Types of Sheds Doors and Their Construction

Types of Garden Sheds Doors
Types of Garden Sheds Doors

Types of Garden Shed Doors and Choosing the Right One

Please note we do NOT supply shed doors

The wooden door on garden sheds is the only item which moves (or should be) so it's important to ensure you choose the right one. And this door will be well made and will be 'ledged and braced' as standard. What this means is that the planks of wood are secured to at least three horizontal timbers (ledged) and will also have diagonal timbers (braced) which will provide the stability to the garden shed door which will help to stopping it dropping.

It's a big 'NO NO' to any shed company supplying doors without any bracing as you will find the door will drop after only a short period. Clearly not any good in the long term. There should also be at least three (3) hinges as this will help to support the load and ensure a long life. Again a big 'NO NO' if less than this.

All our garden sheds are 'ledged and braced' and all feature at least 3 hinges. 1st Choice offers a range of different doors to suit all your needs from the standard right through to double doors, stable doors and glazed doors. This gives you the opportunity to have the correct door on your shed to suit your needs.

Standard Width Garden Shed Doors

Wooden Shed Doors for the Garden

The standard garden shed door is designed to suit all every uses in the garden and will allow access to all normal activities as well as allowing for the lawn mower and other such machinery. The normal width is about 75cm (30 inches) and is perfect for most sheds.

Naturally it will be 'ledged and braced' and have three hinges. It will be soundly constructed from strong timber which is sufficiently think to allow for everyday use. You will find this shed in our Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum ranges of garden sheds.

90cm (3ft) Wide Garden Shed Doors

Wooden Shed Doors for the Garden

When you have slightly larger items to go into your garden shed or would like a little more space then the optional 90cm (3ft) might be worth considering. The extra width makes it very easy to get your items in and out and saves you having to struggle.

Because of the extra width these wider shed doors tend to made with stronger ledge and bracing and nearly always will have larger and stronger hinges so that weight of the door is minimised.

Do not even consider a wider shed door without at least three hinges and strong ledge and bracing. The Diamond, Humber, Sapphire and Platinum garden sheds all have this option for a wider door.

150cm (5ft) Wide Double Garden Shed Doors

Wooden Shed Doors for the Garden

If you are considering a garden shed as a workshop for your garden then you may wish to consider having a set of double doors. This would allow you to have more or less anything in your new garden building for storage or the like. The normal width is about 150cm (5ft wide) on sheds which are at least 7ft wide. On the smaller sheds the doors are normally about 120cm (4ft) wide. One door will be a fixed door and will have an internal bolt - top and bottom - to keep it closed when not required. Normal access will be through the other door but when you want the largest clear opening you would open both doors. Again very important that are strongly ledged and braced and have at least three hinges on each door. This option available on most Diamond Sapphire and Platinum sheds.

Stable Type Doors

Wooden Shed Doors for the Garden

A stable door on a garden shed allows you to have half the door open which allows air to flow through your shed and for you to be able to see out into the garden or towards the house. You would normally find this type of shed door on solar potting sheds as standard allowing the owner to enjoy pottering about inside. Standard width is normally 75cm (30in) and would be ledged and braced for strength. As each door is half the size of a normal shed door there would be two hinges on each door section. Normally the bottom shed door would have an extra bolt on the inside so this can be kept in a closed position allowing the upper door to open out. For normal access in and out of your wooden shed both doors would open together. A very nice addition to a shed used as a workshop. Available on Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum garden sheds.

Joinery Doors on Sheds

Wooden Shed Doors for the Garden

Joinery garden shed doors are constructed differently to the normal ledged and braced doors. They consist of a strong frame which has joints (the wooden frame is actually cut so that the wood fits inside each section) in the four corners and often across the middle. The shed door cladding (planks of timber) are then actually secured to this jointed frame. This makes this type of door very strong and is often found as standard on the more high end buildings such as the Platinum range and the Diamond Barnwell workshop range. Quite often the hinges will be flush hinges which fit onto the edge of the door rather than on the outside of the door. The width of these joinery quality garden shed doors are the same as the normal ledge and braced ones. This type of door would normally be used where there is glass in the top half of the door or on the 'high end' garden workshops.

Shed Door Locks and Catches

Wooden Shed Doors for the Garden

Most good quality garden sheds will have a lock with a key as well as two turn buckles for holding the doors closed. The lock itself will normally be a rim lock which is a lock which screws onto the inside of the shed door and there would be a hole where the key goes through the door to lock in. There would normally be an handle on the inside and out. Although not 100% secure they do offer a degree of protection to your valuable items inside your shed.

On the joinery type of shed door the lock would normally be a mortice lock. This is different as the lock is installed actually in the door itself after an hole has been jointed out. These type of doors would also have an handle on the inside and out. On nearly all Diamond and Platinum garden sheds there would be a rim lock. On the cheaper range there would be a padbolt and a turn buckle. This is a bolt which slides across and to which you can fit a lock to keep your building safe.

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