The garden shed in most people's gardens can be a treasure trove of goodies for the opportunist thieves so you should take great care in keeping these items safe in there. Take a look in the shed at all the various items stored away, many valuable items, many items kept 'just in case' and a surprising amount of rubbish. Why our garden sheds attract so much rubbish is a mystery but they do.

Timber and Wooden Garden Workshops And the time when the shed is most at risk is when we are away on holiday which traditionally is in July and August when the days are longer. So now is the time for planning what you are going to do before then. If you leave it until nearer the time it is likely that you will leave it and take a chance as normal. This could be a bad mistake.

The most important thing for your garden shed is to have a good strong lock on the door and to use it even when you are in the house. However more important than that is to ensure that the padlock goes onto a sturdy locking point. The best, in my view after 33 years in the garden shed business, is a fold over hasp and staple and the reason for this is when the hasp is closed over the staple all the screws are covered meaning this can't just be unscrewed. I further recommend that the hasp and staple is secured with at least one nut and bolt to the garden shed. This will make is nearly impossible to use a crow bar to force the hasp and staple off your garden shed.

Moving on from the strong padlock and fold over hasp and staple take a look at the hinges on the door. It's nearly certain that these hinges are just screwed onto the shed door. Again this is a weak point. Remove at leave one screw from each hinge section and replace with a nut and bolt. Ideally use a penny washer on the inside before you put the bolt on. This will ensure the only way into your garden shed is by ripping the door to pieces. Not only will this take longer it will also be noisier.

Also ensuring your garden shed door has diagonal braces will also help. These will come as standard on good garden shed but the cheap sheds found on many of the cheap sheds web site won't have these as they cut costs on everything, even important things.

Garden Sheds, Workshops and Summerhouses Brochures The windows can be a weak point so ideally, if possible, fit bars across the windows to stop thieves gaining access into your garden shed. If you can't do this either replace the glass with laminated or wired glass with wired glass being the best option. However this can be an expensive option. Where ever possible try to have this fitted when you buy your new garden shed. If you can't do this then by putting curtains across the window this can deter thieves as they can't see what valuables you have in there and they will move onto more appealing targets.

A security light is a good option as this will light up when an intruder approaches and thieves like the cover of darkness. The downside of this, and which I have experience of, is that foxes and other nocturnal animals may also set it off meaning than you and your neighbours may think this is a 'cry wolf' situation and ignore it. .Add shingle around the walkway to your garden shed and again the noise may deter any opportunist thieves.

A strong bush around the garden will help to stop any thieves getting into the garden and if you have a garden gate ensure this is kept locked, also with a hasp and staple coupled with a strong padlock. This will help to ensure your garden shed won't be attacked.

Avviva the insurance companies research has shown that as the days start to get longer from the beginning of April that break ins start to rise so you need to take action sooner rather than later. Also if thieves can get into your garden shed they can often find tools to help them break into your home, which is even worse. So don't leave it too late and not do anything, take precautions now and enjoy your holiday.