Crowthorne Clockhouse Log Cabin
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‘Crowthorne’ Clockhouse Log Cabins for Your Garden & Home
Here’s Why You Should Choose This Crowthorne Clockhouse Log Cabin. The garden is a great asset to own and a modern well built log cabin will help to add to your enjoyment of it. And this is where the Trentan clock house log cabin really delivers.

Its Georgian or plain glass windows appearance with ¾ length glass doors and 8 double opening windows allows light to flood into it allowing your family and you to enjoy the garden environment. Besides that, there are many uses for these garden cabins such as a leisure or recreation room, an exercise room, hobby room, summerhouse or glorified den for the children. All of these uses will allow for the most enjoyment to be had. Included as standard are Georgian windows bars to create this Georgian style, however, can be removed for a more contemporary look. The great design is key to this log cabin and is very adaptable.

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