Puttenham Log Cabin
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Enjoy these Puttenham Cabins With Your Family in Your Garden
Why You Should Choose This Puttenham Wood Cabin for Your Family. The addition of a cabin is a popular choice for the garden as it’s has a very strong natural appearance. These criteria is fulfilled by the Puttenham cabins in the UK. It also has a very modern look to it with its ¾ deep glass double doors and two double opening windows.

The overhanging roof style helps to set it aside from your ‘run of the mill’ normal cabins and is particularly pleasing to the eye. And these cabin kits have a great number of uses. Whether you use it as a leisure room. hobby room, a summer room, fitness area, recreation room, play area or den for the children you will find this great building will deliver. The key to this is the great design and is very adaptable.

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