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Greatest Places for the Cabin Lifestyle in the US
If a view is what you’re after, and it’s always high on many people’s lists. Some want to look out and see the ocean. Others want the picturesque mountains. A few prefer the sparse desert. And, of course, everything in between. Tastes vary so dramatically, but luckily there’s a place for everybody. It’s just a matter of finding it. Want a coastal view? Try the central Oregon Coast. It’s close to civilisation, yet features an air of seclusion, especially the region between Lincoln City and Florence.

Wonderful Seclusion
Many people choose the cabin lifestyle not for the views or the novelty of escaping for a few days, but because they want to live in seclusion. They want to be more self-reliant and in control of their own individual lives with limited or no influence or intrusion from others (others, which can be defined by a great many things). One great place to live at a distance’ Central Idaho, near Stanley in the Salmon River Mountains may be a great destination. Luckily, the whole Rocky Mountain region is dotted with very secluded locals, so if that’s your goal, it’s usually one that’s very achievable.

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