Wooden Garden Sheds for Sale

Why Choose Wooden Garden Sheds ?
Why Choose Wooden Garden Sheds ?
Why choose wooden garden sheds?

Wooden garden sheds are a popular option among homeowners looking for outdoor storage. Unlike metal buildings or plastic ones, wooden sheds have a natural aesthetic appeal which helps them to blend in with their surroundings.

As an ideal storage solution for anyone in need of extra space, wooden garden sheds can be used to keep a variety of tools and belongings secure, from garden implements and equipment to bikes and possessions which do not fit in the home.

What are the advantages of wooden garden sheds?

Wooden sheds are typically more aesthetically-pleasing their man-made material counterparts and, as such, can often become an ornamental part of the garden in addition to their function as storage.

Another advantage is that they are easily modifiable - owners will find it much easier to add useful extras such as windows and shelving to sheds made from wood rather than those made from metal or plastic.

And because they are easier to adapt, they also lend themselves to a greater variety of uses. A shed equipped with a window and power can easily be turned into a home office, or a quiet place to indulge in hobbies and crafts.

Similarly, wooden garden buildings can also be a handy place for the children to play - and a space which they can make their own without parents having to worry about unwelcome mess or alterations in the home.

Re-staining and re-varnishing are further benefits of wooden garden sheds, allowing owners to create new looks or just to freshen up their current appearance. Bright colours can be chosen if you are looking to make a statement - or perhaps when you are creating a space for a child.

What will I need to do to take care of wooden garden sheds?

Caring for wooden garden sheds largely boils down to treating the wood to ensure it remains strong and resistant to weather damage.

Wood treatments need to be applied with particular care around windows and doors to prevent problems such as termites or wood worm, while also ensuring that moisture is kept out.

Other steps to maintain these buildingsinclude re-staining and re-varnishing - both of which help to extend the life of the material by preventing damage from moisture.

Meanwhile, you can also try to place wooden garden sheds in shady areas, which can slow down the aging effect of too much sun.

Wooden garden sheds from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

At 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, we offer a wide range of wooden garden sheds which are perfect for solving all kinds of storage problems - and many of which are erected for you free of charge.

Our sheds are of the highest quality and can be used for a variety of things, be they for simple storage or something more creative, such as a home office.

Our Diamond Woodgate Transverse Storage Shed comes with an attractive optional Georgian door and glass windows. Available in a variety of sizes, you can be sure yours will fit your garden perfectly.

Getting your garden shed could not be easier with us. To find out more, simply fill in the quick form on our website or call 01932 880864 to speak to an adviser.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products so you can be certain that when you buy your wooden buildings with us your details will be secure.

Buying Advice
Buying Advice


Buying garden buildings has never been easier

Anyone interested in buying a garden building for their home - whether they want somewhere to store their leisure equipment or gardening supplies - will find a large range on offer at 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. There is a wide selection of buildings on offer for any leisure or outdoor space, from potting sheds ideally suited for small backyards, to heavy duty workshops that can be used by professionals. As well as garden sheds and workshops, 1st Choice also sells greenhouses, summer houses, log cabins, garages and even wood-built home offices that can be set up in a garden.

Can I view the garden sheds before I buy?

Part of the appeal of buying products such as sheds online is the undeniable ease with which internet transactions can be completed. A few clicks are all it takes to have quality garden bases or garden outhouses en route to your home or business. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you're getting when buying things from the web. Most online retailers offer no way to actually see their sheds before you place an order, but 1st Choice has set up a special garden shed display site at Sutton Green Garden Nursery in Guildford, Surrey to overcome this problem.

Platinum, Sapphire, Diamond and Humber Garden Sheds

From this site, visitors will be able to spend time perusing the retailer's extensive catalogue of timber sheds, which includes Platinum pressure-treated heavy duty workshops, as well as Diamond, Sapphire and Humber ranges. 1st Choice has been involved in the manufacture and retailing of garden buildings for more than 35 Years and follows an ethos that puts quality first; meaning that it only does business with manufacturers whose garden sheds and outdoor buildings it is proud to endorse.

All of the products that are sold through the website, including its cheap and inexpensive garden tool sheds, are made from quality materials and are built to last. The garden building display centre also shows off the company's selection of garden sheds, summer buildings and heavy duty workshops.

Should I go for timber, plastic or metal garden sheds?

Another important consideration for buyers of sheds to consider is the material from which their outdoor buildings are made. There are timber, plastic and metal buildings on offer, all with their own advantages, and which one is right for you is dependent largely on your needs. For instance, anyone wishing to store high-value or dangerous equipment may benefit from the added security provided by an SafeStore metal shed made from extra thick Galvatite steel.

1st Choice for Garden Buildings, Small Sheds, Workshops and Wooden Garden Storage Solutions

Wooden Storage Pluses
Wooden Storage Pluses

Brief Timeline of Garden Sheds?

Garden sheds are a British institution and have been for many years. Even before the 2nd world war sheds in the garden were popular with the nation and many gardeners 'dug for victory' during that time. Since then they have played a large role in the hearts of the country and there are very few gardens which don't have a garden shed of some sort. Whether it's a small one for our modern day houses or a large garden workshop for the more affluent homes you will find these sheds are very well used.

You will find that houses built from the 1930's to the 1950's have substantial gardens so this is where the larger garden workshops are found. However, as we got into the late 60's and through to the 90's you will find that they have got a little smaller due to the smaller gardens. After the housing bubble burst in the 90's you will find that new houses tend to have small gardens so only the smallest ones would fit the bill.

What Is A Garden Shed?

In essence garden sheds are normally a single storey building and are used in the garden or, quite often, on allotments. The size of the building varies depending on the usage, the needs and , more importantly, the available space for them. In all instance all the garden sheds in use play a useful role in the day to day life of the UK. The sheer versatility is helped by the many different designs which are available. So from very basic garden sheds, in its simplest form, to high end garden workshops suitable for multitasking within the family you will find the garden shed will suit.

Essentially these buildings consist of an internal frame onto which a cladding is secured which made the sheds waterproof to the elements. The roof would normally be either apex (gable or V'shaped) or pent (single or mono pitched) although some garden sheds, usually in the higher price bracket can sometimes have a hip roof like on a house. These are quite striking on a garden shed but the price can put a lot of people off. The reason for the price is the complexity of manufacture.

What Materials are Garden Sheds Supplied In?

These buildings can come in a variety of materials such as wood, timber, metal, steel, plastic or concrete. Often the choice of materials used for garden sheds tends to be personal preferences but different claddings have different pros and cons. Timber or wooden buildings tend to be the most popular due to the natural feel they give to the home owner. They feel very strong but one of the downsides of these types of garden sheds is that they need treating to maintain a long life. However, you will find that tanalised, or pressure treated, garden sheds won't require treating, normally for about 15 years so are very popular.

Metal or steel garden sheds are normally made from galvanised steel which would have a long guarantee against rusting so there is no treating of these sheds required. Beware of metal buildings which are only 'electro-plated' rather that 'hot dipped galvanised' as this treatment won't last as long. Plastic sheds won't rust so are a viable proposition for the garden shed owner who does not want any maintenance issues. However these garden sheds can look a little bland but do serve their purpose in the garden very well.

Concrete sheds are the 'bruisers' of the garden shed world. Being made from solid concrete these don't need any maintenance to speak off as they will brush aside easily everything that the weather throws at it. One of the downsides of these concrete garden sheds is the limitation in sizes available and, to some people, they can seem a little utilitarian. Other than these garden buildings are a preferred choice for some garden owners.

Feefo Independent Feedback & Reviews

  • DIAMOND12-7 - They were very helpful and offered a good service. Very happy with the price and quality of the product. It is well constructed. Would recommend.
  • DIAMOND18-8 - Very good
  • DIAMOND5-4 - Excellent service. No fuss and everything done on time. Perfect.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - I was very pleased with the service provided by the company and was impressed that your fitters took less than half an hour to assemble my shed. There was no resulting mess or untidiness and the fitters were friendly and courteous. Having had the shed for four months so far I am still very satisfied with it.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - I've bought 4 sheds and every one is excellent. I had the best service I've had in ages. Always polite and always courteous. Everything was exactly what I ordered, delivered as promised and assembled in a very professional manner by experienced, friendly people.
  • DIAMOND10-6 - Excellent service and got exactly what I ordered good price for a quality item. Sturdy and well made item. I would particularly compliment the 2 guys who put it up, great job many thanks!
  • DIAMOND10-6 - Prompt delivery and good communication. Good quality shed and the fitter went out of his way to put it up and called to let me know about an uneven base and usually meant it would not be put up. I REALLY appreciated that.
  • DIAMOND10-6 - Very good service. Very good shed.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - Very polite when doing business with them. Very sturdy and neat shed. Perfect for my needs
  • DIAMOND6-4 - The wait was shorter than I had been warned it might be. (My order was at peak time.) The contractor 1st Choice recommended for the base, and the workmen who put up the actual shed, arrived when they said they would, were polite and friendly and did a good job. So far, standing up well to the weather. Only been a few months. So don't know about longer term resilience yet.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - good communication no issues. Good quality construction - didnt disappoint.
  • DIAMOND6-4 - Great service from start to finish - they gave helpful advice over the phone which allowed me to find the right shed for what I needed and also helped arrange for a base to be fitted. Good quality shed delivered and erected very quickly and efficiently
  • DIAMOND6-4 - Very Good quality shed, delivered on time and erected in pouring rain by very cheerful fitters, very happy! Well made, erected by professionals, attractive to look at and very secure, what more could you ask?
  • DIAMOND6-6 - Efficient, friendly, excellent service. Well built, well erected, no problems!
  • DIAMOND8-5 - So Helpful, Brill
  • DIAMOND8-5 - Excellent, Good
  • DIAMOND8-6 - The delivery was on time and the persoel polite and efficient.
  • DIAMOND8-6 - Excellent service from start to finish. I was kept informed of the order status. It was delivered as planned and put up efficiently. The lads were polite and helpful. Very good quality. I was a bit dubious about purchasing online but a client recommended them - I'm glad she did!
  • DIAMOND8-6 - Very good communications, all worked well. Minor niggle, construction nails misaligned, count of 15 otherwise a very good product.
  • DIAMOND8-6 - Absolutely nothing bad to say about them. All worked just how you'd like bit too. Does exactly what it needs to, well constructed and looks good.
  • DIAMOND9-4 - A very good service, on time and assembled competently on site.
  • DIAMOND11-7 - Quick delivery good communication, best price. Everything is good/great except the door which i do not feel is very secure at all. the lock just touches the frame of the door so anyone could give it a good shove and gain access to the shed.

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