StarChoice 'Chertsey' Plastic Sheds

StarChoice 'Chertsey' Double Wall Plastic Sheds for Sale

StarChoice 'Chertsey' Double Wall Plastic Sheds for Sale

Starchoice Chertsey Apex Plastic Shed

StarChoice Plastic Sheds
  • Available Sizes - 7x4 and 7x7 (ft x ft)
  • Sturdy Blow Moulding Double Skin
  • Delightful Curved Doors and Windows
  • Vanilla Wall Cladding with Slate Coloured Roof
  • Easy Bolt Design for Ease
  • Extra Strong Stoney Colour Double Doors
  • Metal Reinforced Shingle Roof
  • No Cracks - No Warps.
  • Strong Reinforced Sturdy Floor
  • Skylights Allows Light to Flood In
  • Lockable Metal Handles
  • Unique Extra Strong Construction

StarChoice Chertsey Apex Plastic Sheds

10 year 'No-Rust-Perforation' guarantee

These StarChoice 'Chertsey' plastic sheds with its attractive curved double doors and curved georgian windows add a delightful look to this garden building. Likewise the vanilla, stoney and slate colours complement each other making this a delightful garden shed to look at. With its good height it makes a great workshop or garden store and the double skinned resin walls give it the strength to withstand everything through at it.

The metal reinforced supported roof with it shingle type roof panels further adds to the great looks and the functional vent ensures a great flow of natural air through the building. The floor adds to this package ensuring this shed is great value for money and covers all bases. You can add your own padlock to the double doors for even better security than standard.

For ease of assembly of these plastic sheds an easy bolt method is used for construction making it "child' play". Full step by step assembly details are provided which ensures the fastest and easiest erection.

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StarChoice 'Chertsey' Plastic Shed
7x4 (2.1m x 1.2m) Double Skin Walls, Double Doors
Reinforced Roof, Roof Vents and Strong Floor
Price: 689.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
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StarChoice 'Chertsey' 7x4 (nominal size) Garden Shed. Double Skin Walls for Superb Strength. Includes Double Doors, Floor, Roof Vents and Strong Plastic Floor

StarChoice 'Chertsey' Plastic Shed
7x7 (2.1m x 2.1m) Double Skin Walls, Double Doors
Reinforced Roof, Roof Vents and Strong Floor
Price: 955.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
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Best Viewed in LANDSCAPE Mode
StarChoice 'Chertsey' 7x7 (nominal size) Garden Shed. Double Skin Walls for Superb Strength. Includes Double Doors, Floor, Roof Vents and Strong Plastic Floor

StarChoice 'Chertsey' Apex Plastic Garden Sheds Specifications

StarChoice 'Chertsey' Apex Plastic Garden Sheds Specifications

Sizes:225cm x 119cm and 225cm x 221cm (overall external garden shed sizes). Nominal size 7x4 and 7x7 (ft x ft)
Cladding:New and exclusive utilising blow moulding technology double wall resin construction with a texture finish giving these sheds a superb look and ensuring that these buildings will never rot or rust not need treating. Maybe just a wash down from time to time.
Colour:The colours which complement each other are a vanilla colour for the walls, the doors are stoney grey and the roof is a slate colour.
Framing:The double wall construction provided immense strength to these building ensuring a very rigid and strong building.
Height:182cm (72") Internal eaves. 193cm (76") ridge.
Doors:Double hinged top curved doors are 152cm (59") wide x 193cm (76") high.
Besides the delightful curved tops these StarChoice plastic garden shed double doors have attractive georgian windows. Set in middle of the 204cm wide wall of the building. Lockable metal handles for extra security.
Vents:There are screened vents in both ends of the garden shed to allow a through flow of air.
Roof:All plastic shed roofs are made from attractive slate coloured extra strong panels. These are metal reinforced shingle style for the very best strength.
Floor:Strong floor included. Needs to go on solid and level concrete, paving slab or timber decked base.
Assembly:Simple to follow step by step comprehensive assembly instructions come with every StarChoice plastic garden shed and storage building..
Warranty:10 Years manufacturer's warranty for long term peace of mind on these StarChoice plastic garden sheds.


How To Ensure Shed or Summer House Door is Right for You

The garden shed or summer house door needs to be designed to work for a very long time so it is important it is made correctly. You will find decent shed and summer house manufacturers take their responsibilities seriously and will ensure they will stand the test of time.

As well as the importance of having ledges AND braces on the garden shed door it is important to have THREE hinges as this will help to transmit the weight of the shed door across and onto the door frame. If there is only two then the door may bulge slightly in the middle. With a joinery made door then only two hinges are required as the weight of the shed door is supported by the jointed frame.

There are various ways for the garden shed door to be kept closed. The very minimum you want is to have a pad bolt with a turn buckle top and bottom on your door. The pad bolt is a sliding bolt and when closed you can put your padlock onto it to protect your valuables. The turn buckle is simply a flat piece of metal with a hole in the middle. This is screwed onto the garden shed frame and when turned will hold the shed door tightly into position. This will help to stop any movement on the door when there are large changes in weather conditions through the year. - Continue reading --

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