Garden Sheds, Workshops and Summerhouses Brochures It's sometimes quite hard to believe how versatile the common garden shed is. Besides the more normal use (if there is such a thing) of storing garden tools and equipment, the patio table and chairs, valuable bikes and lawnmowers and all manner of other things 'which may come in useful' the garden shed is quietly helping to improve the countries finances as this humble building is often the starting place for many businesses.

The low cost and convenience of the shed is probably why it is called into service when entrepreneurs are looking for cheap space for an office or as a small workshop. By clearing out the collected rubbish from the shed you will often find a great deal of space into which you can fit a small desk and phone. Being even more brutal you can make enough space to allow your hobby to develop into a part time and then full time business. And all at no risk such as a long lease on a property else where.

As business expands you could buy another shed to enable you to produce more but you need to bear in mind that you are not allowed to employ anybody without planning permission. Also if you are working from your garden shed it's a good idea to get on with your neighbours and think about their entitlement to peace and quiet. Most neighbours would not have a problem with this generally.

The number of people believed to be using their garden sheds and other garden out buildings is estimated at nearly 80,000. A bit like everyone in Bedford working from their shed, amazing. A great deal of these people are working mums who like the low costs and the convenience of integrating their business into their family life. You will also find that most of these businesses are sole traders but in time many of these businesses will outgrow their garden sheds and move into small industrial units and start employing other people.

It also believed that the growth in garden shed businesses is growing faster than in any other part of UK life. The average turnover of these businesses is in excess of 70,000 and the owners are reasonably confident for the future where they expect their businesses to flourish.

Timber and Wooden Garden Workshops An example business person is a nurse from Fordingbridge, in Hampshire, who started her business in her garden shed and in a period of 18 months had grown and thrived into a viable business. The owner of Care 4U, Patricia Irons, said that her company had gone from strength to strength and now employs 17 people. Her business provides support for local hospitals, and cares for terminally ill people. They have now moved from the garden shed to a new office. Clearly an important part of the UK economy.

The good thing about this business is that the ethos is to help people rather that being overly concerned about excessive profits. Ms Irons said that she began the company to help other by treating them before their ailments or illnesses got bad enough for them to be admitted into hospital,

There are many business people who have used their garden shed in their business and these include Tom Uglow of Google, Kirstie Allsop, Wayne Hemingway, Peter Gabriel and Snoop Dog, musicians among many other. To this list you can add many authors and inventors. Harry Ramsden's first fish restaurant was more or less a garden shed and that reminds me I'm hungry and time to go.