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Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.

Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.

how much value does a garden room add to your home
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How Much Value Does a Garden Room Add To Your Home?

Adding a garden room to the home can be one of the most effective ways to do more with your outside spaces, but how much value does it add?
Here’s all you need to know.

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If you want to add value to your home life as well as your property, a garden office is the perfect solution.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Value of Garden Rooms

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  • Do Buyers Really Want Garden Rooms?

    * Searches focused on garden offices are up 22% compared to pre-Covid times. * 44% of workers either work from home or enjoy hybrid work. * Garden rooms are a stand-out feature that also reduce garden maintenance. * Garden rooms can save homeowners from costly and time-consuming upgrades. * The garden room structure itself also has a good resale value if sold later on. * They bypass problems of living in smaller homes due to property prices.
  • How Much Do Garden Rooms Cost?

    * High-quality garden offices can cost under £4,000 but specifications matter. * Costs include free assembly and installation. * Premium options with uPVC double glazing will save money on energy bills. * The most popular garden office sizes are 12' x 8' and 12' x 10'. * Games rooms, gyms, and other popular options may cost more due to interiors. * Prefabricated garden rooms are naturally far cheaper than custom builds.
  • How Much Value Do Garden Rooms Add to The Home?

    * A garden room can boost the value of the property by up to 15%. * The average increase in value is believed to be 8.4%. * Experts suggest a 1.5x return on investment can be expected. * ROIs will be influenced by the cost of internal updates too. * For the biggest profit margin when preparing to sell, keep interiors simple. * Garden offices are the most desired function and will add more value.
  • How To Make A Garden Room More Appealing

    * Make it look larger with natural lighting, light colours, and no clutter. * Use sliding doors or bi-folding doors to connect the building to your garden. * Keep it for one function (office, gym, bar, etc.) * Opt for eco-friendly materials and features as 68% of homebuyers want them. * Keep it fully insulated and low-maintenance for cheaper ongoing costs. * Always use an expert to ensure that the job is completed to optimal standards.
  • Is a garden room a good idea?

    * Garden rooms will make your home more desirable to potential buyers. * They are more affordable than home extensions, which cost £2,250/m². * Garden rooms can be installed in as little as 3 days. * They are separate from the main property, opening the door to new possibilities. * An extensive range of styles, sizes, and shapes are available. * Can be easily redecorated to match new tastes or offer a new function.

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About Author:

Robin Antill is an established authority in the field of quality garden building manufacturing, boasting over four decades of experience. Having founded Titan Garden Buildings in 1979, he demonstrated a commitment to excellence from the outset by moving away from subpar materials and embarking on crafting buildings of superior quality.

His lineage of craftsmanship, traced back to his father and grandfather's business in Cleethorpes, underscores his dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Robin's son, Craig, who joined the business in 1990, brings additional expertise, having honed his skills at Guildford College in joinery.

Together, they elevated Titan Garden Buildings, which eventually evolved into 1st Choice Leisure Buildings. Their enduring focus on premium materials, top-notch manufacturing, and unparalleled customer service, along with Craig's digital acumen in creating the company's online presence, showcase their expertise and reliability in the industry.

Robin’s expertise was featured in Realtor.com, Homes&Gardens, The London Economic, and dozens other publications.

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