Garden Rooms & Offices for Sale.

Insulated Garden Rooms & Contemporary Garden Offices

Insulated Garden Rooms & Contemporary Garden Offices

Buying Garden Offices To Work At Home Has Never Been Easier.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings Offices A Family Business Established In 1979 Always Striving To Be The Best.

Wooden Contemporary Apex Garden Rooms
Contemporary Insulated Garden Offices
Full Length Windows
Contemporary Modern Style
Attractive Roof Overhang
Free Assembly of Wooden Rooms

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Wooden Contemporary Pent Garden Rooms
Contemporary Insulated Garden Offices
Full Length Windows
Contemporary Style
Attractive Modern Look
Free Assembly of Garden Office

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Buckingham Corner Summer Houses
Platinum Buckingham Corner Building
Stylish Smart Georgian Design
Modern Corner Summer House
Free Installation of Building
Strong Toughened Glass

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Why Choose Insulated Garden Offices In The UK?

An office is used traditionally through the warmer months and then, if not insulated, as a storage place throughout the winter. Well - how about being able to use it all year round? With a little thought and a small investment and getting it insulated you can use this wonderful building all year round. Your children could be out from under your feet and they can use it as their own den with their computer games, music or chilling with their friends. The 'bread winners' of the house could use it as a 'man cave' or 'she den' for their own hobbies or pastimes. Or a garden room complete with insulation could be used as an home office based business and, in this instance, the cost would be tax deductible which is a 'win win' for you.

Timber Exton Contemporary Pent Garden Rooms
Exton Insulated Garden Offices
Attractive Reverse Roof Overhang
Stylish & Functional Modern Garden Room
Fully Vented Timber Roof Design
Length Toughened Glass

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Timber Ketton Modern Garden Office
Ketton Insulated Garden Offices
Modern Office Style
View NOW at Our Display Site
Light Flows Into Office
Attractive Design

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Outdoor Wooden Brighton Home Office
Brighton Insulated Garden Rooms
Optional Smart Bow Windows
Line & Insulated Option
Toughened Modern Glass
Free Assembly of Brighton Offices

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Can I Insulate My Garden Room After Delivery?

It's reasonably easy to add insulation to a garden building if you have semi-reasonable DIY skills. Normally, you would need to buy fibreglass insulation, purpose made material or polystyrene and then cut this to size and fit it in between the internal timbers. The fibreglass insulation will need tacking into place to stop it moving before you fix the inner skin which could be plywood, hardboard (which you can get with an attractive veneer on it) or even T&G boarding. This is reasonably easy for the walls but the roof can be a little tricky as you have to put the insulation into place, but you have gravity working against you, making fitting the inner skin fiddly. You would, ideally, need 2 or 3 people to do the roof. After you have completed that it would also be a good idea to use cover strips over the joins to finish it off.

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Wittering Timber Garden Room
Wittering Insulated Garden Rooms
Attractive Design
Wooden Georgian Office Style
Full Length Doors & Windows
Garden Offices UK Display Site

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Diamond Bolney Timber Garden Office
Bolney Insulated Garden Offices
Georgian Style Office
Made To Suit YOU & Your Needs
Free Assembly of Timber Garden Rooms
On Display at Our Display Site

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Diamond Washington Timber Garden Room
Washington Insulated Garden Offices
Large Range of Sizes
Fully Bespoke Garden Rooms
Insulation Options
Traditional Smart Office Design

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What Other Options Do I Have?

On all our outbuildings and garden rooms we are able to offer a full range of insulation options. On all of the Platinum and Diamond buildings they can have their roof and walls lined and then insulated enabling you to benefit from all year round use. We normally use a Kingspan quality insulation which is a solid composition with foil backing. There is a range of different internal linings. Before finishing the building will have internal trims fitted ensuring a delightful finish. With a choice of internal cladding you can choose one to suit you. Click through to the Diamond or Platinum buildings below for more costs.

Guildford, Surrey Display Site
MORE Home Offices Photos Here
Insulated Garden Office Option

Will These Outbuildings Be Warm In The Winter?

If your wooden out building is insulated either by yourself or through our service then it will be nearly as warm as inside your house. Like your house during the colder spells you will have to have some form of heating inside. Ideally, an electric radiator, but never a Calor gas heater. These types of heaters give off a lot of moisture and can make the building damp as well as being a fire risk. Avoid at all costs!

Besides keeping your new garden room warm in the winter it will help to keep it cooler in the summer. And this is something which not many people think about. And to be honest I never used to think about that but on our display site, near Guildford, we had a normal uninsulated building next to an insulated one and I was checking them over. When I went from the insulated into the uninsulated one I could not believe the difference in temperature. I had to go back into the one with insulation to double check, so well worth doing.

Diamond Worthing Corner Garden Building
Worthing Insulated Garden Rooms
Corner Design
Georgian Style Windows
Several Office Sizes
Free Assembly of Corner Offices

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Diamond Sun Rooms
Potting Insulated Garden Offices
Toughened Glass
Natural Light Pours In
Large Range of Modern Room Sizes
Garden Sun Rooms Erected Free

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Platinum Insulated Garden Buildings
Studio Insulated Garden Offices
Georgian Style
Fully Bespoke to Suit YOU
Large Range of Office Sizes
Garden Offices Assembled Free

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How Much Will An Office With Insulation Cost?

All of our Platinum and Diamond timber buildings pages have links to the prices for each range and on the order form, on each page, you will see the cost for that particular model. On some there is even an option to insulate the floor or to add electrics for even better protection from the elements. One of the questions is whether you can afford it. Well, if you would like to use your new office all year round in the garden then it's worth working out what this all year round use is worth to you. To be able to have an all year round office or hobby room is a great asset and a little piece of calm away from our mad world.

Click Through Using The Images To Find All Of Our Garden Buildings With Insulation With Links Through To Prices.

Can I Receive A Personal Quote?

We are, of course, very happy to supply you with a firm quote to meet your needs.
Just call us on (0333) 800 8880, use our contact form or visit our display sites near Woking and Farnham.

If you click on 'search for garden offices near me' and whether it's contemporary, insulated, corner, large or small - or garden rooms, garden studios for your home - and whether it's working from home, or for using it for a recreation area or hobby room then you find will find a large range on offer on our 1st Choice Leisure Buildings web site. We can make fully bespoke garden rooms for your needs if the standard models don't suit. All buildings erected free of charge so why settle for anything less? Come and view for yourself at our Surrey show rooms.

Contemporary and Ketton Wooden Garden Offices

Contemporary and Ketton Wooden Garden Offices

'Platinum' Contemporary Garden Offices
Platinum Contemporary Sunroom
Platinum Stamford Timber Summer Buildings
Guildford, Surrey Display Site
MORE Platinum Offices Photos Here
Insulated Garden Office Option

The Platinum Contemporary Garden Offices is a very attractive modern office for the garden. With its full length glazed windows and doors it's easy to visualise working from home is this room for your garden. Add in the optional insulation to help keep you warm in winter. Installed free of charge

Stylish roof overhang included as standard on these garden offices. If you are looking for bespoke garden offices then the Platinum Contemporary can fit the bill. and offered in pressure treated redwood deal to suit your requirements. Not currently on display but other Platinum garden rooms are available for inspection.

'Platinum' Ketton Outdoor Offices
Platinum Ketton Modern Sunroom
Platinum Stamford Timber Summer Buildings
Guildford, Surrey Display Site
MORE Platinum Offices Photos Here
Insulated Garden Office Option

These Platinum Ketton Garden Rooms are modern looking buildings which is enhanced by the large amount of glass which allows natural light to flood into the building. This makes it a delight to work inside it all year round when you add in the lining and insulation pack.

These offices are installed free of charge to save you your time and trouble. Available in a range of sizes as well as bespoke sizes to suit you and your garden. Made in pressure treated timber with expected 15 years protection against rotting. Similar buildings available to be viewed near Guildford Surrey so you can make judgment on them.

Exton, Brighton & Wittering Garden Houses For Sale

Exton, Brighton & Wittering Garden Houses For Sale

'Platinum' Exton Outdoor Offices
Platinum Exton Contemporary Modern Sunroom
Exton Insulated Garden Room
Guildford, Surrey Display Site
MORE Platinum Offices Photos Here
Insulated Garden Office Option

The Platinum Exton Modern Garden Room is a delightful looking building with sleek modern looks. The long panes of glass (toughened safety, of course) makes this office very light and airy as well as being a pleasure to be in. By adding the double glazing and optional insulation pack you can be sure you will be comfortable all year.

The unusual and attractive reverse roof overhang adds to its appearance as well as providing a little protection from the rain as you go in and out. This Exton garden office includes FREE installation as standard. It also comes with a pressure treatment against rotting for up to 15 year to give you peace of mind. Available to be viewed at our garden room display site.

'Diamond' Brighton Garden Offices
Diamond Georgian Sunroom
Brighton Insulated Garden Room
Guildford, Surrey Display Site
MORE Brighton Offices Photos Here
Insulated Garden Office Option

These Diamond Brighton Garden Home Offices are pleasing to the eye with the wide expanse of windows. The optional bay window adding a lovely feature to this building. Superb height inside and offering a full insulation option to meet your needs. Made from quality redwood deal for long life and assembled free.

Many sizes available of bespoke garden offices to suit you. Comes ready treated or can be pressure treated for long life. We don't have this garden office on display but we do have the Waendal & Wittering garden rooms for you to examine for quality and construction of our Diamond buildings at our display site.

'Diamond' Wittering Garden Offices
Diamond Wittering Garden Buildings
Wittering Insulated Garden Room
Guildford, Surrey Display Site
MORE Wittering Offices Photos Here
Insulated Garden Office Option

The stylish Diamond Wittering Garden Room allows light to flood in with its vast amount of office windows. The Georgian style doors and windows go right down to the ground. To make it into a summer house & garden home office - add in a veranda for sitting out on when you take a break from working at home.

These bespoke garden offices are available in most sizes to fit most garden. Add in the insulation pack or get free DIY advice to save you money. Spirit based timber and, of course, these garden offices are assembled free of charge. View at our Woking garden room display site.

Bolney, Washington Wooden Garden Office Buildings

Bolney, Washington Wooden Garden Office Buildings

'Diamond' Bolney Home Offices

The Bolney Garden Sun Room makes a superb garden office & the Georgian windows makes it looks special. The double Georgian doors allow ample access into the building and these garden rooms can be made bespoke to suit your needs. Made from treated redwood deal or optional long life pressure treatment.

With the addition of the insulation these buildings will make ideal rooms from working from home. Alternatively we can provide advice how to insulate the office your self. No extra charge for assembly and available to view at our Woking Garden Rooms display site. Don't buy a garden office without viewing.

'Diamond' Washington Classic Offices

The Washington Garden Room looks more like a traditional home office with its understated windows and doors. Complete with double doors and opening windows the light can flow in allowing you to work from home in peace. Lining & insulation option to ensure you stay warm in the winter.

Made from superb redwood deal on strong framing and treated with a spirit base treatment which will help to keep you new garden office looking good. No extra charge for assembly. Normally on view at our Woking Garden Rooms display site so you can see before buying. Don't risk buying a garden office from a leaflet.

Worthing Corner & Timber Garden Rooms UK

Worthing Corner & Timber Garden Rooms UK

'Diamond' Worthing Corner Offices

The Worthing Corner Garden Office is the ideal home office for the smaller garden as it can be located in a corner. With its attractive Georgian doors and opening window you will want to get out into it so you can work from home. Whilst you lose a small part of your garden office on the corner section it does fulfill its corner role superbly. Made in long life redwood deal.

Add in the lining & insulation option and this will help to ensure all year round use. No extra charge for fitting of these garden offices.. Whilst not on view you can see examples of other Diamond Garden rooms at our office display site.

'Diamond' Solar Potting Offices

It may seem a little strange to consider a solar potting shed as a home garden office but one of the main requirements for an office is to have plenty of light and the potting shed does have that. There even an option to have a half glass roof which will enable even more light to floor in.

The only down side with having a potting shed with a half glass roof is that only half of the roof can be insulated. If you can get round that then it maybe worth doing some 'blue sky thinking' (terrible, I know). Even if you are not looking to use this as a garden office it could make a great artist's studio, or any crafting hobby, with all the natural light.

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