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There is no getting away from the fact that log homes have a rustic look and feel that’s the appeal for most of us. Trying to use many contemporary ideas may well work for a loft apartment, but not always fit with the natural wood and architecture of a log home. Get inspiration from traditional western motifs and styles.

Think of colours that go well with the natural hues of the wood. Shades of green such as olive, moss and sage can create a lovely warm room, while browns and darker shades of red also go well with the rustic nature of a log home. Do go for contrast, earth tones are great, but by themselves can look washed out. Choose colourful, contrasting accents to compliment the look.

In most cases, avoid overly modern designs when it comes to buying furniture. Look for natural fabrics such as wool or leather, but don’t overdo it. A cluttered room will distract from the naturally beauty, but a few key pieces strategically placed will help add atmosphere and style to a room. Rugs, throws, pillows and blankets can make just as much of an impact as a new sofa, so experiment by mixing and matching such accessories to see what effect they give the garden cabin.

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