Plastic Garden Storage Sheds for Your Garden. UPVC Shed

LeisureChoice, StarChoice & Duramax Plastic Sheds and Buildings

LeisureChoice, StarChoice & Duramax Plastic Sheds and Buildings

LeisureChoice Plastic Buildings
Superb 15x8 In Size
All Weather Double Wall Durable PVC
Attractive Dormer Style Roof

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LeisureChoice Plastic Workshops
Superb 15x8 In Size
All Weather Double Wall Durable PVC
Two Sets of Double Doors

(Full Details of 15x8 Garden Workshop)

LeisureChoice Plastic Garden Sheds
Sizes From 11x11 Up To 11x26
Extra High Eaves at 196cm
All Weather Double Wall Vinyl PVC

(Full Details of 11ft Wide Workshops)

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LeisureChoice Plastic Sheds
10x8 Plastic Apex Shed
All Weather Double Wall Durable PVC
Stylish Dormer Roof

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LeisureChoice Plastic Workshops
10x8 Plastic Apex Shed
Durable All Weather Double Wall PVC
Two Sets of Double Doors

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LeisureChoice Plastic Stores
7x7 and 7x4.5 Apex Sheds
Durable PVC Double Doors
All Weather Double Wall PVC

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StarChoice 'Addlestone' Plastic Buildings
Double Doors
Double Skinned Walls
6x3, 6x5 and 6x8 Sizes
Ten Year Warranty

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StarChoice 'Chertsey' Sheds
7x4 and 7x7 Sizes Available
Twin Walls System
Opening Roof
10 Year Guarantee

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StarChoice 'Taunton' Plastic Building
8x4, 8x7, 8x10, 8x13 & 8x16
Strong Double Skinned Walls
Double Doors - Opening Roof
Long Warranty

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StarChoice 'Kingston 20' Sheds
142cm (w) 75cm (d) x 87cm (h)
Lift Up Lid for Ease of Access
Double Doors
20 Square Feet of Storage

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StarChoice 'Kingston 34' Shed
131cm (w) 78cm (d) x 116cm (h)
34 Square Feet of Storage
Double Door & Lift Up Roof
Double Skin Walls

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StarChoice 'Kingston 32' Shed
142cm (w) 80cm (d) 128cm (h)
Twin Walls For Strength
Lift Up Roof & Double Doors
32 Square Feet of Storage

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StarChoice 'Kingston 62' Sheds
224cm (w) 92cm (d) 87cm (h)
3.8cm Thick Twin Walls
62 Square Feet of Safe Storage
Double Doors & Lift Up Roof

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StarChoice 'Kingston 70' Garden Shed
179cm (w) 113cm (d) 132 cm (h)
70 Square Feet of Useful Storage
Robust Double Skin Walls
Lift Up Roof for Ease of Access

(Full Details of StarChoice Storage)

StarChoice 'Kingston 98' Garden Shed
146cm (w) 203cm (d) 132cm (h)
Double Skin Walls
Double Doors & Lift Up Roof
98 Square Feet of Storage Space

(Full Details of StarChoice Buildings)

LeisureChoice Plastic Sheds
Sizes from 8x2.5 up to 8x15
Durable All Weather Double Wall PVC
Strong Double Doors

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Duramax Plastic Sheds
Size 8x4 Plastic Shed
Strong Long Lasting Vinyl PVC
Long Warranty

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Duramax Plastic Little Hut
Size 5' wide x 2' deep
Ideal Small Storage Unit
Long Guarantee

(Full Details of Plastic Garden Sheds)

Duramax Duramate Plastic Store
7' wide x 5' deep & 7' wide x 7
Totally Maintainance Free
Foundation Kit INCLUDED

(Full Details of Plastic Garden Huts)

Duramax Woodbridge Plastic Store
Sizes 10x8, 10x10, & 10x13
Totally Maintainance Free
Strong steel re-inforced frame

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Duramax Plastic Sheds

Duramax Plastic Sheds

What you should know about Plastic Sheds for Sale

Plastic garden Storage sheds

Plastic garden storage sheds offer distinct advantages over timber and metal sheds that could make them the perfect choice for gardeners looking for somewhere to potter and small businesses investing in outdoor industrial buildings.

Why should I consider plastic garden sheds?

When it comes to choosing garden sheds, there are many different things that buyers should consider and, for some, 1st Choice Leisure Buildings' range of Duramax plastic sheds could be the best bet. These inexpensive sheds are ideal for all weather types and are also fire retardant. They do not need to be painted and are easy to assemble. With a pledge from 1st Choice that its plastic garden sheds are built to last and a ten-year warrantee to back up that claim, buyers can rest assured that they will not be let down by a plastic shed.

What are the different types of uPVC sheds available?

All of 1st Choice's plastic sheds are made from Vinyl uPVC, meaning that they are both rust and rot proof. The Side Mate garden shed was designed to sit alongside a house or fence, providing an elegant, low-maintenance storage solution for those looking at cheap sheds. Slightly more substantial is the Duramax Woodbridge uPVC Plastic Apex Garden Shed, which comes in sizes 10ft by 8ft, 10ft by 10ft or 10ft by 13ft. With double doors on the front, the beige-coloured garden shed also boasts easy access no matter how many bikes, lawnmowers and gardening implements may be stacked up inside.

Couple plastic sheds with eco-friendly garden bases.

For those who want to set their plastic shed up with as little difficulty as possible, one of 1st Choice's garden bases could be just the ticket. An interlocking base system made from recycled lightweight and durable plastic panels, these ProBases provide a solid, level plain on which garden sheds and other outdoor buildings can be pitched. That they do so without the cost and permanency of concrete while offering more durability than timber bearers makes them even more of an ideal solution. However, you do need to have a floor with your plastic shed to use Ecobases.

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Customer Feedback

Metal sheds, steel buildings, storage boxes, caravan tidies and galvanised bike storage How To and How Often to Treat Your Shed or Garden Building.
You may feel you want to put it off but your garden shed does need treating from time to time to give it a long life. If you follow our advice you wont need to do this more than every 2 or 3 years. This will ensure your garden shed and out buildings can be protected against everything the weather can throw at it.

Treating a garden shed can be a messy affair, certainly if I am doing it, so the advice is to wear old clothes which can be thrown away if too badly stained. Always bear in mind that many treatments can irrigate the skin due to the chemicals in them which help to preserve the wood. But always take your time and try not to splash the treatment. If you do get any treatment on your hands, face or skin ensure you wash this off straight away. - Continue reading -- Delivery of metal sheds and steel buildings throughout the UK, England, Wales, Scotland

Heavy Duty Workshops Show Site Near M25 (Jundtion 10) Open For Viewing Every Day.

Garden Stores, Heavy Duty Workshops, Summerhouses from the 1st Choice. All INCLUDE Free Assembly

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Currently on display at Sutton Green: are Platinum, Humber, & Diamond Timber Sheds; SafeStore
Trimetals, StoreChoice & GrandChoice Metal Sheds; Lidget Concrete Garages & Secure storage concrete sheds. Please see this page for a full list.

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