We are all looking for ways to improve our garden and the addition of a garden shed can help, however, the choice of material can make a difference. In my bias view, as a garden shed manufacturer, a wooden shed is the best for being in harmony with the garden. Logically this is hard to dispute as timber is a natural product and many gardens will have trees already growing in them.

Wood, being a regenerating material, is perfect for sheds and the garden. Whilst the tree is growing it will give off oxygen during the day and extract carbon dioxide from the air at night. Often described as the 'lungs of the earth' the tree has very few vices, in fact I can't think of any. The tree helps to stabilise the ground where it grows dues to its roots and provides shelter for wildlife. This statement has made me think of one vice and that it where the root gets too close to a property as this can damage the foundations. Having said that the fault is usually with the tree owner planting it too close to the property.
Timber and Wooden Garden Workshops