Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.

Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.

Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.

Maximise Your Productivity: Buying the Best Garden Room & Home Offices

When purchasing a garden office, the process may initially appear simple. One might think that all it takes is a few clicks on the internet to find the desired size and the best price. However, it is not as straightforward as it seems.

There is a wide range of buildings available, ranging from inexpensive and potentially low-quality options to those that would fit in perfectly with an upscale country home. To ensure that you make the correct decision and purchase the office that meets your specific needs, thorough research is essential.

Choose 1st Choice Leisure Buildings for Garden Offices of the Highest Quality.

Buy with Confidence from a Well-Established Company: Shop Safely Online Or In Person

By deciding to buy from an established business you will find this is the best option as you can be sure that their expertise in the home office industry is key to their success.

Also, normally this will only happen when they have been selling the right buildings to their customers at the right price and this normally follows after listening to them.

Choosing a business with a fixed ‘brick and mortar’ address’ is always good as you can be sure there is somewhere to contact if you need to.

If the business is only available on the Internet then how can you be sure who they are and whether they will be here today, tomorrow and in the future? If you need to contact them in the future then having a fixed address is always a good thing to have and is reassuring.

Sure – emails are great but you are dependent on these being responded to, and quickly.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings, a Family Business Established in 1979 have two physical show sites so you can talk to them.

Why You Should Always Inspect Wooden Offices Before Buying

The internet, invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is a remarkable tool. However, flashy websites and glossy brochures cannot provide an accurate representation of what you are purchasing.

While this may not be a problem for many standard items, it is crucial to ensure that your expectations are met when selecting a new office or garden room. By having the ability to view your desired building beforehand, you can feel reassured about its quality and construction.

You can also check its height to prevent any head injuries and assess the durability of its doors and windows. Click Here for a virtual tour of our display site. This will enable you to distinguish between the poorly made, budget-friendly options that flood the internet and the well-constructed buildings designed to stand the test of time.

While online retailers may claim that it is beneficial and cost-effective to make purchases online, there is only one way to guarantee that you won’t end up with a subpar and low-quality building in your garden. By viewing it beforehand, you can save yourself from stress and potential disappointment.

It is crucial to remember that the cheapest price does not always equate to the best value.

Happy To Settle for What’s Available? or Are You Special?

Consider a customised building for your garden instead of settling for standard sizes and designs. While this option may be a bit pricier, it allows you to fully utilise your garden office and make the best use of the available space.

By choosing a company that can create a garden building tailored to your specific size and design preferences, you can ensure complete satisfaction. At 1st Choice, we prioritise your needs, and all our buildings are crafted to meet your requirements without any compromises.

Just let us know your preferences, and we will make it happen. Customised, bespoke garden buildings are at the core of 1st Choice’s offerings.

The Right Option for You: Unveiling the Best Timber

Using lower-quality or whitewood grades can be a more cost-effective option if you only need a building to last a short time. However, by opting for superior redwood timber, you can ensure a longer lifespan for your new pride and joy.

Redwood, due to its slower growth, has a denser grain that provides added durability. It also retains more resin, giving it a waxy texture that further enhances its virtues. Whitewood, on the other hand, grows quickly and is more prone to knot dropping.

Despite potentially being slightly more expensive, redwood is the preferred choice for long-term buildings. Additionally, the timber used in these buildings is pressure-treated for extended longevity.

1st Choice Garden Buildings offers redwood timber on the majority of their buildings, ensuring a longer lifespan.

Are All Wooden Building Panels Fully Pre Made?

It amazes me that many of the cheap buildings, besides being made of chipboard etc. and other nasty materials, are delivered in pieces and you have to build some of the panels yourself.

Absolutely Bonkers! If you are buying a cheap office building then always double check what you are getting. And why even consider one which is not delivered and erected for you? Save a lot of worry and you can just get on with your life in your new building.

All 1st Choice Garden Rooms – are delivered in complete sections (and mostly assembled free of charge) to save you time and effort. Not just dumped in your garden.

Final Thoughts About Choosing

In conclusion, investing in the best garden room or home office is a surefire way to maximise your productivity. By creating a dedicated space for work or hobbies, you can eliminate distractions and focus on the task at hand.

Whether you choose a pre-built structure or opt for a custom design, consider factors such as size, insulation, and natural light to ensure an optimal working environment. Additionally, selecting high-quality materials and efficient heating and cooling systems will contribute to a comfortable and functional space.

Remember, the right garden unit can transform your productivity and enhance your overall well-being. So, make an informed decision and take your productivity to new heights.

About Author:

Robin Antill is an established authority in the field of quality garden building manufacturing, boasting over four decades of experience. Having founded Titan Garden Buildings in 1979, he demonstrated a commitment to excellence from the outset by moving away from subpar materials and embarking on crafting buildings of superior quality.

His lineage of craftsmanship, traced back to his father and grandfather's business in Cleethorpes, underscores his dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Robin's son, Craig, who joined the business in 1990, brings additional expertise, having honed his skills at Guildford College in joinery.

Together, they elevated Titan Garden Buildings, which eventually evolved into 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. Their enduring focus on premium materials, top-notch manufacturing, and unparalleled customer service, along with Craig's digital acumen in creating the company's online presence, showcase their expertise and reliability in the industry.

Robin’s expertise was featured in Realtor.com, Homes&Gardens, The London Economic, and dozens other publications.

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