled at the factory before being flat pack and shipped to you. All parts are bar coded for ease of access and by following the log cabin guide line can be assembled efficiently. The secret is to take you time and work through each step one at a time. Want a challenge then there you go!

Log Cabin Display Site For Viewing Before Purchasing

It's easy to find an array of log cabins on the 'web' however it's hard to know what the quality is like. This is why it's important to view at least some of these cabins made by the manufacturer. We have a log cabin UK display site where you can see an example of the log cabins so you can examine the build quality of these buildings. Hopefully in the near future we will have more for you to see - just to give us a call for an update. This site it situated near Woking in Surrey, about 5 miles for junction 10 on the M25, so reasonable accessible. So don't take a chance - always deal with a company which has its products available for viewing. You won;t regret it!

Many Years in the Garden Building Industry

You can also be sure that 1st Choice, a family business, started in 1979 understands the requirement to make log cabins to a standard and not DOWN to a price. Our Ethos is to ensure quality reigns over cheapness and to date has been the right policy.

2.8 x 2.8m (9ft x 9ft) - LESS Than 2.5m Tall
Corner Log Cabins for Sale. Double Glazed as Standard
Display Site Near Woking, Surrey
Price: 2,501.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
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Best Viewed in LANDSCAPE Mode
2.8 x 2.8m Trentan Esher Corner Log Cabin. 40mm Logs. Fully Double Glazed. Five Years Guarantee. Extra Thick Wooden Roof & Floor. Less Than 2.5m Tall
4.48 x 2.8m (14ft x 9ft) - LESS Than 2.5m Tall
Corner Log Cabins for Sale. Double Glazed as Standard
Display Site Near Woking, Surrey
Price: 3,204.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
Choose From Options Available Below
Best Viewed in LANDSCAPE Mode
4.48 x 2.8m Trentan Esher Corner Log Cabin. 40mm Logs. Fully Double Glazed. Five Years Guarantee. Extra Thick Wooden Roof & Floor. Less Than 2.5m Tall
Esher Corner Log Cabins Specifications
Esher Corner Log Cabins Specifications
Size:Two sizes to suit you. 2.8m x 2.8m (9ft x 9ft nominal) and 4.48m x 2.8m (14ft x 9ft nominal). Corner Log Cabins. Note this is the external size of the cabin. The lugs extend 100mm on each corner making the overall size (as most other log cabin UK companies quote) 200m larger. We mention this so you know you are comparing 'eggs with eggs'
Cladding:Standard logs on these corner log cabins are 40mm and interlock into each other. The log profile has designed wind-tight connections to ensure a superior resistance against wind. Untreated. Kiln dried timber from sustainable sources. These logs are cut from a top grade of Nordic Timber. This ensures the maximum stability and longevity of the timber.
Floors:18mm thick T&G untreated boards used on these log cabin floors. No chipboard, OSB or other cheap sheet materials used on the floor, unlike some other log cabin UK suppliers. Floor joists are 45 x 45mm and are normally spaced no more than 650mm apart. All floor joists are pressure treated for long life as standard.
Roofs:18mm thick T&G boards used on the roof sections supported by strong roof beams. Roof beams meet EN 388 stringent standards. Untreated. Supplied with felt tiles (shingles) in either red, brown or green or Polyester based felt as standard. 100mm (approx 4in) overhang all round.
Doors:Joinery quality double glazed double doors 1494mm wide x 1736mm high (59in x 68in) - approx sizes. Easy adjust hinges complete with gasket seals, fitted silver finish door handles, cylinder lock and two unique keys. Low doors sills giving you easier access into your log cabin. Supplied untreated. Beware of doors with single glazing or excessively high door sills.
Windows:Contemporary style joinery quality inward opening windows included as standard (3 on the larger model and 2 on smaller model) Size of each window is 525cm wide x 156cm high (20in x 61in). Complete with easy adjust hinges, silicon gasket seals and delightful silver finish window handles. Supplied untreated as standard. Double glazed with toughened glass as standard NOT single glazed.
Lower Walls:Height: 205cm (80n) - on all Esher corner log cabins.
Higher Walls:Planning friendly height of 246cm (96in) - on all Esher corner log cabins. Importantly below 2.5m meaning these log cabins can be built next to your boundary, subject to any other planning restrictions you may have)
Storm ProtectionProvided as standard are either 'Wood Storm Protectors' or threaded rods. This helps to ensure that the wall planks on your log cabin will remain tight together depending on the weather.
Fixings:All log cabins required fixings (screws, nails etc) are included.
Treatment:All log cabins are supplied untreated.
Erection:Log cabins are supplied in kit form for self assembly. Option for assembly through a third party if required. If being built you would require a concrete base or solid and level paving slab base. Optionally, we have an option for building a timber subframe for you. These log cabins are assembled by interlocking the panels for ease of taking it down again if you decide to move.
Delivery:All log cabins are delivered and HIABed off the lorry for you free of charge throughout central & Southern England. Deliveries to Scotland would cost 150 extra. Deliveries to Cornwall & Devon, South & West Wales and Northern England would cost an extra 60.
InsulationOptional insulation to the roof supply only and would consist of Reinforced Thermo Reflective and Vapour Control Layer (special silver quilted membrane), Thermo Reflective Aluminium Tape (used to seal all joints in the roof insulation and over the floor joists), Insulation Board - a Celotex Foil 2 sides rigid insulation board - 25mm thick measuring 2400 x 1200mm. 11mm thick solid sheet boarding (OSB) measuring 2440 x 1220mm or 2400 x 1200mm and all screws and fixings.
Optional Extras.Extra doors and windows, assembly of log cabins, timber bases - Please Ask

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