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Now is the time to pick up an ex-display building during our annual sale. Take a look here
1st Choice - Known For Quality - Loved For Design
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Now is the time to pick up an ex-display building during our annual sale. Take a look here

If you are accused of being thick it is normally an insult, however, in the case of garden sheds the thicker the better. 1st Choice, with their 39 years of experience, know that the key to a shed which will last the test of time is to have a very thick framework (effectively the skeleton of the shed) This frame has to take the weight of the cladding, it also has to stand up again the strong winds and the weight of the snow during our more seasonal winters.

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Many of the cheaper sheds think that 1″ x 1″ is strong enough, just take a look at a ruler and see how small that is. If you can get a piece of timber this small see how easy this bends and breaks. Does this fill you with confidence? Well, it shouldn’t. You are spending a decent chunk of money, even for these cheap sheds, and you want your precious lawn mover, and garden tools etc to be protected from damage, so you need to do your homework.

On all 1st Choice Garden Sheds and workshops they utilise 2″ x 2″ (47 x47mm) as a minimum. This is four (4) times thicker, at least, over these cheap sheds. To a certain degree their sheds are over-engineered, however, the important thing is that their sheds will last 25 – 30 years with a minimum of maintenance. The cheap sheds may do a job for 2-3 years. If this short time frame is OK for you then it may be worth considering but when you come to sell don’t expect it to have any value to your property.

If you want a shed to be proud of and KNOW it will last and add value to your property then only consider a shed with a sturdy frame to ensure you are not short-changed and so you know exactly what YOU are buying.

1st Choice’s background, a family business, in timber building manufacturing, which started in 1979, gives them the know-how about the quality of materials which should be used. Their Ethos is ‘Make to a Standard – NOT down to a price’.

Author is Robin Antill - expert in garden buildings Written By Robin - Expert in Garden Buildings For 42 Years.
Hi, I'm Robin Antill, founder of 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, and I use my expertise gained over 42 years in the garden buildings industry to understand that each customer is different. With my manufacturing, retailing and customer service experience my articles help people choose their ideal shed, garden workshop, summerhouse, log cabin or garden office needs to suit their requirement and that is key to satisfaction. And what do I do when I'm not writing? You may find me following Grimsby Town Football Club or riding roller coasters - so plenty of 'ups and downs' in my life.

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