Garden Sheds, Workshops and Summerhouses Brochures The garden shed is used for many things, as I have said before, with the main use as a storage unit for garden items or maybe as a workshop or craft room. The beauty of the garden shed is its versatility as these basic buildings can be transformed into various other uses. The common dog kennel is an example of this. This building tends to be a little smaller in height and sometimes with a traditional opening where the dog can access the internal dry area.

However, the kennel can be more like an enclosed room where access is through a stable type door. Outside of this enclosed area there can often be an enclosed run, usually made from wire mesh, where the dog, or dogs, can exercise in the open when the stable door is left open during the day. This is a great use of a converted garden shed and which give protection to the dog from the elements, as well as giving the owners control over the animals, which is required.

The same thing can apply for keeping rabbits but this would normally be on a smaller scale but would give the same benefits to the animals and owners. Cats are a different kettle of fish and, for some reason which I canít understand, they can do what they want. You can complain about somebodyís dog coming into your garden but a cat, well thatís tough. Very strange.

Recently a garden shed was turned into a home for a homeless dog up in Leeds, who had been homeless for 16 months despite appeals on the TV, radio and in the local papers. His new home was described as a lounge, which to me seems a little over the top, and I like dogs. However thinking about it after 16 months without a home perhaps itís a nice thing to do for it.

As I say there had been appeals for a new owner but there had been no takers so Jack, the dog, looked like he would be staying at the Dogs Trust in Leeds. However fate played a part when Emma Carley visited the dogs home and enquired about how to become a volunteer. When she saw Jack she knew this was the dog for her and could not resist his eyes so took him home to live with her. Thankfully her partner, Jamie Johnson, was in agreement and their garden sheds was adapted into a new home for Jack.

Timber and Wooden Garden Sheds This provides secure and dry accomodation from all the elements. It goes without saying that Jack is very happy in his new home where he is spoiled rotten as he is adored by his new owners who dispense cuddles on a regualr basis.

Whilst it is good to use garden sheds for these types of purposes The Dogs Trust strongly advise that pet owners should be very careful with any sharp tools where animals are concerned. They also stress that all chemicals should be secured and stored away safely in the garden shed so that any animals do not come to any harm. You also need to ensure that any garden fences and gates should be high enough to stop the animals escaping.