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If you are looking for quality, large, big & the best wooden garden sheds for sale, then we have a large range to suit your needs. And all can be made to suit your requirements in size and design. Not only that we have UK show rooms, near Woking, Guildford & Farnham Surrey, where you can see examples for your self and inspect the quality, sizes and styles. We are open seven days a week for your convenience. Most sheds delivered & installed FREE. Take the opportunity to browse our range of buildings online & then come down to see us, a family business started in 1979.

Surrey Display Site Show Rooms
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Insulation Option on Many Buildings

How To Choose Your New Quality Garden Building For Your Home

If you buying a wooden shed or outdoor storage building, you have a large range of companies to choose from, offering a very large range of pricing and quality, HOWEVER, you need to know that the building is built to last. Many companies offer their buildings WITHOUT the option to view, so until the it arrives you have no idea of how good or BAD your purchase is. We have shed show rooms where you can see the QUALITY Diamond, Platinum and Sapphire garden storage ready made sheds and some Safestore UK Secure Steel Sheds in situ for YOUR INSPECTION. You can then make your mind up by physically examining them BEFORE you make that decision. If any company is not prepared to let you see their product beforehand then you need to be CAREFUL. We recommend you VIEW beforehand if possible so visit our wooden sheds for sale UK display site. We are confident and happy to display our products before you spend a penny of your hard earned money. The other BONUS is that we will ASSEMBLE these timber garden buildings for you FREE of charge.

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STOP And Think BEFORE Buying Your New Shiny Garden Building - What you should ask and check BEFORE buying

1/  Are the buildings you want to buy on display ? 2/  How good is the timber cladding ? 3/  Are the floor and roof SOLID timber - is there any chipboard ? 4/  Can you choose your size and style of shed ? 5/  Are the sheds delivered and installed FREE and delivered FREE ? 6/  How thick is the framework ? 7/  How tall are the buildings, are you a midget ? 8/  What conditions are attached to the guarantee ? 9/  Is the shed made in the UK and is it stockpiled ?

The Answer is YES!! Click For Buying Advice from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Things To Consider Before Committing Yourself

Consider The Following Before Buying A New Outdoor Building

Viewing and Display Sites

Questions often asked on Google is are there any 'garden sheds near me for sale ' or 'shed companies near me'. With almost 80 buildings on show seven days a week including timber, steel, concrete and plastic we positively encourage you to come and inspect the quality of our buildings for yourself by visiting our extensive display centre. Located between Woking and Guildford, in Surrey, we display a selection of products from all of our main ranges. No hiding behind a computer screen with us. Other queries are there any 'sheds to buy near me' or 'shed retailers near me' so it obvious actually seeing a garden storage building is very popular. We will make you feel very welcome.

Timber Cladding And What To Look For

With a large array of different timber cladding to choose from it's important that you make the right choice to ensure the longest life for your new shed. Read About Quality of Timber Which Should Be Used

Your New Shed Roof Is Crucial To Its Life

How well designed the roof is on your new garden building is crucial to its life so you need to pay particular attention to the specifications. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions BEFORE buying. Afterwards is too late. Read About What you MUST Know about Timber Roofs

Your New Building Floor Needs To Be Strong

How well designed and how strong the floor is made is important to the comfort and longevity of your new garden building. Check it out to ensure it will meet your demands. Read About What you MUST know about Wooden Floors

Ensure The Roof Style Will Suit Your Needs

With a choice of roof styles on most garden buildings you need to ensure you understand the differences an the benefits of the different ones. Also which one do YOU like the look of? Read About Range of Styles and Sizes from 1st Choice Garden Buildings

Garden Shed Installation Service - What You Need To Know

Garden storage buildings and stores tend to be quite heavy and can be hard work to build. You may like the challenge of building a shed but, if not, why not select the option of fully assembled sheds delivered to your home. All you need is a solid level base and a chair to relax in whilst we take the strain with our free garden delivery and assembly service allowing our shed fitters to do the hard work - how good is that? Why not have your garden sheds built on site. Read About Delivery and Assembly Options

Important To Know About Windows And Glass

With the choice of windows and their construction as well as the type of material used in them it's important to ensure you know what you are getting. Don't risk being 'short changed' with a cheap option, check it out before buying your new timber store. Read About Glass and Windows

If You Are Not From Lilliput Then Be Wary About Your New Building

Over the years the human race has been getting taller and taller but no one bothered to tell some shed companies. They still make them for 'vertically challenged' people which might save a few pounds but is not so good for your head as you go in and out your new outdoor unit. Not from Lilliput ?? Then Read About Height and Doors

THOSE Wonderful Extra Long Guarantees Being Offered

Many garden buildings shout from the hills about their extra long guarantees and warranties on their range of products HOWEVER they are not all what they seem. With VERY strict conditions which must be adhered to ensure the guarantee can be seem to be worthless. In fact we are happy to match any of these guarantees with the same conditions but would not insult your intelligence by doing so.

Guide to Buying Timber Workshops or Large Sheds UK Made

Main Things To Check Before Buying

If you are looking for quality wood sheds in the UK then there are many things to consider to ensure your don't waste your money. With many cheap sheds on the market you may be tempted to think these will fulfil your needs but it you intend to use your new purchase for many years this can be a false economy. The main thing to look at is the thickness of the shed framing (effectively the skeleton of the shed). You will find that the cheap garden storage buildings often only have framing only 28mm x 28mm (that is only 1" x 1"). Take a look on a ruler and see how small that is. Then try to imagine that this very thin timber has to hold the weight of the cladding, and the roof and felt, although the roof is very thin as well. Then try to imagine a layer of snow on the roof (it does happen) and think how much extra weight this puts on the shed, does this give you confidence that the timbers are strong enough, is yes, then keep your fingers crossed. The ideal minimum thickness for the framing should be 50 x 50mm (2" x 2") which is about four (4) times thicker than you see on these cheap buildings. With this thickness your new garden hut will withstand everything our British weather will throw at it.

Be Frightened -Very Frightened - If OSB Sheet Material Is Used

The next most important thing is to ensure that the building is made from proper timber, chipboard and OSB board is not really suitable for outdoor use where there is a chance they will get wet (Right !! England and wet weather go together like Wimbledon and Strawberries) OSB board can be adequate in certain circumstances however if any of the board is cut (which nearly always has to be to meet the size of the building) then this removes the special waterproof paint which had been applied to the edges. The cut edges of the floor and roof is then prone to swelling when it gets wet and then that is the beginning of the end of the roof and floor.

With the roof you have to cover it with the roofing felt - how do you do that - you put clout head nails through the roofing felt into the OSB boards which again - potentially if you do not align the nails correctly - allows water to get into the OSB board. When this happens you can expect the roof to shows signs of letting in water and disintegrating. Chipboard is by its name made from wood chips stuck together - which is fine for kitchen and bedroom cabinets covered in melamine and used indoors- but it is NO USE whatsoever in a shed.

Also notice that companies offering chipboard or OSB boards describe them as solid sheet materials as they are too embarrassed to tell you the truth. They also do not offer any guarantees on these chipboard and OSB boarded floor as they KNOW they won't last the minute they get wet.

Why Should You Listen To Our Advice?

How Qualified Are We To Offer This Advice?

We, being a family business, have been involved in the manufacture of quality garden buildings for sale since 1979 when Robin started his first production unit. Craig, Robin's son, joined in 1990 and trained at Guildford College in joinery. And for over 20 years we ran one of the largest UK shed companies in the south of England and made the conscious decision to only deal with quality materials which we knew would last the test of time. This ethos probably comes from our upbringing. Robin's father and grandfather were Master Butchers in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire and Quality and Customer Service was always the keyword behind their businesses.

Craig is a key member of the business and is helping 1st Choice to embrace the challenges of the 21st century. And with his two children, Daniel and Rebecca, the future looks very promising. So as you can see we are not just sales people selling a range of products who know nothing of little about the products but have the history behind us to ensure that when you choose '1st Choice' then you know your building actually will be '1st Choice.

How To Choose Which Timber Sheds ?

Should I Choose Timber, Metal, Plastic or Concrete?

Wooden sheds are a popular option among homeowners looking for outdoor garden storage. Unlike metal buildings or plastic ones, timber sheds have a natural aesthetic appeal which helps them to blend in with their surroundings. As an ideal storage solution for anyone in need of extra space, wooden storage sheds can be used to keep a variety of tools and belongings secure, from garden implements and equipment to bikes and possessions which do not fit in the home.

What Are The Advantages Of Wooden Buildings?

Timber sheds, whether they are big small or large, are typically more aesthetically-pleasing than their man-made material counterparts provided you steer clear of cheap sheds with inferior materials and, as such, can often become an ornamental part of the garden in addition to their function as storage. Another advantage is that they are easily modifiable - owners will find it much easier to add useful extras such as windows and shelving to sheds made from wood rather than those made from metal or plastic. And because they are easier to adapt, they also lend themselves to a greater variety of uses. A shed equipped with a window and power can easily be turned into a home office, or a quiet place to indulge in hobbies and crafts. Similarly, wooden garden buildings for sale available can also be a handy place for the children to play - and a space which they can make their own without parents having to worry about unwelcome mess or alterations in the home. Re-staining and re-varnishing are further benefits of wooden garden huts, allowing owners to create new looks or just to freshen up their current appearance. Bright colours can be chosen if you are looking to make a statement - or perhaps when you are creating a space for a child.

What Will I Need To Do To Take Care Of Wooden Sheds?

Caring for timber sheds largely boils down to treating the wood to ensure it remains strong and resistant to weather damage. Wood treatments need to be applied with particular care around windows and doors to prevent problems such as termites or wood worm, while also ensuring that moisture is kept out. Other steps to maintain these buildings include re-staining and re-varnishing - both of which help to extend the life of the material by preventing damage from moisture. Meanwhile, you can also try to place wooden buildings in shady areas, which can slow down the aging effect of too much sun.

Wooden Garden Buildings From 1st Choice Leisure

At 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, we offer a wide range of wooden storage units which are perfect for solving all kinds of storage problems - and many of which are erected for you free of charge. Our sheds are of the highest quality and can be used for a variety of things, be they for simple storage or something more creative, such as a home office. Our Diamond Woodgate Transverse Storage Shed comes with an attractive optional Georgian door and glass windows. Our timber sheds are available in a variety of sizes, you can be sure yours will fit your garden perfectly. Getting your new building could not be easier with us. To find out more, simply fill in the quick form on our website or call 01932 880864 to speak to an adviser. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products so you can be certain that when you buy from us your details will be secure. Add in the benefit of free delivery and installation (in most areas) and you can see why you should choose '1st Choice'.

1st Choice for Garden Huts, Small Sheds, Workshops and Wooden Buildings For Sale

STOP And Think BEFORE Buying Wooden Sheds For Your Home

Buying Garden Buildings Has Never Been Easier

Anyone interested in buying a garden building for their home - whether they want somewhere to store their leisure equipment or gardening supplies - will find a large range on offer at 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. There is a wide selection of buildings on offer for any leisure or outdoor space, from potting sheds ideally suited for small backyards, to heavy duty workshops that can be used by professionals. As well as garden stores and workshops, 1st Choice also sells greenhouses, summer houses, log cabins, garages and even wood-built home offices that can be set up in a garden.

Can I View The Buildings Before I Buy?

Part of the appeal of buying products such as sheds online is the undeniable ease with which internet transactions can be completed. A few clicks are all it takes to have quality buildings or outhouses en route to your home or business. However, it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly what you're getting when buying things from the web. Most online retailers offer no way to actually see their sheds before you place an order, but 1st Choice has set up a special shed display site at Sutton Green Garden Centre in Guildford, Surrey to overcome this problem. So when you ask are there 'garden sheds for sale near me' or 'sheds companies near me' hopefully we will be of service.

Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Garden Huts.

From this site, visitors will be able to spend time perusing the retailer's extensive catalogue of timber sheds, which includes Platinum pressure-treated heavy duty workshops, as well as Diamond and Sapphire ranges. 1st Choice has been involved in the manufacture and have had garden buildings for sale for more than 39 Years and follows an ethos that puts quality first; meaning that it only does business with manufacturers whose sheds and outdoor buildings it is proud to endorse.

All of the products that are sold through the website, including its cheap and inexpensive garden tool sheds, are made from quality materials and are built to last. The garden building display centre also shows off the company's selection of garden storage units, summer buildings and large huts delivered and erected.

Should I Go For Timber, Plastic Or Metal Sheds?

Another important consideration for buyers of sheds to consider is the material from which their outdoor buildings are made. There are timber, plastic and metal buildings on offer, all with their own advantages, and which one is right for you is dependent largely on your needs. For instance, anyone wishing to store high-value or dangerous equipment may benefit from the added security provided by an SafeStore metal shed made from extra thick Galvatite steel. Try searching for big sheds for sale uk and you will get a good choice to choose from.

1st Choice for Outdoor Buildings, Small Sheds, Workshops and Wooden Garden Storage Solutions

What Other Outdoor Buildings Companies Don't Want You To Know

How Do You Make The Right Choice?

When looking for wooden sheds it appears very straight forward to buying a garden shed - just click on the 'internet' find the size shed you want and then look for the best price. Easy YES? Well not really as there is such array of garden buildings available from the 'cheap and nasty' right up to ones which would feel at home at Hampton Court Palace. So you need to do your home work to ensure you buy the right one for YOUR needs.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings

- ONLY Sell Sheds Made to Very High Standards

Buy From An Established Business

By choosing to buy from an established business you can be sure that they have a great deal of expertise in the garden buildings industry. Also they have become established by selling the right buildings at the right price and, most importantly, have been listening to their customers. By choosing a business which actually have a fixed 'brick and mortar' address' you can be sure there is somewhere to contact them if you need to.

With businesses ONLY on the 'web' they can be 'here and gone tomorrow' (as they say in Winds in the Willows). With a business with a fixed address you will also find you can ACTUALLY talk to someone in the flesh if you choose (as it used to be in the olden days) and not rely on emails (as good as they are) which most web firms expect you to do. Just by typing in 'sheds to buy near me' or 'heavy duty garden sheds to buy near me' or 'garden shed suppliers' will find a local business.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings, a Family Business

- was established in 1979 when they started making sheds. They also have a physical office AND Show site so you can talk to them and view examples of their buildings.

Always View Buildings for Sale Before Buying

The 'web' is a wonderful thing but even with the flashiest of web pages and glossy brochure you can never get a REAL feel for what you are buying. For many items this not a problem but with YOUR new garden shed or building it's important to know that what you getting will meet your expectations. By actually viewing your proposed building you can be sure of the quality and how well constructed it is, you can see how tall it is so you won't bang your head and are the doors and windows made from stern stuff.

This will help you to distinguish from the 'cheap and nasty' sheds made 'down to a price' and which are readily available on the web and the well made, well constructed buildings which are designed to last a long time. The purely 'online' retailers claim that it's good to buy online as you can save money BUT how can you know that you won't end up with that 'cheap and nasty' building. By viewing beforehand you can save yourself from the potential heartache and stress. Always remember that the cheapest price is not always the best.

Visit 1st Choice Leisure Buildings Show Ground

garden buildings UK display area near Woking in Surrey which has about 80 buildings on display. Only about 5 miles from the M25. You will be glad you did.

Do You Want a 'Run of the Mill' Shed or Are Your Special?

There are certain advantages for standard sizes or designs as these can help keep the costs down a little however wouldn't it be good to buy a building to suit YOU and YOUR garden. By doing this you can utilise your garden building to have the best use and to fit in the space that you have got. By talking to a company which can make a garden building in the size and design for you then this is what can happen. It may be a little dearer but this small extra cost can be the difference between 'making do' or being 100% satisfied. Surely that's got to be worth it?

Any Size From 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

- We can make nearly all their garden buildings in 'more or less' and size or design to suit you. Special size not normally a problem. moving doors & windows - not a problem.

Ensure the Timber Used is the Best for YOUR New Building

Again a great deal of money can be saved by selecting cheaper timber such as whitewood which, to a certain degree, is OK'ish for a basic garden shed. It's far better to insist on a redwood deal timber building as this grows far slower than whitewood so the grain is more tightly compacted ensuring a longer life. A little more expensive but a better long term prospect. Whitewood because it grows quickly can be subject to lots of little knots dropping out.

Redwood Timber From 1st Choice Garden Buildings

- Most of our buildings are made predominately with redwood deal timber for longer life.

Beware of Chipboard, Sterling Board, OSB Boards Being Used

You will find that most of the 'cheap sheds' will use chipboard, OSB board or Sterling board on the floors and roofs to save money. In an ideal scenario this would be fine but as soon as any damp gets into these boards (and being outside is nearly unavoidable) they will start to swell and then disintegrate meaning the end of your shiny new shed. These shed companies know this so they try to hide the fact by saying their floors and roofs are made from 'Sheet Materials'. They avoid using the words 'chipboard, osb board etc' as they know there could be problems in the near future.

Solid Timber From 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

- They do NOT use chipboard, OSB board, Sterling board on any of their wooden sheds. On the Diamond Heavy Duty Workshops they use a special water resistant heavy duty boarding on their floor.

Is There A Garden Shed Installation Service?

Garden buildings by their very nature are large and heavy so building them can be a challenge. This may be fine for some people who like a challenge but a company offering sheds delivered and installed service will always be a better option. Not only does it save you a lot of hassle you can be sure it has been assembled correctly.

Installation Options

- 1st Choice Leisure Buildings offer a garden shed delivery and assembly service (and mostly free of charge) to save you time and effort. Not just dumped in your garden.

Are All Panels Fully Pre Made For You?

Surprisingly many of the cheap sheds, besides being made of chipboard etc, are delivered in pieces where you have to build some of the panels yourself. Ludicrous! If you are buying a cheap shed always double check what you are getting. Your new buildings are unlikely to be ready made sheds leaving you with loads to do.

Fully Assembled Buildings

- All our Timber Buildings are delivered in complete sections (and mostly assembled free of charge) to save you time and effort. Not just dumped in your garden.

Where Can I find More Information?

Visit this page for more Garden Buildings Buying Advice You will be pleased that you did. Also visit 1st Choice's UK display site and see for your self. Many garden sheds Surrey built on our show site for you to view.

Make Us Your 1st Choice And Buy Your Garden Buildings Direct Now

1st Choice For Experience

With over thirty nine years experience in the garden & leisure building industry we can easily spot the difference between a good quality garden shed and an exceptional one and we positively refuse to lower our standards. You can find cheaper buildings but you won't find better. All of our partners have been carefully chosen to offer the finest selection of buildings, with the best after-sales service, at the very best prices. So if you are asking Google for 'sheds near me' then we are able to help.

Comprehensive Display Site For Viewing

We believe that it is vital that you are given the opportunity to inspect a building before parting with your so we have established an easily-accessible garden shed UK display site near Guildford in Surrey where you can come and view sixty buildings from all of our main ranges of buildings. You can browse at your leisure without worrying about any high pressure salesmen pouncing on you (not that we would employ that type in any case!). If you need any help then we are there to advise.

Full installation (Erection) Service Included **

Our full range of timber (not log cabins) and concrete buildings will be installed free of charge at the time of delivery providing there is a suitable base. And if there isn't, don't worry, we can build that for you too for a small extra charge. Optional fitting service for log cabins.

Beware of 'Next Day Delivery' When Buying Garden Buildings Direct!

Some companies stockpile buildings outside which can often result in weather and storage damage to these ready made sheds. Each and every one of our timber buildings is individually constructed by craftsmen in our UK factories and delivered direct to your home using our own vehicles. Doing things the right way takes slightly longer, of course, but isn't it worth the wait to get a building which will last?

Design YOUR Dream Building to Suit YOU!

No two gardens are the same so why restrict the building that sits within? Every timber building leaving our UK factories has been individually designed for you. This may seem like a minor difference when comparing us to our production line rivals but it is actually quite a significant one. We're not just talking about a wider door or moving a window: every aspect is fully customisable to your precise requirements. Take a look at our gallery for some examples!

Base Construction Service And Base Building Option

We offer a full base construction service (cost-effective timber subframe, concrete or slab options) to most areas. This is an oft overlooked service which we are proud to offer alongside another important service: site clearance and the removal of existing timber and concrete buildings (we also have contacts for those with Asbestos roofs). So take the opportunity and have your sheds erected with our free garden shed installation service.

Capital Steel Buildings Bespoke Buildings

Capital Steel Buildings announce the best prices on many of their steel garages, steel framed buildings, portal frame buildings, farm buildings and barns. any size and height and in a range of 16 different colours. Optional insulation. FREE Quotes Lowest prices in the UK on these special offer buildings. Fully galvanised structures - No maintenance required - FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE on Articulated Lorries.

Do I Need Planning Permission?

This is a commonly asked question and you will find that most quality heavy duty garden sheds, workshops, summerhouses and log cabins are exempt from most planning limits provided the building is more than 2m away from the boundary or less than 2.5m overall height. You will find this will cover most situations but it's YOUR responsiblity to check for your own location. You can do by calling your local council and asking to speak to the planning officer. This will ensure you won't have any issues afterward. For more detailed advice about the question - Do I Need Planning Permission For A Outdoor Building - Garden Workshop ? - please visit the government web site about planning permission here.

Experts in sheds, workshops, summerhouse, cabins & garden buildings in timber, metal, plastic & concrete. And so much more:

Heavy Duty Workshops, Sheds And Garden Buildings to Suit YOU!

Do you have a problem with storage space ? Is your garden cluttered with tools and kiddies toys ? Is the loft full of old junk ? Do you wish you could get your car into the garage ? We offer a comprehensive range of quality garden & storage sheds in every size including small, medium and large, style and Cladding, timber, metal, steel or maintenance-free PVC. Choose your quality-built UK built garden building from our extensive range and space will never be a problem again. You won't find any cheap sheds only great value garden buildings. Typing in Google sheds for sale near me might help.

Tanalised Workshops

The Platinum range of timber Heavy Duty Workshops and Sheds are produced using high quality pressure treated redwood deal timber on a substantial framework. The roofs are made from the highly rated Onduline roofing. This has an expected 15 years life to the roof giving you long term peace of mind. The superb floor is also pressure treated using Tanalith. You can expect a very long life for your heavy duty workshop and the expected life span using Tanalith pressure treated timber is 15 years plus. Platinum Tanalised Timber Workshops

Industrial Buildings

These units are suitable for a wide range of uses, such as industrial buildings and storage, site huts, large hobby workshops, storage shed or small retail units. They are available in attractive timber, solid concrete, as well as strong, fire-resistant steel and metal. We can say with confidence that you will find the building that suits your requirements from our extensive selection.Light Industrial Buildings

Garden Home Offices

Tired of working for someone else ? Ready to start your own business ? Or perhaps you simply need a bolt hole away from the noise and chaos of the home -- a place to play your favourite computer game or to surf the web ? We have the perfect solution - a made to measure Garden Home Office! Garden Home Offices

Domestic Garages

A garage is an investment. Not only does it enhance the appearance and versatility of your home, it increases its value. It also protects another important investment -- your car. Choose from our wide range of quality concrete garages as well as steel and timber garages in a vast number of sizes from three different manufacturers.Concrete domestic garages

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General Help With UK Shed Planning Permission Advice

Help With Planning Permission For Garden Buildings

If you need help about planning permission take a look at our page about planning requirements for garden storage sheds on our web site or go direct to the Planning Portal Official Site

General Help And Advice for Buildings in the Garden

If you need help and shed buying tips then take a look at our page with advice about buying on our web site or go direct to the Which Garden Shed UK Reviews

Brief Timeline Of Buildings For The Home

Outdoor Buildings Over The Years

These buildings are a British institution and have been for many years. Even before the 2nd world war sheds in the garden were popular with the nation and many gardeners 'dug for victory' during that time. Since then they have played a large role in the hearts of the country and there are very few gardens which don't have a garden storage hut of some sort. Whether it's a small one for our modern day houses or a big garden workshop for the more affluent homes you will find these buildings are very well used.

You will find that houses built from the 1930's to the 1950's have substantial gardens so this is where the larger garden workshops are found. However, as we got into the late 60's and through to the 90's you will find that they have got a little smaller due to the smaller gardens. After the housing bubble burst in the 90's you will find that new houses tend to have small gardens so only the smallest ones would fit the bill. Buildings and huts delivered and installed is now popular from companies such as '1st Choice Leisure Buildings'

What Is A Shed?

In essence storage sheds and garden buildings are normally single storey buildings and are used in the garden or, quite often, on allotments. The size of the building varies depending on the usage, the needs and , more importantly, the available space for them. In all instance all these garden buildings in use play a useful role in the day to day life of the UK. The sheer versatility is helped by the many different designs which are available. So from very basic huts, in its simplest form, to high end garden workshops suitable for multitasking within the family you will find these buildings will suit.

Essentially these garden rooms consist of an internal frame onto which a cladding is secured which made the sheds waterproof to the elements. The roof would normally be either apex (gable or V'shaped) or pent (single or mono pitched) although some buildings, usually in the higher price bracket can sometimes have a hip roof like on a house. These are quite striking buildings but the price can put a lot of people off. The reason for the price is the complexity of manufacture.

What Materials are Garden Buildings Supplied In?

These buildings can come in a variety of materials such as wood, timber, metal, steel, plastic or concrete. Often the choice of materials used for these outdoor buildings tends to be personal preferences but different claddings have different pros and cons. Timber or wooden buildings for sale tend to be the most popular due to the natural feel they give to the home owner. They feel very strong but one of the downsides of these types of buildings is that they need treating to maintain a long life. However, you will find that tanalised, or pressure treated ones won't require treating, normally for about 15 years so are very popular.

Metal or steel sheds are normally made from galvanised steel which would have a long guarantee against rusting so there is no treating of these sheds required. Beware of metal buildings which are only 'electro-plated' rather that 'hot dipped galvanised' as this treatment won't last as long. Plastic sheds won't rust so are a viable proposition for the owner who does not want any maintenance issues. However these type of units can look a little bland but do serve their purpose in the garden very well.

Concrete sheds are the 'bruisers' of the shed world. Being made from solid concrete these don't need any maintenance to speak off as they will brush aside easily everything that the weather throws at it. One of the downsides of these concrete large prefab sheds is the limitation in sizes available and, to some people, they can seem a little utilitarian. Other than that these garden buildings for sale are a preferred choice for some garden owners.

1st Choice for Wooden Buildings, garden huts, Workshops, Timber Outdoor Storage Sheds

Woking Garden Buildings Display Site Sutton Green Garden Centre,
Whitmoor Ln, Sutton Green,
Guildford, Surrey. UK. GU4 7QA

Phone 0333 800 8880
Our display site is normally manned and open for viewing 9.00am to 5.00pm every day
The garden centre is visible from A320 main road between Woking and Guildford.

Currently on display at Sutton Green: are Platinum, Sapphire, & Diamond Timber Buildings, Trentan Log Cabins, SafeStore, Trimetals, GrandChoice Metal Sheds; Lidget Concrete Garages & Secure storage concrete sheds. Please see this page for a full list.

Phone (01483) 237550 or (0333) 800 8880 - Fax (0333) 8008810
(0333) numbers are charged as LOCAL Rate on both mobiles and landlines - saving you money.
Email to 1clb@leisurebuildings.com or Contact Us Here
1st Choice Leisure Buildings Established in 1979 for All Garden Buildings. Sheds, Workshops, Log Cabins
On Display for viewing near to Guildford, Godalming, Cobham, Dorking, Leatherhead and Ripley in Surrey. UK

Office ONLY Address is 260 Woodham Lane, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey. KT15 3NS.
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