Timber and Wooden Summerhouses Because the location of most garden sheds is away from the house this normally means that they tend to be quieter and more relaxing than in the house with all the activity normally going on. This can help you to become more creative and for you to look at problems of the world in a different way. By taking a little time, maybe with a glass or two of your favourite tipple, unexpected solutions may appear in your 'old grey matter'. Where as many people have installed electrics and possibly a phone line in their garden shed, this can sometimes work against them with the interruptions breaking the line of thought. Just by relaxing and gazing at your garden and surroundings you can help your brain trigger unusual ideas. So it can be seen that your shed, or summerhouse, can be therapeutic and also improve your health. Hard to believe but true, you just need to try it. Obviously your shed does need a little space for you to sit down and relax so if it is in a mess now the time to have a good clear out. Anything which you are keeping 'just in case' and has been in your shed for more than 2 years - be brutal and - throw it out. By doing this the shed will become more welcoming for your ideas to germinate. Your shed can also help in your hobby giving you space to set up in this quiet space. And at the end of the day you can just leave all your hobby items where they are for next time. No worrying about having to clear up so when you want to come down again you are ready to go. This you find is a great feeling. Depending on the size of your garden shed you can sometimes share your hobby with others. My wife does this and her friends come around most Wednesdays and they share their hobby of card making. Being in a quiet environment helps them to come up with new ideas and also ideas evolve from them talking together. The shed, my wife has, is designed as a garden potting shed but the design of the shed with an half glass roof means that a great of light floods into the building making it easy on the eyes with the brightness. The Independent also take this view when they also suggested that garden sheds can get the creative juices flowing. They stated that garden sheds these days are more than just a storage facility and more of an all rounder and this includes using them as an office with a view. They claimed that employees can actually improve their productivity by working from home and will be happier in this sort of environment.Garden Sheds, Workshops and Summerhouses Brochures Over the years there have been many great artists, writers and thinkers who have used their garden buildings to help them be creative. These include existentialist philosopher Martin Heidegger, who I have never heard of, among many others. Rapper Snoop Doog wrote some of his hit songs in his garden shed and the legendary Harley Davidson motorbikes were first assembled in a garden shed. They certainly come a long way since then. Henry Moore, the sculptor, was enthused with his garden sheds that he had many in his garden and Lord Savile, who was given the responsibility of compiling a report on the Bloody Sunday Massacre also used his garden shed for this purpose. This just goes to show that the 'common' garden shed can lord it over most other garden buildings as being the most versatile. It's no wonder that we British love them.