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The Perennial Problem You Don’t Want in Your Garden Building
A recurring story, which is far too often, is the number of thefts from garden buildings in the UK. These useful buildings and their contents are at risk as their owner become lax over the securing of them. I’m have been guilty of this, as a garden building manufacturer, and should know better as I’m often telling people to ensure their buildings are locked. Possibly if the owners sat down and worked out how the value of all the items in them they would be staggered.With lawn mowers, power tools, expensive bikes and patio furniture you will find these are most attractive to thieves as all these items are easily sold on for a fraction of their cost. So, if you are not keeping your shed locked, now is the time to take more care of your belongings.
The simplest thing you can do, and even if it’s only a cheap padlock, is to ensure the door is locked. From there you can move on to stronger locking systems and putting security screws or nuts and bolts onto the hinges and locking systems to ensure the thieves can’t access your shed very easily. However, the most important thing is to be consistent and to lock the building, even when you are indoors, as many thieves have so much cheek they even steal when the owners are at home.

If you have a garden gate then keep this locked with a padlock as well as bolting it from inside. This will stop thieves getting into the garden in the first place. High fences, especially prickly ones, are great deterrents as these can hurt these intruders. Having said that it makes me wonder what the situation would be if the thieves hurt themselves on these bushes. With the stupid laws it might be possible that they could sue, which is totally ridiculous.

A security light is also a deterrent as these garden intruders like to work in darkness. These will light up when someone goes near, so even if you are indoors, the light will alert you to the danger of burglars. One of the downsides, and which I think is worth putting up with, is that nocturnal animals will set it off at night so I recommend that the direction of the lamp should point down to the ground. This will stop it shining into next door’s bedroom windows.

Gravel is also a good thing to have near your garden shed or workshop as people walking on it will attract attention, again one thing these intruders won’t like. Remember you don’t want them to think you’re a soft target. Very selfishly make your shed unattractive to break in and they will go elsewhere. If it’s your neighbour then they need to take all steps to protect their own building. This is no time for feeling soft.

Also if you have ladders don’t leave them loose in the garden ensure that they are locked against the wall. This will ensure that they can’t be used to break into your house through your upstairs windows which, quite often, are less guarded. With your outhouse locked up and all your tools out or reach this will ensure that thieves don’t have an easy job breaking into it, or even worse, your home.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Take a look at what you can do and do this now. You know it makes sense just make that effort and you will be able to feel safe in your home. In the mean time take a look at our shed and summerhouse images and pictures to see what is available to you if you wish to upgrade.

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