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Steel Portal Frame Buildings Kits and Costs
Steel Portal Frame Buildings Kits and Costs

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Steel Frame Buildings UK
  • FREE Structural Calcs on Standard Buildings
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000
  • FREE Fast Steel Buildings Quotes
  • Fully Galvanised High Tensile Steel
  • All Sizes of CSB Buildings Made to Suit You
  • UK Quality Made for Peace of Mind
  • Option for double skin composite steel
  • Full Assembly Options Available
  • Fully Bespoke Portal Frame Buildings
  • Fast Delivery (Normally Within 4 Weeks
  • Optional anti condensation barrier to roof
  • Apex or Pent Styles. Even 'L' Shaped Possible
  • Huge Selection of Roller doors
  • Large Range of Colours to Suit Your Needs
  • Steel Industrial Building Available to View
  • Internal partition walls & Sky Lights
  • Included Up to 25 Years Warranty

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ALL Workshops Can be Insulated

CSB Steel Framed Portal Building
CSB Portal Frame Buildings
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Composite Insulated Option
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CSB Price Guide
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CSB Steel Framed Portal Building
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Any size Made to Suit YOU

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CSB Steel Framed Commercial Buildings
CSB Commercial Steel Buildings
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Any Size Made to Suit You
CSB Steel Framed Agricultural Building
CSB Steel Agricultural Buildings
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CSB Steel Framed Farm Building
CSB Farm Buildings & Farm Sheds
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Read Why You Should Buy These Steel Portal Frame Building Kits
Read Why You Should Buy These Steel Portal Frame Building Kits

Portal Frame Buildings in all Sizes For Sale

1st Choice can by taking your requirements produce a high class building to meet your requirements. The advantage of this software is that it uses your exact location and then calculates how strong your new steel frame building should be to take into account your local wind and weather conditions. With your post code and height above sea level it produces a steel frame building to suit you and your location. As far as size is concerned you can have any size building from 3m wide x 6m long to 20m wide and to any length. The style of the roof needs to be either apex (gable or 'v' shaped) or pent (flat or mono-pitched). It's also possible in some cases to produce a 'L' shaped building. each steel frame building is truly a 'one off'.

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Fill in this CSB Steel Framed Buildings Free Quote Form and receive YOUR free no obligation quote within 24 hours. See how cost effective our steel buildings are and how they will enhance your business.

Swift Personal Quotes for Your CSB Steel Building

CSB Steel Free Building FREE Quote form It's always good to get a fast answer to any enquiry and we always try to do so. The software we use to design these steel framed buildings is a great help as it does most of the work for us. All we need from you is the width, length, height, the number of doors etc and your post code. The post code is key to ensuring your building will meet your local wind and weather conditions so whether you are up on the Moors, down in the Dales or by the sea the building will be right for you.

Usually within 24-48 hours you will received a written quote from us for your perusal. Clearly this can be amended to suit you. The information required can be sent to us using ourCSB Steel Frame Buildings Free Quote Form When we receive this we always try to reply within 24 hours. Of course, you can always call and talk to us about your precise requirements on (0333) 800 8880 where we will be happy to oblige or you can fax us on (0333) 800 8810.

Swift CSB Steel Frame Building Assembly

As all pre-drilled holes are already in the steel columns on these steel frame building it makes it relatively easy to construct these buildings quickly. Besides the bolts you will find that 'Tek' (self drilling screws) are used in the building of it. There is a small amount of other work but you will be surprised how quick they are built. There is no welding to do at all. If you compare than with building a breeze block or brick building you can see it's a doddle in comparison. This is one of great features of these buildings. There is an option to have a Capital Steel team of erectors assemble your new steel frame building for you if you choose.

Very Quick CSB Steel Buildings Delivery Times

The turnaround time for these steel frame buildings is normally 4 weeks from placing your order. So it's possible that within 6 weeks you could be using your new building adding extra capacity to your business. This normally filters down and will increase your 'bottom line'. Which is especially pleasing.

Another plus for this building is that it be dismantled by unscrewing and unbolting them. You could then relocate them in your present business or even sell them off if circumstances change. Try doing that with a concrete block or brick building so you can see these steel frame buildings answers many questions. The question to ask yourself is 'why would you consider anything else?' Just ask for your free quote to see how much money you can save.

Up to 25 Year Factory Backed Guarantee available

These steel frame buildings come with an 'up to' 25 years guarantee against rusting which is reassuring news. Besides that there is a large range of colours available and many different options which should suit all your needs. Yet another positive reason to consider these buildings.

Get Your CSB Quote For Your Building NOW!

Fill in this CSB Portal Framed Buildings Free Quote Form and receive YOUR free no obligation quote within 24 hours. See how cost effective our steel structure are and how they will enhance your business.

Reasons To Buy Capital Steel Buildings
Reasons To Buy Capital Steel Buildings

CSB Steel Portal Frame Buildings Fast Delivery

The Capital portal frame building kits are normally delivered within 4 weeks of placing order. Even on complex light industrial buildings.

Long Warranty Period on Steel Frame Structures Available

These light industrial steel structures come complete with up to 25 years warranty against rusting depending on location, which is great news. Also available in a range of different colours and many options so that it will meet your requirements. Another good reason to consider these prefabricated buildings for your needs.

Capital Steel Portal Frame Buildings Adaptability

The unique portal frame construction method utilised in these Capital Steel Buildings allows these prefab steel structures to be built to any shape or size. The only limitation is that it must be square, rectangular or L shaped. Large range of custom features to suit you - i.e open bays, roller doors, personal doors, skylights, partitions etc.

Convenient Capital Portal Frame Buildings Kits

The galvanised steel utilised on these steel structures enables them to be free of maintenance with the exception, every now and then, of a quick wash down. The steel cladding comes with a plastic coating in a range of colours to suit you.

CSB Bank Bonded Industrial Building Orders

All buildings can be purchased using our Nat West Bank Bonded order system unlike many 'fly by night' companies out there. This ensures that your payment is held by Nat West until after your new prefab steel building has been delivered. It is only then do we receive the money from the bank. This enables you to have 100% confidence that your money is safe and your faith in 1st Choice and Capital Steel Buildings.

Unbeatable Value on CSB Light Industrial Buildings

More portal frame buildings are sold than any other company in the UK by Capital Steel and we, 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, will also try to offer the very best price in the FIRST instance. However, we will always try our upmost to beat any written quote for a like minded building. So, in the unlikely event, always give us the opportunity to provide the best deal.

High Quality Steel Materials

All Capital Steel Buildings are engineered to BS6399 (part 2). A Steadman and Son, the manufacturers, are renowned for their quality of their steel and have ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. They offer a guarantee on their fully galvanised steel of up to 35 years, depending on location.

Structural Calculations Provided Free

All our four sided CSB standard steel frame buildings are available with FREE structural calculations and certificate. Potentially saving you 100's on your new building.

Steel Cladding Capital Steel Options

Our portal frame buildings are offered in a choice of single skin, single skin with anti-condensation barrier on the roof or composite, in a range of thickness from 40mm up to 120mm, insulated cladding. Large number of colours are available to match your precise needs or property.

Capital Steel Design Service

We can design your new prefabricated steel frame structure in front of you at their New Haw office and provide you with an instant quotation. This can provide a practical, cost effective hassle free solution to your needs with its many options.

Get Your CSB Quote For Your Light Industrial Building NOW!

Fill in this CSB Steel Buildings Free Quote Form and receive YOUR free no obligation quote, usually within 24 hours. Check out how cost effective our prefab steel buildings are and how they will enhance your business.

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