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Importance of lighting
Don’t underestimate the lighting. The right type of lighting can really change a room’s entire look and feel, and add extra dimensions. Lighting creates mood and can make rooms appear more spacious. Different bulbs, dimmers and type of lights can make startling differences to the appearance and feel of a room. Wall lighting, for instance, can create wonderful shadows, but it is a fine line between warmth and gloomy. Don’t forget the effect of natural light either. A room’s feel can change dramatically at night compared to during the day, so choose lighting that complements the light that shines through the windows and keep the same mood.

The natural wood and design of log homes exudes western history and romance, and these interior design techniques can really help emphasize this. By following these interior design fundamentals, there is no reason why your log home can’t look just as stylish as the other types of homes so often featured on design shows, only you have the benefit of all that natural, rustic beauty underlying it all.

This video features dozens of log home interior shots that can give you some great ideas. When the sideshow starts, pause the video on the rooms you want to study because they only appear for an instant.

This was an article on The Log Cabin Directory and was great help for their visitors.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas and thoughts about you log cabin and how you should or may want to personalise for you and your family. So whether it’s a ‘wild west’ style log cabin or one more suited to the UK environment there is no reason it can’t be special and to your taste.

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