The garden is an essential part of the British way of life, having said that, there are more and more apartments being built in town centres with out any gardens which is a great shame. This is likely to change the accepted 'normal' life in years to come. The people who are lucky enough to have a garden really ought to be thankful for what they have and to use the garden as much as possible in their lives.

Garden Sheds, Workshops and Summerhouses Brochures This does not mean having to work day and night to cultivate the garden or to keep the garden in good shape as the garden can be enjoyed in a more natural state. And provided you are not offending any of your neighbours then how you enjoy your garden should be down to you.

You will find that some people go the full hog and look after their gardens, and ensure that even the garden shed looks the part. Other allow the garden to become more wild and allow it to flourish naturally often allowing the plant life to climb up over any garden buildings such as their garden shed or summerhouse.

In some ways the natural way can be seen as being more beautiful as this is how the garden would be if left alone. The way nature works together to create a bio-diverse landscape is very impressive. The opposite site of the coin is the highly manicured lawns with its perfect lawns, colourful flowers and shrubs. In my garden I settle for a tidy lawn and no weeds.

My wife tends to plant how many colourful plants in pots which she puts in front of my garden shed, and being involved in garden sheds for over 36 years, is rather large. However the background of the shed helps to bring out the colours of the flowers, it also helps to protect the plants and flowers from the wind as well as providing warmth for them. Bet you did not know the shed had other useful virtues.

The natural garden would tend to attract more wild life as well which is fascinating to watch. Seeing these animals going about their lives is great fun and, if you have your children or grandchildren, can be educational. Foxes are quite beautiful creatures but maybe should not be encouraged. As time has gone on they have got more used to urban life and don't seen to worry about humans. This is a concern has the occasional attack on your babies can not be allowed. Other wildlife includes hedgehogs and birds which are always a delight to see.

The Royal Horticultural Society's (RHS) also feel this is a good idea and actively promoted this with their Variety for Life campaign. By following their guidelines they claim you can attract wildlife into your garden and backyards. The RHS also supported the International Year of Bio-diversity and during this campaign gave away packets of free seeds for the garden.

Timber and Wooden Garden Sheds It was advised that gardeners can encourage wildlife by the addition of a compost heap as well as a hibernation box for hedgehogs. You can also plant some wildlife friendly flowers and plants which can create a leaf pile which animals love. Other suggestions was to build a bee hotel, the collection of rain water for the garden and possibly digging a pond. However, it is vital that if you dig a pond that children are unable to get into danger around it. Our children are far more important than any wildlife.

British botanist and author, David Bellamy also said that you should be proud to have a compost heap. The sun rays helps it to buzz with activity and bio-diversity all year round. It also reduces, recycled and reuses kitchen and garden waste. The act of bio-diversity is defined as the act and collection of ecosystems that help support life on earth and it's hoped that more people would do more each year to help protect our lifestyle.