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Decorate your Log Home like an Interior Designer
If you turn on the TV and do some channel surfing, chances are you will come across a number of shows featuring interior design or home improvement ideas. From celebrity mansions in shows such as Cribs to the renovation of ‘real’ people’s homes like Trading Spaces, interior design is a very popular topic. Most of the log home industry magazines take this same approach because it appeals to so many people.

Whether you live in a mansion, apartment, trailer or a log home, if you’re paying the bills, buying the food, investing in caravan insurance and doing what you can to make your house a home’. It makes sense to focus your time and money making the interior look the way you want it to look. Unfortunately, very few of those home improvement shows feature log homes, which is a shame, because log homes can be made to look fantastic with a few basic interior decorating fundamentals, and the key to achieving a fantastic look is to start thinking like an interior designer.

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