Ashington Classic Summerhouse
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Diamond Ashington Summer Building
The Ashington Summerhouse is a stylish summerhouse with his elegant deep windows on the front complemented with the double doors which can be thrown open when our wonderful summer arrives (well we can dream!). Very well constructed using redwood deal T&G shiplap cladding, with an option for loglap effect, and built on a very strong frame.

These Ashington summerhouses will stand ‘the test of time’ unlike many of the ‘cheap’ summerhouses available elsewhere which use the cheap inferior whitewood. With the roofs being made from ‘proper’ T&G timber boards and not the cheap and nasty OSB boards, chipboard or wafer board (often described as ‘sheet’ materials to mislead you) used on the cheap summerhouses. Covered in heavy quality green mineral roofing felt for long life. There are also options for verandas to extend the usability of these lovely buildings

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