Why Choose Lidget Compton Concrete Garages

Why Choose Lidget
Why Choose Lidget

Quality and Experience from Lidget and Compton

Lidget Compton concrete garages were formed by the joining of the two companies, a decision which means that the best of both these concrete garages companies, were pooled together to create the very best range of buildings. This also means that the costs can be pared down but are still able to keep the quality at a very high standard, which is expected of them, and which they would never drop even to save a few pounds. The bottom line for them is that famous proverb 'don't spoil the ship for a ha'p'orth of tar' and there is never a truer word in the concrete garage business. Their combined experience, gained over 90 years, makes them the best and market leading concrete garages company in the business.

Secrets of Making Quality Concrete Garages

The key to making the best concrete garages start by utilising the very best materials and not compromising on this. Adding to this is to ensure that the most modern machinery and working methods are adopted and ensuring that you provide the best working conditions for their employees. This ensure a continuity of staff with many second generation employees working on the Lidget Compton concrete garages. Add in continuous training and listening to customer feedback and this will provide a recipe for success.

Concrete Garages Engineered For Long Life

Lidget Compton concrete garages engineers ensure their work creates better quality designs by strenuous testing of their designs. The thicker steel reinforced concrete garage panels provide better strength as the steel provides extra strength to the concrete used. They also insist on robust steel rafters which are fully galvanised for long life as well as thicker concrete garage roof sheets. The steel doors are preframed on all their concrete garages which ensures a superb sturdy fit and special unique flashings on the roof improves the garage general roof design. These details extend through to only using direct employees which ensures their ethos of providing the best from start to finish can be maintained throughout the build process of the Lidget Compton concrete garages.

Largest Concrete Garages Range in the UK

The combined Lidget and Compton garage range ensures the largest choice of available buildings and is second to none. Besides all the standard options, which are immense, they can provide concrete garages made specifically for you, so if you have a special need for a particular building please ask 1st Choice Leisure Buildings and they will obtain a quote for you. Their range of concrete garages wall claddings is huge so whether you would like the spa finish, textured finish or the patented brick or stone effect (Cotswold and Pennine) finishes. Besides that there is the all new Garaclad PVCu textured, double featheredge finish which give a whole new look to a garage.

Yorkshire Based Concrete Garages Principles

The massive investment in plant and machinery ensures that the latest and most up date technology is used in all the concrete garages which are produced. Being from Yorkshire they take particular pride in their products and refuse to cut corners. In their view there is only one way to make concrete garages and that is the right way i.e made from the best and long lasting materials and at the very best price. This does not mean making cheap concrete garages but garages which are made at the very best price. The background in engineering is the backbone behind their claim their concrete garages are very sturdy and made to last.

Concrete Garages with Yorkshire Styled Service and Backup

Lidget Compton concrete garages are proud of their reputation for top class level of customer service. Their range of garages have the benefit of being the most flexible in choices of designs. The concrete garages brochure and pricing methods sets out to make the choosing of one to suit YOU as easy as possible and above all transparent. However 1st Choice Leisure Buildings will be delighted to guide you through the options to ensure your new concrete garage will meet your needs. They will then manufacture your garage and then deliver and assemble it in your garden which provides a seam less level of service which is unsurpassed by their rivals.

Lidget Compton Concrete Garages Display Sites

Lidget Compton strives to provide the best experience for when you are considering buying a concrete garage and have set up garage display sites with trained agents to make this easier for you. At these sites you can see their concrete garages in situ and which show a number of options which will give you a very good idea of what you can expect. These concrete garage display sites and usually open most normal days for viewing. You can also expect to see advisors on site but it's always advisable to call before hand if you would like to ensure will be on site to go through the options. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings can often advise on obtaining a suitable base for your new garage and will provide the correct information for any builders.

Delivery of Lidstone Compton Concrete Garages

Concrete garages by their very nature are very heavy, certainly in the case of Lidget Compton, as well as bulky. So large lorries are employed to deliver these garages around the country (mainland only). These specialised lorries, at great expense, come with special lorry mounted fork lifts which ensures a safe a secure passage for your concrete garage into your home. This equipment ensure there is no damage to your property, the garage or the installers. Delivery time can vary depending on the time of the year but there is sometimes available a fast track delivery service if your needs are urgent.

Concrete Garages Installation and Assembly

Lidget Compton believes in using their own members of staff to install their concrete garages as this ensure the very best service. These assembly teams are responsible for loading the concrete garages onto their lorry and then deliver them to your home before unloading the garage and installing it at your home. This policy ensure continuity in the service offered. After the job is completed a questionnaire will be given to the new garage owners inviting them to comment on the product and the service offered. This happens on every single concrete garage installation and enable Lidget Compton to monitor the quality of service offered to their customers.

Concrete Garages Tips and Advice Freely Available

Within the Lidstone Compton garage brochure and in their price guide and on their website there are loads of tips about choosing, using and owning a concrete garage. Over the many years that Lidget Compton has been trading they have accumulated many ideas in connection with concrete garages, some seem obvious but many are not so it's well worth taking a look. It may be that you think of something unasked then please ask. As they say the only stupid question is the unasked question i.e no question is too silly. Please feel free to ask questions before, during and after buying a new concrete garage.

Lidget Compton Concrete Garages Superb 10 Year Warranty

It goes without saying that when investing in a new concrete garage you expect a very long life from it and this is what the range of concrete garages from Lidget Compton offers. They back this up with a 10 year long structural guarantee which provides peace of mind that your new garage has been built correctly with top quality materials to ensure a very long life This written warranty ensure the money you spend is well protected and that it's backed up with a company with a national reputation. Also, unusually, this warranty is transferable to a new owner if you ever sell your house and will this reassurance will add to the value of your house at that time.

Why Buy Lidget Compton? Because it the Best Concrete Garage

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