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Order Process For Capital Steel Buildings

Three Steps to ‘Capital Steel Buildings’ Heaven


STEP 1 to buying a Steel Building from Capital

Contact us with the size of building you would like. We need to know the width (across the gable end), the depth and the eaves height (height to the gutters). On top of this you need to decide on the type of cladding, whether you would like just a single skin building or possibly a single skin walls with a single skin roof with an anti-condensation barrier to the roof to stop any condensation falling on you. (very inexpensive option).

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Further options are to have a top quality composite PIR insulated panels in one of five thickness 40mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm or 120mm suitable for offices. (60mm and above are fire rated) You can also have a mixture of all sorts if you so wish. There is an option for skylights (translucent roof panels) which are a metre wide by the width of the roof, and this will give a tremendous amount of natural light into your new steel building. Gutters & downpipes and roof & eaves fillers are included as standard – unlike some other suppliers.

You then need to decide on what size doors you would like, either roller doors or personal doors (we don’t do double doors). The roller doors are available in a range of sizes up to 5m wide x 4.9m high and the high-security personal door comes in its own frame, for ease of installation with a ten point locking system.

Other options are internal partitions, open bays, lean-to’s and extended eaves.

When you send this information to us we are then able to provide you with a detailed quote, which is quite specific to your area taking into account wind loadings and stresses due to altitude, using our highly sophisticated software, developed with help from Strathclyde University.

STEP 2 to buying a Steel Building from Capital

When you see the superb value these buildings are with your individual quote and wish to proceed further we are able to send you scaled drawings of the steel building which you can choose to use to apply for planning permission if you choose. It is always a good idea to check with your local authority about planning permission to make sure, even if you don’t feel you need to, but ultimately this is your choice. We are able also at this stage to send you detailed footing plans to suit your steel building so you can make preparations or get costings for doing this.

You should also make sure that there are no issues with building control at this stage. 9 times out of 10 there is not an issue but you don’t want to be that 10% who has to and not to bother. To get building control permission the building has to go to an independent engineer who will calculate all the loadings and stresses within all of the building and there is a charge for providing these very detailed and impressive calculations, however again this is down to you.

STEP 3 to buying a Capital Steel Building

When you have sorted out any possible planning or building controls issues and you are happy with the design of your new Capital Steel Building you are now in a position to order your new Capital Steel Building. We will need to know the colour of your building and this can be varied to suit what you would like. I.E. the walls can be one colour, the roof another, the gutters (which are included free) can be another colour etc.

We would then need to know the exact size of your base. Ideally, it should be the exact size but if it is larger then the wall sheets will need to be cut shorter.

The 3rd thing we need to know is what the access is like. Deliveries normally come on an articulated lorry which needs space to get to the delivery point and then be able to turn around or drive straight out. If this is not possible we can arrange delivery on a smaller lorry but there could be a delivery surcharge for this.

We would then need to sort out payment which can be by credit or debit card, cheque, BACS or by Bank Bond (where the bank holds your money until after delivery) and we would then be able to process the order for your Capital Steel Building. We would send you a written confirmation of your order with your invoice, and also scaled drawings of your building, including the footings, elevations, colour representation of your building, roof plan and all the connection details. We would also send a detailed erection manual which is unique to your building for ease of construction. Also very importantly we will send you a BOM (bill of materials) which list all the parts which make up your building.

Capital Steel Buildings Plans provided free of charge
Detailed Plans
Provided Free

Taking Delivery of your new Capital Steel Building


Your new steel building would normally arrive within 3-4 weeks and the factory or haulier would contact you to agree a delivery date for the main building and the fixings. The roller doors would come separately and they would also liaise with you.

When the building arrives it is vital that you check the delivery against the BOM within 48 hours as this is all the time the factory allows. After this time there may be a charge to supply any parts which are short or incorrect. If you are unable I would recommend that you ring the factory on (01697) 478277, speak to Ian and quote the order number on your BOM so they are aware of any delay. If you don’t do this it can be awkward to sort out later. All the parts of your building can be easily moved with 1 or 2 people.


Erecting your Capital Steel Building

You will be supplied with a detailed erection guide lines giving you step by step instructions for your specific building. This can be used by yourself to erect the building, or you can give this to your builder for him to do so. We don’t supply erectors but we can provide you with a list of approved Capital Steel erectors who can build your building for you to save you any worries. Build time depends on the size but is usually completed relatively quickly for you to be able to enjoy your new building.

If you have a digital camera we would be very pleased to receive pictures of your building, ideally from start to finish. We are happy to pay £50 for 25 photographs which includes several of the finished building. Just contact Robin using our contact form or ring (0333) 800 8880 (local rate) or (01932) 348234 who will be happy to arrange payment.

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