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With over thirty nine years experience in the garden & leisure building industry we can easily spot the difference between a good quality office building and an exceptional one and we positively refuse to lower our standards. You can find cheaper garden rooms but you won’t find better for delivery to Bracknell including modern, smart and insulated buildings. All of our partners have been carefully chosen to offer the finest selection of buildings, with the best after-sales service, at the very best prices.

Comprehensive Display Site not Far from Bracknell For Viewing

We believe that it is vital that you are given the opportunity to inspect a building before parting with your so we have established easily-accessible display sites near Guildford and Farnham in Surrey which is not too far away where you can come and view eighty buildings from all of our main ranges of buildings including the delightful and bespoke garden rooms. You can browse at your leisure without worrying about any high pressure salesmen pouncing on you (not that we would employ that type in any case!). If you need any help then we are there to advise. And before you know you new garden office will be at your home and you will be able to work at home in a relaxed atmpsphere.

Directions Available For You

The above map will give you directions from Staines to our display sites where you can our range of timber offices, garden rooms fully insulated to keep you cosy.

Full installation (Erection) Service Included **

Our full range of garden rooms and home offices will be installed free of charge at the time of delivery providing there is a suitable base. And if there isn’t, don’t worry, we can build that for you too for a small extra charge. Optional fitting service for log cabins.

Experts in garden buildings in timber, metal, plastic & concrete. And so much more so take a small drive from Bracknell and come and see us.

We all have those mornings where we wake up and something is not right but are not sure what it is. This has happened to me many times, the most memorable one was back in 1976. I had been away with the family for the weekend in Bracknell and returned late Sunday night. At the time I was lorry driving and had to leave for work at about 5.00 in the morning. I left for work early Monday and where my car was normally parked – it was not there.

Since not wide awake I struggled to work out what was wrong. I wondered whether I’ve parked my car around the corner so wondered around the crescent looking for my car. Having no luck I went back indoors and asked my wife ‘where did I park the car last night?’ She confirmed it was outside our front door so we now realised it had been stolen.

The worse thing was that I had only had the engine sorted out the previous week and the car was running great. In those days we had very little money, I was doing 2 jobs just to make ends meet so was a major blow, however, the strange feeling you get when something is not right and you don’t know what it is horrible.

Whether Patrica Howe, a pensioner in Weatherall, Cumbria felt the same when he went into his garden and found her garden room had gone. Only five minutes earlier she had been inside her shed so this made it even more puzzling. It was as if an alien had beamed it up and away. As it turned out the shed had disappeared, along with a great chunk of her patio in the River Eden below.

There had been a raging storm going on and the rain was torrential. Miss Howe had gone inside to make a refreshing cup of tea. She had turned on the kettle and thought she would feed her two cats. She reached for the kitchen sink to get a knife and just happened to look out of the window and noticed a large part of the garden was gone.

She had not heard any noise at all, there was no bang, no crack just nothing. Her garden room and a large part of the patio had fallen down into the river leaving her bird table teetering on the edge. Only a few minutes earlier the wall was there, afterwards, she was shaking with fright – I’m not surprised!. Miss Howe realised how very lucky she had been, just a few more minutes and she would not have been telling the tale. She admitted that she went into that shed all the time where she keeps her food for the many birds in her area.

However, Miss Howe, the verger at her local church (was the above an act of god??) was furious with her insurance company whom she claims failed to warn her of the potential dangers to her land. She had made a previous claim to her home insurers, NIG, earlier this year in February after a crack appeared in her garden wall, but the NIG surveyor said the company would not pay for its repair and was not told of any possible structural problem with her patio or land. She said they had not warned her off the patio and thought they had a duty to do so. She assumed that if the wall went it would be just the garden wall.

A spokesperson for the insurance firm Saga said that Miss Howe had submitted a claim to the retaining wall but was refused as the damage was down to wear and tear and was not covered by the policy. Miss Howe did contact NIG when her claim was declined to register his dissatisfaction with their decision. NIG acted upon this and got a second independent opinion who upheld their decision. They further went on to say they sympathised with Miss Howe for her difficulties.

The Met office did confirm that the Weatherall area had experienced the heaviest rainfall in the UK on the day of the incident. On July 17th more than 2 inches of rain fell in just a few hours.

The above just goes to show how important foundations are, certainly if any garden building is to be put close to a drop. Whilst most garden sheds and buildings are built away from any hazards it is still important that the base is substantial and level. There are various options available – you can have a concrete base, a paving slab base, a decked area, an Probase base, or if you don’t want to build a base yourself then, Viking Services (in certain areas) can supply, build and level a timber subframe base for you to put a new garden office onto.

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