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How To Treat Your 1st Choice Garden Office
There are many types of preservatives available for garden offices and summer rooms which range from fully pressurised tanalised treatments down to water-based treatment. In the past one of the favourite treatments was creosote, often supplemented with old engine oil. This did a great job protecting the timber from the harsh weather but had to be reapplied from time to time. This had a distinctive smell, quite strong, which tended to linger for quite a while.Not ideal if you had treated the inside of your garden building which you wanted to work in. Thankfully, improved safety rules were introduced in 2003 as it had proved dangerous to use and from 30th June 2004 it is illegal even to store it or keep it in any form so if you have any in your shed you should dispose of it responsibly. A new substitute Crecote has been introduced for people who wish to get a similar effect.

On cheap garden rooms, you will find that a water-based preservative is commonly used and is mainly serving the purpose of a base coat, for your second coat to be put on. The water is a carrier for the chemicals and helps the compound to adhere and react to the wood of the garden building, and protecting it to a certain degree. This can be dipped into a bath of this treatment or painted or may be sprayed onto the panels.

Sprit or solvent-based preservatives are the preferred and better method of applying treatment onto timber. The solution again is a carrier for the chemicals and works far better than the water. The spirit treatment or solvent helps greatly and gives better protection to the timber. Yet this can be sprayed on (but if done so protective equipment should be worn), sprayed on or dipped onto the timber house. Very few people dip their building in this dues to the possibility of reactions to the operatives doing the dipping.

Take a look at our garden room and office images to see what other people have done with their bespoke offices as this may inspire you to come up with ideas which will be right for you.

For a better type of treatment, you need to look at the oil-based option. The oil holds the chemicals and bond the chemicals into the wood. The oil as it soaks into the timber gives it a certain amount of ‘give’ helping with the natural movement of your building. Tanalising, or pressure-treating, is the very best you can do for your timber. The tanalising process consists of the wood being put into a sealed vat.

And the Tanalith E fluid is forced into the wood under pressure. The pressure ensures that the preservative soaks in a great deal further than just brushing or spraying. The result of this is that the timber should be protected against rot for 15 years. On the Platinum offices and garden rooms, the cladding is pressure treated as standard.

The pressure treatment also protects against fungal and insect attacks giving your new building a long life. The appearance of the timber is quite attractive, having a slight natural green tint to the wood which can blend into the garden. However, you can add a colour treatment to the wood if you wish. This treatment is ideal for any building in an enclosed space, i.e. where treating would prove difficult or where you like the idea of very low maintenance.

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