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Summerhouses With Storage. Free Assembly. Large Display Site

Summerhouses With Storage - Surrey Display Site - Free Fitting
Summerhouses With Storage - Surrey Display Site - Free Fitting
Summer House With Storage Info
  • Any Size Combination Summerhouse Shed Made
  • Select Base Building From Any Of Our Range
  • Redwood timber (not inferior whitewood)
  • Size Of Storage Shed To Suit Your Need
  • FREE Timber Treatment Included
  • Store Can Go On Back Or Side To Suit You
  • Toughened Glass Windows
  • Bespoke Designs To Suit YOU And Your Home
  • NO cheap glass (or scratchable perspex - plastic)
  • FREE Installation of Summerhouses.
  • Highly Versatile And Attractive
  • Utilise All Your Available Space In Your Garden
  • Great Min 1.83m (72in) Inner Eaves Height
  • Made To A High Standard Not Down To A Price.
  • Timber Naturally From Sustainable Sources
  • Summerhouses With Storage Display Site
  • Made in UK by Craftsmen

Ms H of Hitchin. Diamond 12x8 Summerhouses With Storage - ★★★★★ Star Review

Feedback: The company were very efficient and always polite but friendly during the ordering process, and kept us up to date about the manufacture & delivery of the summer house. The two men who erected the summerhouse were also polite & friendly , and erected the summerhouse in record time. My husband & I are so pleased with our new summerhouse. The quality is excellent, and it looks superb.

Response: Thanks for your great feedback. I'm pleased that your new summerhouse with storage was erected efficiently and that the installers were polite. Your new building combining summer house with a shed should be a great building and asset for your home. Thanks for choosing 1st Choice. Regards, Robin

Diamond Bolney Georgian Summerhouses With Storage. ALL WOOD. 2x2 framing. Redwood Deal T&G Shiplap Garden Summerhouse. Joinery Doors & Windows. FREE Installation UK. With floor, Toughened Glass and delivery**
Diamond Bolney Georgian Summerhouses With Storage. ALL WOOD. 2x2 framing. Redwood Deal T&G Shiplap Garden Summerhouse. Joinery Doors & Windows. FREE Installation UK. With floor, Toughened Glass and delivery**

The Big Question Is How Much?

By their very nature it's not possible to have a price list for all the thousands of buildings which could be supplied to meet your needs. However, to get a 'ballpark' figure there's a rough way of doing this and is as follows:- Decide on the design of building you would like and go to that web page. On the web page there will be a link to the price list relating to that model. Either decide on the overall size of your summerhouse shed combo and write down the prices. You then need to add an internal partition and the cost for this is about 25 per linear foot. So if the building was 12ft wide across the front the partition would be 12ft and the cost would be an extra 300. You would then need to add a door for access to the combi storage shed and this would be about 100, depending on the type of door chosen. The second way to get rough price is to take the price of the summerhouse and the price of the shed and add them together and it would be there about. We are, of course, very happy to supply you with a firm quote to meet your needs. Just call us on (01483) 237550, use our contact form or visit our display site.

Summerhouses With Storage Assembled Free. Amazing Feedback
Summerhouses With Storage Assembled Free. Amazing Feedback
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What's in Your Garden Sheds? Explosive Find Found in Garden Shed. (From Our Blogs)
What's in Your Garden Sheds? Explosive Find Found in Garden Shed. (From Our Blogs)

Author is Robin Antill - expert in garden buildings Written By Robin - Expert in Garden Buildings For 39 Years.
Hi, I'm Robin Antill, founder of 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, and I use my expertise gained over 39 years in the garden buildings industry to understand that each customer is different. With my manufacturing, retailing and customer service experience my articles help people choose their ideal shed, garden workshop, summerhouse, log cabin or garden office needs to suit their requirement and that is key to satisfaction. And what do I do when I'm not writing? You may find me following Grimsby Town Football Club or riding roller coasters - so plenty of 'ups and downs' in my life.

The garden shed was in its heyday after the Second World War, which is understandable, due to the need to use the garden for growing produce for the family to use. Although most of these garden sheds, initially, were made do and mend which was one of the important message drummed into the country during this terrible time. Even rationing did not stop until the early 50's for many food items and when we think how easy it is and the wide range of food stuffs available to us today, it's hard to understand how people lived their lives then.

Fathers and grandfathers utilised their sheds and used their gardens in most of their spare time where they felt productive but also enjoyed what they were doing in general. I can relate to that as there is nothing better than digging up vegetables from your garden and enjoying them with your meal at home. Just the thought that from a package of seeds you can feed your family is great.

As I say these garden sheds were quite often ramshackle old buildings and were made up from any materials available whether it was timber or metal. Plastic was not really available very much in those days. The main thing was for the shed to keep the garden tools dry and a place to start the seeds off in pots before transferring them into the garden. Nowadays there are a large range of sheds or summerhouses with storage which are available ready made to save them the bother.

These sheds were also often full of items collected over the years which were kept 'just in case' however many of the men who had returned from active duty had brought back 'souvenirs' from their travels. Many of these souvenirs were not really suitable for collecting due to their volatile properties and this including grenades, bombs and guns etc. And over the last few years many of these souvenirs have become news items.

Earlier this year at a Leominster home a young man found a bomb in the garden shed. Initially they removed it and put it in their van, as you do (NO), before deciding this would be better off back in the shed. Why they thought moved the bomb once was a good idea and then to move it a second time was another good idea beats me. He then decided to 'Google' what to do and finally decided to call the police.

When the police officers arrived they were able to ascertain that the bomb was in fact safe. How they decide I don't know. The bomb had laid inactive for over 40 years, perhaps that's what they go on.

The owner of the house was astounded about the discovery and said this was a shock to her system. This is the last thing you expect to find. Her husband had built shelves in the shed as well as putting an old sideboard in there and she assumed the bomb was behind there. She was obviously happy the bomb did not go off.

Also, even more recently, there was another case in north east London where some grenades were found in another garden shed. It turned out that the occupant of the house, who died last year, served during the war and had many collectibles in his house and shed. These grenades still had their pins in them so potentially were very dangerous.

The lady who lived next door said she was very scared about what the outcome could have been. She had two little babies in the houses and when she heard the bomb squad were coming she went out, hopefully with the babies. The police said that they had received reports of two Second World War pineapple shaped grenades and acted accordingly.

It's easy to think this could not happen to you but many years after we had removed an old garden shed and putting in foundations for a new swimming pool house we heard a clunk as we dug into the earth. Examining it a little closer discovered it was about 12 inches diameter and had a 1 inch stud coming out of the side. Undeterred we carried on digging until we finally got it out of the ground and it turned out to be an old water main.

However, in hindsight, we should have took more care. We joked that we had found a bomb but carried on. If this happened again I think I would call the Bomb Disposal Squad just to be sure. I think I rather look a fool than to get blown up. Perhaps this is what happens as you get older.

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