Trimetal UK 9ft Long Pent Metal Motorcycle Shed Garage

Trimetals Metal 9ft Long Pent (Mono-Pitch) Motorcycle Garages

Trimetals Metal 9ft Long Pent (Mono-Pitch) Motorcycle Garages

Trimetal Secure Steel Motorbike Garage

Trimetals Motorbike Security Steel Garage for your Motorcycle

Woking, Surrey Display Site
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9ft Long MotorBike Sheds Features
  • 9ft Long. 4ft, 5ft and 6ft Wide
  • Motorbike Garages Made in UK
  • 25 year no-rust perforation guarantee.
  • Lower Wall Height 178cm (5' 10")
    Higher height 203cm (6' 8")
  • Fully Fire Rated (certificate provided)
  • Double Doors as Standard
  • Double Locking System for Security
  • Easy to install
  • Recommended by many Motorbike Magazines
  • Strong, Rigid & Unique Design
  • Attractive Olive Green colour
  • PVC Coated Hot Dipped Galvanised steel
    (50% thicker than most)
  • FREE delivery England and Wales
  • Similar Steel Sheds On Display For You to View
Trimetal Secure Steel Motorbike Garages - Sheds

Features Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel throughout.

Strong, Secure, Fire Resistant Motorbike Garage for your Motorcycle

This unique and secure maintenance free 9ft long by 4ft, 5ft or 6ft wide motorcycle shed garage is an effective way to protect your precious, and very important, motorcycle from vandals, thieves and the good old British Weather. The distinct advantage with this garage if the fact your motorcycle is completely enclosed and out of sight. With your motorbike stored away from prying eyes you will have the peace of mind know it will come to no harm and will be there when you need it, whether to get to work or for that trip on the open road. Also fully fire resistant for further peace of mind.

These Motorbike Sheds are Recommended by many Motorbike Magazines

These Motorcycle Garages have been recommended by BIKE MAGAZINE, RIDE MAGAZINE, MOTORCYCLE SPORTS AND LEISURE and PERFORMANCE BIKES MAGAZINE has being a good investment for your precious bike. Many insurance companies will give discounts if you protect you bike inside this garage. With it's affordable price you know it makes sense. This building comes with wide double doors, for ease of access, and can go on either end to suit your needs. The largest garage can take two machines side by side (his and hers ?) The high engineering behind these garages ensure all the parts fit together accurately and quickly.

Conforms to National Building Regulations and Restrictions

To conform to National Building Regulations and restrictions on mobile and holiday home parks the panels used on all Trimetals buildings have been approved to (and a certificate of fire conformity is supplied with each product):
'Class O' Fire rating in accordance with tests carried out to BS476: Part 6 (Fire Propagation) AND 'Class1' Rating part 7 (Surface Spread of Flames)

If You Can Try To View Your New Motorbike Shed Beforehand

You will find that very few websites selling steel workshop offer any option for viewing. So you are buying blind. 1st Choice's display site includes some of the Trimetal range of secure buildings so you can get an idea of how good there are. You might not see the exact model but there will be examples to touch and feel. The garden shed display site is between Woking and Guildford in Surrey. This enables you to view before buying and even if you can't visit should surely give you confidence in a supplier to is happy for their product to be seen before delivery. Surely this makes sense.

Trimetals 9ft Long Motorcycle Storage Shed

Trimetals 9ft Long Motorcycle Storage Shed

TriMetals MotorBike Shed Garage Specifications
Sizes:Trimetals 9x6 (2.7m x 1.8m) Pent (Mono-pitch) Motorcycle Garages
Trimetals 9x5 (2.7m x 1.5m) Pent (Mono-pitch) Motorcycle Sheds
Trimetals 9x4 (2.7m x 1.2m) Pent (Mono-pitch) Motorcycle Garages..
Doors:Double Doors are standard are all Motorbike & Motorcycle Sheds - Garages and are set on short side. Secure Key locking mechanism to top and bottom of doors.
Door WidthThe width of the doors are 1160mm (45") on the MCG940 model and 1395mm (54") on the MCG950 & MCG960 models). Height of double doors are 1740mm (68")
Ventilation:Ventilated Gables.
Protection:Steel finish is protected by a backing coat, then primer, then zinc coating, then the steel, then zinc coating, then primer and finally the top coat.
Internal Height:Metal Garages - Superb Eaves height: 1.78m (70") -- Ridge height: 2.04m (80") on all MCG940, MCG950 and MCG960 models.
Roofs:Galvanised Steel, olive green.
Cladding:Hot dipped Galvanised steel - thicker than most other metal sheds.
Olive Green colour
Framing:Hot dipped galvanised steel.
Windows:Not offered as a security option.
Assembly:Clear step by step fully illustrated assembly instructions come with every metal building, shed or workshop.
Base:These metal buildings and workshops are supplied without a floor and can be fixed to a solid base using rawl-plugs and screws through the pre-drilled holes in the metal building's base rail. Alternatively, we can supply a OSB Wood Floor Kit
Guarantee:25 year Panel guarantee
Optional Extras.Shelving and Benches
OSB Wood Floor
Hasp and Padlock.

Internal SizesLengthWidthPent High SideHard Base Area
960 (approx 9' x 6')2650mm1832mm2040mm2000 x 2800mm

9x6 Pent Secure Steel Motorbike Garage
Price: 1,219.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
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Trimetals 9ft x 6ft Pent Motorbike Metal Garage. 25 years guarantee. PVC coated Galvanised steel. Fully fire rated, Motorbike Garage Double Doors with Double locking system. FREE delivery ++.

9x5 Pent Secure Steel Motorbike Garage
Price: 1,119.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
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Best Viewed in LANDSCAPE Mode
Trimetals 9x5 Pent Motorbike Metal Garage. 25 years guarantee. PVC coated Galvanised steel. Fully fire rated, Motorbike Garage Double Doors with Double locking system. FREE delivery ++.

9x4 Pent Secure Steel Motorbike Garage
Price: 929.00
(Including VAT at 20%)
Choose From Options Available Below
Best Viewed in LANDSCAPE Mode
Trimetals 9x4 Pent Motorbike Metal Garage. 25 years guarantee. PVC coated Galvanised steel. Fully fire rated, Motorbike Garage Double Doors with Double locking system. FREE delivery ++.
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Metal sheds, steel buildings, storage boxes, caravan tidies and galvanised bike storage How To Guide:- Fixing and Types of Shed Summerhouses Windows

The windows on sheds and summer houses rely on the windows to let light in so are crucial to your enjoyment of your new garden building. The way these windows are fixed to the building is also crucial so you need to be aware of the method used. The reason for this is so that you don't end up with leaking windows which can be a nuisance.

There are various ways as to how the windows are secured into place. You will often find that they are 'dry fixed' using timber beading. This is a very good way of keeping your shed or summerhouse dry provided the beading is pushed up tight against the glass. Some building only use small nails or brads to secure the glass in place and this can sometimes leak. Another option is with a mastic or sealant around the outside edge of the glass and the shed wall or even with sealant behind the glass.

When I had my garden shed company, which I started in 1979, we use to use the dry fixing method but this was supplemented with a window ledge with a recess cut for the glass to sit into. The beadings were fixed from inside the shed or summerhouse and pressed tight against the glass. This was also more secure as the beading could not be removed from outside - Continue reading -- Delivery of metal sheds and steel buildings throughout the UK, England, Wales, Scotland

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