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  • Where Can I Find Different (Bespoke) Sizes and Designs of Sheds?

    When finding the perfect shed, sometimes the size or options off the shelf don't fit the bill. Whether it's a matter of size, layout, or simply wanting something unique, settling for less is not an option. How about designing the perfect building to complement your garden?? Our customisable designs offer the ideal building tailored to your preferences. Choose from standard models or fully bespoke options. Free fitting on wooden buildings as standard, coloured treatment and multi-room configurations are available. Toughened glass and floors are standard. Explore our product main page, and you can use the filters to fine-tune your needs. Or contact us directly if you need help.
  • Where Can I See Customer Reviews And Feedback?

    Please read our reviews showcasing our customer's experience with our company, outlining our commitment to service and a happy customer. We are dedicated to customer feedback and reviews to listen to our customers and provide the best service possible. We appreciate our customers taking the time to share their experiences and look forward to working with them. Whilst we don't always get things right, we do, as a family business, always strive to resolve any snagging or issues to ensure a satisfactory outcome.
  • Who Can Help Building a Base? What About Painting or Adding Insulation? Electrics?

    1st Choice specialises in offering an extensive collection of quality buildings, so you can be assured that you will find your ideal building with a minimum of fuss. There are occasions, however, when other specialists are required to complete your project, and our years of experience in this field mean that we have built up a number of valuable connections with reliable tradespeople who we put forward here for your consideration. This is where we can help. We have contacts for base building, painting, insulation service, electrical work, building removal, and decking construction. All of these contacts are vetted by us so that you can be sure they will do a first-class job for you. Take away the worry about trying to find someone suitable and talk to us so we can help. Take a look on this additional services page or contact us directly so see if we can help.
  • Why Is Viewing A Shed In Person Essential Before Purchasing?

    With the internet, it's often difficult to see what your new building will be like. This is why it's essential to view examples before delivery. This way, you can see how well it's been made, whether there is sufficient head height, whether the doors and windows are solidly made and how good the timber is Whilst some internet-only companies may claim it's best to buy online, it is only sometimes possible to be sure what you are getting. If they are not prepared to let you see their buildings beforehand, then be wary. The cheapest price is only sometimes the best value.

    1st Choice Show Rooms are near Woking, Ripley & Guildford in Surrey & Showcase Their Very High Quality Buildings