Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.
Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.
Earlybird delivery discount: Check out reductions available on this page. Take advantage now.

Click below to see see example IMAGES of these amazing Diamond Washington Summer Houses.
All can be fully bespoke to suit you and your home. Please Contact us and let us help

Why Choose Diamond Garden Buildings

There are many reasons why these Diamond buildings will be your best option. Here are just a few of them.
1/ Dipped treatment to ensure long-lasting life
2/ Free assembly included as standard to save you time and money as well as ensure the building is built properly.
3/ Toughened glass to ensure safety. It does not break into jagged pieces but into granules, like the windscreen of old.
4/ Fully bespoke option. This building can be made to suit your needs – no need to compromise.
5/ Painted option in many colours to make the building a bit special for you.
6/ On display so you can examine them closely to ensure they will meet your expectations. No having to ‘cross fingers and hope’ when buying blind online.

Diamond Washington Summer Building

The Washington summerhouse is mostly used for leisure but can also make a very good garden office so you can work from home. Being made with very heavy duty joinery doors and windows, of which at least two open, it can be very secure.The amount of windows allows natural light to flood in creating a pleasant working environment. These garden rooms are constructed using a solid 2×2 vertical framework and will be clad with a redwood deal (not cheap, less durable whitewood used on ‘cheaper’ garden building) T&G shiplap boards. Also an option for the slightly thicker attractive loglap finish.

You will find that all materials used on these buildings are top quality with nothing spared in making a well-made building.

Don’t Buy On Price Alone

Discover the remarkable features of these structures, unmatched in terms of value. While their cost may be higher than that of regular buildings, their quality is always uncompromised. Reject anything that falls short of the highest level of excellence.

Examine The Quality

Prior to making a decision, it is recommended to visit our showrooms in Surrey. This enables you to evaluate the quality and ascertain if the higher price is warranted. Can you access a physical viewing of the building you are interested in through online means? If not, what is the reason for this?

Free Assembly

These buildings not only have exceptional quality but also come with complimentary installation, which adds to their overall worth. It is recommended to examine customer feedback to gain insights from their perspectives.
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