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Remember whose home it is
Getting ideas from other sources is always a great place to start, but only if you are comfortable with the end result. You have to make sure you are happy with whatever changes you make to your home. If you are not entirely comfortable with a colour, don’t use it, no matter what other people may advise or what you see in magazines. Choose colours and styles that suit you. A good way to do this is to go through your wardrobe and see what you instinctively buy. If there are no browns or greens in there, the chances are, you won’t feel comfortable with those colours in your home.

Don’t stretch yourself too much financially. Just because you have seen something fabulous in a store window that will look perfect in your log home, it’s not worth breaking the bank for it. It is possible to find some great items at flea markets and antique stores, which won’t cost the earth and will look just as great with a little varnish of coat of paint. Also, try to get in touch with your creative side. Think of your log home as a canvas with you being the artist. Decorating is a great way of expressing yourself so dig deep and see what effects you can create.

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