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Now’s The Time To Take On Those DIY Jobs

Britain is full of DIY addicts with most enjoying this activity but with many it’s the cost saving which is important. And in these current recessionary times this activity has increased but also many DIY jobs are put off and folks are making do in the meantime.

Whilst most of the DIY goes on indoors the garden is an area where DIY can be king and this goes under the guise of gardening. If you think about it this is exactly the same as DIY as you are not paying experts to look after the garden but are doing it yourself. Probably the rich still employ people in their gardens but this is not the ‘norm’.

Gardening DIY is an enjoyable pursuit and to see the results appearing over time is highly satisfying. Also in the garden is the pressure treated garden shed which is used for many purposes, normally for storage but it’s in DIY where the shed comes to the ‘fore’. With a bench in the shed you can complete many jobs in relative comfort and safety. You can also use the garden bench in the pursuit of gardening DIY by utilising this space for planting out or cleaning flower pots etc.

DIY does tends to be mainly a warmer weather activity and Easter does tend to be the starting point in the year. The sun (sometimes) and the four days holiday does give people an opportunity to think about what they would like to do and to plan for the coming months. The garden shed can be cleared out ready to be made more use of and this is always a good idea. If you are thinking of upgrading then you should always think about a pressure treated shed as a replacement with all its virtues.

When the major sporting events are on the horizon this does tend to concentrate the mind and gives a little boost to ensuring these jobs are done before they start, usually, on TV. This will ensure that these events can be watched without feeling guilty. The little jobs around the house, the pruning and weeding in the garden and the clearing up the garden shed or summerhouse should be done in plenty of time without the pressure.

Build It Magazine also claims this to be the case and that they expected the number of DIY jobs to be undertaken to increase prior to events, such as the World Cup, European Championships and Olympics. Some of the most popular (??) jobs to be completed includes renovating the garden shed, or replacing it with a new pressure treated version (?) and clearing a green space for family gatherings or for barbecue sessions with friends.

The deputy editor of this magazine, Anna-Maria DeSouza claimed that as we got closer to one or another of these major events then there will be a huge rush to complete these jobs in the house and the garden. By clearing the backlog this will enable ‘her indoors’ to feel a little more comfortable and able to take it a little easier as well. It was expected that visits to garden centres to buy plants, garden furniture and barbecue will increase as home owners get ready.

Earlier DIY jobs will often be finished as well leading up to these major events for the very same reasons. This clears the mind as well as helping with the value of the home and if they have a garden then looking after this will also pay off. A tatty garden shed should be rectified and maybe retreated or by using tanalised timber to make it look better and last longer. The aim is to improve the home and garden. You can see a range of pressure treated sheds at 1st Choice which will stand the test of time.

During the last world cup Halifax Home Insurance claimed nearly £4 billion was spent creating garden dens and fitting out sheds so their owners could spend time enjoying the football. It was also claimed 1.4 million men already have a garden den, converted garage or shed where they can enjoy these sporting events. To me that seems an incredible amount which I think is a little over the top. If the figures are right I would like to know what happened to my share.

Be Pressurised To Look After Your Property

The gardens of the UK are one of our prized possessions because of the many uses for it. It’s a place to relax with family, friends or on your own so you can enjoy the solitude. It’s an haven away from the day to day tribulations of life and the greenery in the garden makes you realise what a great world we live in.

We tend to look after the garden and buy many items to use in it or to help us enjoy the garden. The cost of these varies from very inexpensive items, such as packets of flower seeds, which we can watch and admire when the colour bursts out as they grow, to highly expensive summerhouses with all the ‘bells and whistles’.

However in the sensible world you will find that pressure treated sheds are among the top five garden items. And it not hard to understand why. With the sheer versatility of what can be done with them and the sheer number of sizes and designs, from companies such as 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, you will find that the garden workshop can meet your exacting requirements. Add in that most of the other garden items bought will be stored in then it’s only amazing that it’s not number one.

Research carried out found that garden table and chairs are the number one purchase by home owners followed by plants and flowers. The essential lawnmower is then high on the list, whether it’s an electric, petrol or battery one. You will find sales of the old fashioned, but eco-friendly, ‘push pull’ lawn mowers are quite low and I can’t blame people would looking for easier options.

By doing so they can enjoy barbecues in the garden with their family and friends. The sight of a burnt sausage or a chicken leg falling into the charcoal is all part of the ritual. However they are very dependent on the weather because at the first sign of rain the barbecue is back in the shed. But not always. I have barbecued in the rain before and it’s quite an enjoyable experience to share strangely. Barbecues are about 3rd or 4th on the list of most popular garden items.

However sheds, well certainly good quality pressure treated buildings which are designed to last more than just a couple of years, are some of the most expensive items to buy in the garden. Petrol lawn mowers were also quite high value items but the cost of these have come down in recent years as the imports from China have reduced the costs dramatically.

Other accessories used in the garden are water barrels, normally next to the shed, where you can capture the precious rain and then use it on the garden. These don’t always have to be very large as a small one next to the shed with gutters draining down into it can harvest a great deal of water.

Some people add a ramp to their building and this can make it easier to wheel items in and out. Although most people don’t have a problem with this. Generally there is only a small step into the shed. A dehumidifier is seen as an attractive option to some and this helps to keep items dry inside the shed. However, if the building has good ventilation this does not have to be an essential item.

A alarm is a good idea, certainly if you think about the value of the items collected over the years. This will attract the attention of you or your neighbours if anyone tries to break in. Add in any number of other garden related items and you will realise what a great asset this building will be to you. However, it’s important to insure all your garden items in case they are stolen. It’s all too easy not to bother or to under insure until it’s too late. Having said that some insurance companies won’t cover items in the garden shed unless it is securely locked up to reduce the chance of thieves getting in.

Author is Robin Antill - expert in garden buildings Written By Robin - Expert in Garden Buildings For 39 Years.
Hi, I'm Robin Antill, founder of 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, and I use my expertise gained over 39 years in the garden buildings industry to understand that each customer is different. With my manufacturing, retailing and customer service experience my articles help people choose their ideal shed, garden workshop, summerhouse, log cabin or garden office needs to suit their requirement and that is key to satisfaction. And what do I do when I'm not writing? You may find me following Grimsby Town Football Club or riding roller coasters - so plenty of 'ups and downs' in my life.

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