Trentan ® Hexagonal Timber Log Cabins

Six Sided Log Cabins For Sale
Six Sided Log Cabins For Sale
Trentan Ickenham Hexagonal Cabins
2.7m x 2.4m
44mm Nordic Interlocking Logs
Georgian or Plain Cabin Style
Hexagonal Log Cabin Style

(Full Details of Ickenham Cabins)

Trentan Ripley Hexagonal Log Cabins
3.5m x 3.03m
Hexagon Shaped Log Cabin
Proper Glass Throughout
Arched Windows

(Full Details of Ripley Log Cabins)

Trentan Corner Log Cabins Range
All Corner Cabins
From 2.4m x 2.4m to 4.48m x 2.8m
Modern Corner Log Cabin
Fast Delivery Times
Light Flows Into Building

(Full Details of Corner Cabins)

Guildford, Surrey Display Site
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Trentan 'Ickenham' Hexagonal Cabin

The superb 'Ickenham' hexagonal log cabin creates a new look from the 'norm' with its hexagon shape making this an unique building. With opening windows and its wide door - which can be contemporary or Georgian style - it's a great looking as well as practical building. A perfect summer room for you to enjoy your garden or a place for your hobby. A little thought and you will be able to think of many uses for this beautiful building. Its looks will never disappoint.

We don't have this cabin on display at the moment but you can see examples of other Trentan buildings at our display site near Woking. Don't risk buying a cabin without viewing.

Trentan 'Ripley' Hexagonal Cabin

The stylish shape of the 'Ripley' hexagonal log cabin creates a stunning look from the 'norm'. Its unique hexagonal shape making it a very special building and can be contemporary or Georgian style whichever suits you the best. A great looking as well as practical building - an ideal summer house for you to enjoy your garden, or maybe a place for your hobby or to just to relax.

Where ever possible try to view a selection of log cabins before buying so you can judge how good they are. Visit our display site near Guildford and see for your self. This way you can buy with confidence. We look forward to seeing you and will be very welcome.

Other Ranges of Garden Cabins for Sale
Other Ranges of Garden Cabins for Sale
Trentan Corner Log Wood Cabins

The fact how attractive these Corner Log Wood Cabin amazes me and with the tall contemporary glass doors and windows makes this building the 'ones' to choose. Certainly if you are looking to fill that spot in the corner of your garden. These corner cabins will be an asset to you. These Nordic wood cabins are fully double glazed & less than 2.5m tall for planning.

To appreciate the quality fully of a log cabin you should view them before purchasing. We have a display of log wood cabins near Guildford to help you and where you can view examples of the Trentan log wood cabins range for yourself. Don't risk buying 'blind'.

Trentan 'Pyrford' L Shaped Log Cabin

An addition to the modern garden is a log cabin as they are strong in appearance and the natural wood blends in naturally. And this is where the 'Pyrford' L Shaped log cabin scores. Its delightful design and its ability to fit into any garden in a corner plot makes this an ideal garden room for your family and the 'Pyrford' L shaped cabin ticks all the boxes. Key to this is the great design built in as standard.

To ensure that you buy what you think you are buying always view the cabins beforehand by visiting a display site and taking a good luck at the buildings. We have a garden cabin display area near Woking in Surrey where you can see how good these buildings are for your self.

Trentan Multi Room Log Cabin

Log cabins available nowadays are designed to tick all sort of boxes and to meet our requirements in the modern age. In particular our Trentan buildings are very special multi room log cabins with their multi rooms. The modern look of theses buildings will look proud in your garden and some with recessed veranda is useful and particularly attractive.

When buying a log cabin the best advice is to visit a display site so you can examples for yourself. Only by doing this can you be sure you are not buying a 'dud'. We will be delighted to see you at our display site in Surrey where you can see many examples of wooden garden cabins.

Trentan Clockhouse Cabins

Our Trentan clock house log cabin really delivers with either Georgian or contemporary appearance and proper glass doors and opening windows. This allows light to flood into these building allowing your family and you to enjoy the garden environment. There are many different uses for the Trentan log cabins and all will allow for the most enjoyment to be had. The great design is key to this log cabin and is very adaptable.

Before buying a log cabin it's advisable to view them beforehand. This way you can make your own judgment about the quality and avoids you buying a 'dud'. Visit our display site near Guildford and see how good the Trentan cabins are for yourself.

'Trentan' Apex Log Cabins

Our Trentan Apex Log cabins all feature superb light and airiness, ensuring that using these log cabins with your family and in your garden will enhance your life style. These are immensely versatile buildings and will suit all manner of uses which you can share with your family and friends. Superbly designed to fit into most gardens effortlessly - this is what good design should do.

With many different qualities of log cabins available it's always wise to view before buying to ensure you are not buying 'cheap' and getting 'cheap'. Visit our display site near Woking and judge for yourself how good these Trentan cabins are. You will be very welcome.

'Trentan' Pent Log Cabins

Our Trentan pent cabins are great looking buildings and by using these with your family and in your garden will enhance your life style. Being very versatile they will suit all manner of uses from a home office, to a summerhouse, or a games room, or 'hidyhole' from the world. Share with your family and friends and you will then appreciate how wonderful the outdoors really is. Superbly designed to fit into most garden effortlessly - this is what good design should do.

Always, if possible, ensure that you view a building before buying. This ensures that you are buying the building you think you are. Come and visit our Guildford display site and see examples of the Trentan range and where you can judge how good they are.

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