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Finding Log Cabins In The Past
Cast your mind back to 1998 and before Google. The internet was in it’s infancy, barely been weaned off milk, and if we wanted to find any items on the web we had to switch on your computer, click to connect and then wait for ages (or so it seems) whilst your computer tried to connect with loads of whines and beeps and eventually you got online. Admitted, at the time there was not masses of web sites to go to but the question was how do you find what you wanted. There was Alta Vista, Yahoo, HotBot, Ask and then Ask Jeeves. None were very good and relied on ‘pot luck’ listings.

So to get more specialised results – directories type web site were set up similar to The Log Cabin Directory. On this site it concentrated on listing all log cabin companies, initially in the US and then from around the world. This included all log cabin dealers, builders and installers, cabin furniture, timber frame cabins as well as web sites in connection with repairing or renovating log cabins, books and any accessory to do with these delightful outdoor buildings.

That is what it was like back in the day. How things have changed! Google reinvented the search engine and although there is still place for ‘niche’ directories you will find that most searches for log cabins, garden cabins, log rooms and the like is done through Google and Bing. The Log Furniture Directory evolved in to The Log Cabin Directory and was a very valuable resource right up until recently.

Log Home & Log Building Directory was the #1 online resource!

Finding log home & wooden cabin info. & resources was easy on that site as they had an online the map where you could choose your state and find the log home companies that can help you design, manufacture and build your dream home. Most log home manufacturers can ship a home package (i.e. log home kit) almost anywhere in the world to be erected onsite.

When considering such a purchase, many of us prefer to visit model homes to touch, smell and feel ? and ask questions. To make it easier to locate those model homes and companies, they had organised their listings by State (and Canadian Provinces) or subject matter. You can view log cabins in the UK as well as many other places. It’s a great piece of advice to look before you buy.

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