What Other Log Cabin Companies Don't Want You To Know

Read Before Purchasing a Log Cabin
Read Before Purchasing a Log Cabin

Buying Log Cabins UK, Log Cabins for Sale & Log Cabin Kits

It appears to be easy to purchase a log cabin - just look on the 'web' see a model you like and then try to find the best price - simple! Well - NO. Because there is such a large range of log cabins available the quality (or lack of it with many of the cheap make down to a price log cabins) varies tremendously. So you do need to tread very carefully to ensure you are not disappointed.

1st Choice Log Cabins are Made to Very High Standards and Quality

Buy From an Established Business

By buying from an established business you can be reasonably sure that they have a great deal of expertise in the market and, more importantly, they listen to their customers. To this end you will find that most established businesses actually have 'bricks and mortar' premises and the 'web' is just a tool to inform the public of their products. You will also find that these type of businesses tend to have staff available to actually talk to (just like in days gone by) unlike many web sites where you are expected to communicate through the wonders of email.

1st Choice have been in the garden building industry since 1979.
We have a physical office where you can talk to us or visit as well as a display sites where you can view examples of log cabins and lag cabin kits for your self.

Always View Log Cabins for Sale Before Buying

With the 'web' with its flashy web pages and possibly a glossy brochure you will never know what your proposed log cabin will be like in 'real life'. This is why it's important to try to view any potential log cabin before delivery. This way you can see how well it's been made, whether there is sufficient height inside, are the doors and windows solidly made (or flimsy, cheap and nasty) and how good is the timber used. Whilst log cabin companies on the 'web' claim it's good purchase online and that you can save money it's not possible to be sure what you are getting. If they are not prepared to let you see their log cabins beforehand then be very wary. The cheapest price is not always the best value.

1st Choice has a log cabin display area near Woking in Surrey. About 5 miles from the M25

Ensure the Timber Used is the Best for the These Cabins

Again a great deal of money can be saved by selecting cheaper log cabins or log cabin kits but you need to ensure that only the correct and best materials are used. This means using Nordic timber which comes from the colder parts of Europe such as Sweden, Norway, Finland where it grows very slowly. This ensure the greatest density to the timber ensuring it remains very stable even in the UK weather. By using faster growing cheaper trees for log cabins makes those cabins more likely to have more movement in your garden.

1st Choice Log Cabins are only made using slow growing Nordic timber.

Ensure You Go For the Thickest Timber

The best and smallest thickness of timber you should use for log cabins is 44mm thick. This thickness gives immense strength to the building which makes it suitable for all uses. Also it good to have other options of thickness - such as 70mm - for extreme cases. I've seen cases where 19mm logs (how they call it logs I don't know) are used which makes for a very cheap log cabin. However don't lean of them as they will fall down. 28mm logs can be suitable provided the right quality of timber is used and not fast growing timber.

1st Choice standard log cabins thickness is a solid 44mm with options for 70mm versions

Insist on Double Glazing in Your New Garden Log Cabin

You will find the better log cabins have double glazing as standard but on the cheap buildings will have single glazed windows. This does reduce the cost of the building but makes it even harder to keep warm in the Winter and harder (not many people think of this) to keep cooler in the Summer.

All 1st Choice Log Cabins have adjustable double glazed windows as standard.
Also pre hung in their own frame.

Do You Want a 'Run of the Mill' Building or Are You Special?

There are advantages for standard sizes and layouts as this helps to keep the cost down, but quite often you would like a size to suit YOUR garden or you would like the log cabin doors and windows in a different place. This is why it's good to talk to a company who can make your log cabin to suit YOU. It may be a little more expensive but the extra cost can make the difference between 'making do' or getting fulfillment from your new log cabin

1st Choice can be made in 'more or less' any size to suit you. Also the layout and design of these log cabins is also flexible and bespoke to suit you.

Are All Sections Pre-Cut to Shape

Ensure that all the gable and shaped ends are supplied cut to shape and size. Many cheap log cabin and log cabin kits manufacturers supply these shaped ends needing to be cut by you. This saves money but mean more work for you and the possibility of mistakes

All Log Cabins from 1st Choice have pre-cut panels in shape as well as size.

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