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Buying Garden Rooms & Home Offices

When buying an office for the garden it seems to be very straight forward to – just click on the ‘web’ find the building in the size you want and then search for the best price. ‘Piece of Cake YES? Well not really as there are so many different buildings available from the ‘cheap and possibly nasty’ right up to ones which would feel at home in a posh country home. To ensure you make the right decision you need to do your homework to ensure you make the right choice and buy the right one for YOUR needs.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings

– ONLY Offers Offices Made to The Highest Quality

Buy With Confidence From An Established Company

By deciding to buy from an established business you will find this is the best option as you can be sure that their expertise in the home office industry is key to their success. Also, normally this will only happen when they have been selling the right buildings to their customers at the right price and this normally follows after listening to them. By choosing a business with a fixed ‘brick and mortar’ address’ is always good as you can actually be sure there is somewhere to contact if you need to.

If the business is only available on the internet then how can you be sure who they are and whether they will be here today, tomorrow and in the future. Having a fixed address is always a good thing to have and is reassuring if you need to contact them in the future. Sure – emails are great but you are dependent on these being responded to, and quickly.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings Established in 1979

– When they started making garden buildings and are a family business. They also have two show sites with physical offices so you can talk to them and view examples of their wonderful choice of home offices and garden rooms.

Before Buying Always View Wooden Offices for Sale

The ‘internet’ is an amazing thing (thanks Sir Tim Berners-Lee) but the flashiest of web pages and glossy brochure can never show a REAL feel for what you are buying. This is not a problem with many standard items but when selecting YOUR new office or garden room it’s important to know that your expectations will be met with the same as what you ordered. By being able to view your proposed building you can be reassured of the quality and see how well constructed it is, you can check the height to ensure you won’t bang your head and can see if the doors and windows are made from stern stuff.

This will help you to distinguish the ‘wheat from the chaff’ – i.e. the made down to a price cheap and nasty ones, which are readily available on the internet, and the well constructed, properly made buildings which are designed to last a long time. The claims by the retailers, who only sell online, that it’s good to buy online and that you can save money may be true to a certain degree BUT there is only one way to be sure you won’t end up with that ‘cheap and nasty’ building in your garden. By viewing beforehand you can save yourself from the stress and potential heartache. And it VITAL to remember that the cheapest price is not always the best value.

Take A Trip to One of the 1st Choice Leisure Buildings Showrooms

and see garden rooms display near Guildford and Farnham in Surrey. There are over 100 buildings on display at the showrooms and situated not too far from the M25. You will be glad you did.

Happy To Settle for What’s Available? or Are You Special?

Standard sizes and designs have certain advantages as these can help keep the costs down a little however why not consider a building to suit YOU and YOUR garden. This will enable you to utilise your new garden office and allow it to have the best use and to fit in the space that you have available. By deciding on a company which can make a garden building in the size and design for you then this is what can happen. This might be a little more expensive but this small extra cost can be the difference between being 100% satisfied or ‘making do’. Well worth considering surely?

Bespoke 1st Choice Garden Workshops

– have always offer their garden buildings in ‘more or less’ any design or size to suit you – it’s in their DNA. Special sizes very rarely a problem, moving doors & windows – just say where and how many.

The Best Timber Is Always the Right Option For You

It can be cheaper to use inferior grades of wood or whitewood and can be OK, to a certain degree, if you only want a building to last a year or two. But by insisting on the better redwood timber you can ensure a long life for your new ‘pride and joy’ for your home. Redwood by its very nature grows slower than white wood so the grain is more tightly compacted and will last longer. It also tends to retain more of the resin within the wood which gives it a waxy feeling which further enhances the virtues. Whitewood because it grows so quickly is prone to having little knots dropping out. So redwood, even though it can be a little more expensive, is the best option for a long term building.

1st Choice Garden Buildings

– Select redwood deal timber on the majority of their buildings for longer life.

Beware of OSB, Chipboard or Sterling Board Boards

You will find that most of the ‘cheap’ offices will use Sterling board, chipboard or OSB board or Sterling board on the roofs and floors to save money. This would be fine in an ideal scenario but as soon as any damp gets into these boards (and being outside is nearly unavoidable) they will start to swell and then disintegrate. This will be the end of your shiny new office without any expensive repairs. These companies know this so by saying their floors and roofs are made from ‘Sheet Materials’ they hope to hide the fact from you. They avoid using the words ‘sterling board, chipboard, OSB board etc’ as they know it’s quite possible that there will be problems in the near future. Be VERY cautious if any OSB board etc is used on a roof as this will fail as soon as it gets wet.

1st Choice Office Buildings

– are free of chipboard, OSB board, Sterling board and are not used on any of their workshops. On the Diamond, they use special water resistant heavy duty boarding on their floor to ensure a very long life.

Are All Wooden Building Panels Fully Pre Made?

It amazes me that many of the cheap workshops, besides being made of chipboard etc and other nasty materials, are delivered in pieces which you have to build some of the panels yourself. Absolutely Bonkers! If you are buying a cheap building always double check what you are getting.

All 1st Choice Workshops

– are delivered in complete sections (and mostly assembled free of charge) to save you time and effort. Not just dumped in your garden.

Where Can I find More Information?

Visit this page for more Garden Offices Buying Advice You will be pleased that you did.

Help With Planning Permission For Garden Buildings

If you need help about planning permission take a look at our page about planning requirements for garden offices on our web site or go direct to the Planning Portal Official Site

General Help And Advice for Buildings in the Garden

If you need help and shed buying tips then take a look at our page with advice about buying on our web site or go direct to the Which Garden Shed UK Reviews

Buying Garden Offices To Work At Home Has Never Been Easier.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings Offices A Family Business Established In 1979 Always Striving To Be The Best.

Why Choose Insulated Garden Offices In The UK?

An office is used traditionally through the warmer months and then, if not insulated, as a storage place throughout the winter. Well – how about being able to use it all year round? With a little thought and a small investment and getting it insulated you can use this wonderful building all year round. Your children could be out from under your feet and they can use it as their own den with their computer games, music or chilling with their friends. The ‘bread winners’ of the house could use it as a ‘man cave’ or ‘she den’ for their own hobbies or pastimes. Or a garden room complete with insulation could be used as an home office based business and, in this instance, the cost would be tax deductible which is a ‘win win’ for you.

Can I Insulate My Garden Room After Delivery?

It’s reasonably easy to add insulation to a garden building if you have semi-reasonable DIY skills. Normally, you would need to buy fibreglass insulation, purpose made material or polystyrene and then cut this to size and fit it in between the internal timbers. The fibreglass insulation will need tacking into place to stop it moving before you fix the inner skin which could be plywood, hardboard (which you can get with an attractive veneer on it) or even T&G boarding. This is reasonably easy for the walls but the roof can be a little tricky as you have to put the insulation into place, but you have gravity working against you, making fitting the inner skin fiddly. You would, ideally, need 2 or 3 people to do the roof. After you have completed that it would also be a good idea to use cover strips over the joins to finish it off.

Click Through Using The Images To Find All Of Our Garden Buildings With Insulation With Links Through To Prices.

What Other Options Do I Have?

On all our outbuildings and garden rooms we are able to offer a full range of insulation options. On all of the Platinum and Diamond buildings they can have their roof and walls lined and then insulated enabling you to benefit from all year round use. We normally use a Kingspan quality insulation which is a solid composition with foil backing. There is a range of different internal linings. Before finishing the building will have internal trims fitted ensuring a delightful finish. With a choice of internal cladding you can choose one to suit you. Click through to the Diamond or Platinum buildings below for more costs.

Will These Outbuildings Be Warm In The Winter?

If your wooden out building is insulated either by yourself or through our service then it will be nearly as warm as inside your house. Like your house during the colder spells you will have to have some form of heating inside. Ideally, an electric radiator, but never a Calor gas heater. These types of heaters give off a lot of moisture and can make the building damp as well as being a fire risk. Avoid at all costs!

Besides keeping your new garden room warm in the winter it will help to keep it cooler in the summer. And this is something which not many people think about. And to be honest I never used to think about that but on our display site, near Guildford, we had a normal uninsulated building next to an insulated one and I was checking them over. When I went from the insulated into the uninsulated one I could not believe the difference in temperature. I had to go back into the one with insulation to double check, so well worth doing.

How Much Will An Office With Insulation Cost?

All of our Platinum office buildings pages have links to the prices for each range and on the order form, on each page, you will see the cost for that particular model. On some there is even an option to insulate the floor or to add electrics for even better protection from the elements. One of the questions is whether you can afford it. Well, if you would like to use your new office all year round in the garden then it’s worth working out what this all year round use is worth to you. To be able to have an all year round office or hobby room is a great asset and a little piece of calm away from our mad world.

Can I Receive A Personal Quote?

We are, of course, very happy to supply you with a firm quote to meet your needs.
Just call us on (0333) 800 8880, use our contact form or visit our display sites near Woking and Farnham.

How Qualified Are We To Offer Advice?

We, being a family business, have been involved in the manufacture of quality garden buildings for sale since 1979 when Robin started his first production unit. Craig, Robin’s son, joined in 1990 and trained at Guildford College in joinery. And for over 20 years we ran one of the largest UK shed companies in the south of England, and make very strong timber offices, and made the conscious decision to only deal with quality materials which we knew would last the test of time. This ethos probably comes from our upbringing. Robin’s father and grandfather were Master Butchers in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire and Quality and Customer Service was always the keyword behind their businesses.

Craig is a key member of the business and is helping 1st Choice to embrace the challenges of the 21st century. And with his two children, Daniel and Rebecca, the future looks very promising. So as you can see we are not just salespeople selling a range of products who know nothing of little about the products but have the history behind us to ensure that when you choose ‘1st Choice’ then you know your wooden office – garden room actually will be ‘1st Choice.

Author is Robin Antill - expert in garden buildings Written By Robin - Expert in Garden Buildings For 39 Years.
Hi, I'm Robin Antill, founder of 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, and I use my expertise gained over 39 years in the garden buildings industry to understand that each customer is different. With my manufacturing, retailing and customer service experience my articles help people choose their ideal shed, garden workshop, summerhouse, log cabin or garden office needs to suit their requirement and that is key to satisfaction. And what do I do when I'm not writing? You may find me following Grimsby Town Football Club or riding roller coasters - so plenty of 'ups and downs' in my life.

Garden Rooms and Home Offices for Working From Home Available To View

It’s always worth taking a look when buying a new office for your garden. Come and visit either of our showrooms and see how good these buildings are

Guildford Surrey, Display Site

Please visit our show room within the Sutton Green Garden Centre conveniently situated directly off the A320 Woking to Guildford Road where you will a large range of garden buildings, including log cabins, garden workshops, summer houses, concrete garages and garden sheds.

The site is open and manned 7 days a week for viewing as well as obtaining free advice and ordering your delightful new building.



Farnham Surrey, Display Site

Please visit our show room within the superb Squires Badshot Lea garden centre, close to the Shepherd and Flock roundabout on the A31 Farnham to Guildford Road where you will a large range of garden buildings, including log cabins, garden workshops, summer houses, concrete garages and garden sheds.

The site will be open 7 days a week for viewing and will be manned most days in the week including weekends.



Now Fully Open With Nearly 30 Different Buildings On Display To View

If you click on ‘search for garden offices near me’ and whether it’s contemporary, insulated, corner, large or small – or garden rooms, garden studios for your home – and whether it’s working from home, or for using it for a recreation area or hobby room then you find will find a large range on offer on our 1st Choice Leisure Buildings web site. We can make fully bespoke garden rooms for your needs if the standard models don’t suit. All buildings erected free of charge so why settle for anything less? Come and view for yourself at our Surrey showrooms.

Farnham Show Site

1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Squires Garden Centre,
Bagshot Lea Road,
Badshot Lea,


Woking Show Site

1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Sutton Green Garden Centre,
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