Types of Windows Available for Garden Sheds

Types of Windows Available

Types of Windows Available

Types of Windows Used on Garden Shed & Choosing the Right One

Standard Classic Shed Windows

Classic Wooden Shed Windows for the Garden

The traditional window on a garden shed is normally just a pane of glass (best not to use plastic or perspex) and is known as a 'classic' style. It's purpose is to provide a clear view out of your garden shed to the outside world whilst protecting you from the elements. The number of panes of glass in this window will vary depending on the size of your garden shed and can be from one right up to eight or ten. Very functional and does a great job and sometimes, with its uniform look, can be quite appealing to many. Available on Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum ranges of garden sheds.

Georgian Windows

Georgian Wooden Shed Windows for the Garden

The Georgian window is a very attractive and popular option and is available at a no cost option (no opening windows) with all of the Diamond range of garden sheds and workshops. Also available as a chargeable option on the Platinum ranges of garden buildings. These solid joinery made Georgian windows add a touch of style to a building and might make it easier to persuade your partner to make this choice. It's true what they say and that sheds don't have to be utilitarian so maybe give this style of window some thought.

Security Garden Shed Windows

Security Shed Windows for

Where you need a secure garden shed to protect your valuables but still would like natural light to come onto your shed then these security windows will be a very good option for you. Being narrow and placed high up on the wall they make it very difficult for intruders to see what you have in your shed. And even if they like the look of those items and decide to break the windows then they can't climb in through the gap. A very good option and should give you peace of mind.

Solar Potting Shed Windows

Potting Shed Windows for

If you would like a solar potting shed then you need to have as much light as possible coming in to encourage your plants and seedlings to grow the best they can. This is why the potting shed windows are double height and would normally run along the front of the garden building and around both corners as well. This ensures that natural light can pour in throughout most of the day. On some potting sheds the glass on the front slopes back and on some the glass is upright. Both styles work well but the upright models tend to have more useable space inside whereas the sheds with sloping back glass tends to be a fraction better on light coming in.

No Windows Option

Wooden Shed with No Windows

Not everyone wants to have windows in their garden sheds for many reasons. It may be for the security aspect of it where intruders can't see in nor can they break a window to get in or it may be that they prefer to have more useable space around the walls of their building. Any reason is fine and all our shed companies can offer 'no windows' as a 'non-chargeable' option. Which can't be bad. Worth considering it before making that final decision.

Opening Shed Windows

Wooden Shed with Opening Windows

On many of the cheap garden sheds there is no option to have opening windows. And some people don't even want opening windows which is fine. However on most of the Diamond Classic ranges they have at least one window included as standard. On the Diamond Georgian range there is an chargeable option for opening windows. On most of the Sapphire range they also come with opening windows as standard. Likewise on most potting sheds. On all the other ranges there is normally an option to add opening windows if you so choose. Please ask.


How To Decide What to Treat Your Garden Sheds With

After you have decided on your new garden shed, summer house, workshop or log cabin you need to consider how you are going to look after it. These garden sheds and buildings are an investment and will enable you to enjoy your garden more than ever and with a little bit of regular care will last for many years.

There are various types of garden shed treatments and you will find that most sheds will be treated with a water based coat of treatment. This can be seen as being a primer and it is recommended that you re-treat your new shed or garden building within a few days after being delivered. The second coat can be seen as an undercoat to your shed and when you put your next coat on the shed will be the top coat and this will give long lasting protection. Continue reading --

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