Garden Sheds For Sale

All available in more or less in any size to suit you. All wooden sheds include free assembly saving you loads of money and making life just a little easier. They can be made bespoke to suit your needs in a range of styles, sizes and finishes.

What Other Outdoor Buildings Companies Don’t Want You To Know
Diamond Woodgate Wooden Reverse Apex Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Woodgate Reverse Apex

When looking for garden sheds it appears very straight forward. Just click around the internet, find the size you want and then look for the best price. Easy YES? Well not really as there is such a huge array of varying quality sheds out there.

From the cheap and nasty right up to ones which would feel at home at Hampton Court Palace.

You need to do your homework to ensure you buy the right one for YOUR needs. Take a read of the following or look on our What You Need To Know web page or any of our Top Buying Tips pages.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings – ONLY Sell Garden Sheds Made to Very High Standards


Buy From An Established Business
Diamond Chichester Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Classic Chichester Apex & Pent Shed

By choosing to buy your timber shed from an established business you can be sure that they have a great deal of expertise in the industry. Also, they have become established by selling the right products at the right price.

Most importantly, they have been listening to their customers. By choosing a business which actually has a show site you can be sure there is somewhere to contact them if you need to. With online-only businesses, they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

With a business with an actual physical address, you will also find you can talk to someone if you choose. Just by typing in ‘sheds near me’ or ‘garden shed suppliers’ will generally find a local business.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings, a Family Business which was established in 1979. We also have a physical office and Show sites.

Toughened Glass As Standard

Garden Shed Installation Service
Diamond Chichester Georgian Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Georgian Chichester Apex & Pent Shed

Sheds by their very nature are large and heavy so building them can be a challenge. This may be fine for some people but a company offering a delivery and installation service will always be a better option. Not only does it save you a lot of hassle, but you can also be sure it has been installed correctly.

Besides the assembly service for our sheds, we can also arrange for a base to be built. This can either be made from a slab of solid concrete or a tanalised timber sub-frame base. It’s even possible to arrange for your building to be painted in colours to suit you. Although the buildings do come with a protective treatment.

1st Choice offer a delivery & assembly service (mostly free of charge) to save you time & effort. Not just dumped in your garden.

Bespoke Garden Sheds

Always view your sheds before buying!
Platinum Titchfield Apex Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Titchfield Apex Shed

The internet is a wonderful thing but even with the flashiest of pages or glossy brochures, you can never get a REAL feel for what you are buying. For many items, this is not a problem but with your new garden shed it’s important to know that what you getting will meet your expectations. By actually viewing the proposed structure. you can be sure of the quality and how well it is constructed. You can see how tall it is so you won’t bang your head. Also how the doors and windows are made.

This will help you to distinguish from the cheap and nasty built to a price. Our well-constructed buildings are designed to last a long time. By viewing beforehand you can save yourself from potential heartache and stress. You’ll be glad you did!
The cheapest price is not always the best value. Click Here For A Walk Through Of Our Display Site

Visit One of the 1st Choice Leisure Buildings Showrooms – and see our displays near Guildford and Farnham in Surrey.

Longevity is key!
Platinum Titchfield Pent Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Titchfield Pent Shed

There are certain advantages for standard sizes or designs as these can help keep the costs down. However wouldn’t it be good to buy a building to suit you and your garden? By doing this you can utilise your new shed to have the best use and to fit in the space that you have.

Talk to a company which can make a bespoke structure in the size and design you need. The extra marginal cost can be the difference between making do or being 100% satisfied.

All you need to do is to talk to us about what your ideal shed is and we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings can make virtually every shed we sell in a size and design to suit you.

Onduline Roofs With Air Gaps

Ensure the Timber Used is the Best for your new building
Platinum Portsmouth Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Traditional Style

Money can always be saved by selecting a cheaper timber such as whitewood. To a certain degree, it’s OK for a basic garden shed. However, It’s far better to insist on a quality redwood ‘deal’ timber. This wood grows far more slowly than whitewood so the grain is more tightly compacted, ensuring a longer life. A marginal extra expensive for a better long term prospect. Whitewood, because it grows quickly can be subject to the small knots dropping out.

All timber is responsibly sourced and is FSC ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ quality approved. This is very important these days where every effort needs to be taken to protect our environment.

The majority of 1st Choice’s garden sheds are made from redwood ‘deal’ timber for a long life.

Traditional Style Garden Sheds

Beware of Chipboard, Sterling Board, or OSB Boards Being Used
Diamond Shorehan Narrow Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Shoreham Shed

You will find that most of the cheap garden sheds use chipboard, OSB, or Sterling board on the floors and roofs to save money. However, as soon as damp gets in these boards start to swell and disintegrate. That’s the end of your shiny new shed!

Some shed companies try to hide this by saying their floors and roofs are made from ‘Sheet Materials’. They avoid using the words chipboard or OSB board because they know there could be problems in the future.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings recommends solid timber – we do NOT use chipboard, OSB board or Sterling board!

An Ideal Solution For Your Home

Are All Panels Fully Pre Made For You?
Diamond Storrington Corner Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Storrington Corner Building

Many of the cheapest shed companies deliver them in pieces where you have to build some of the panels yourself. Ludicrous! If you are buying a cheap shed always triple-check what you are getting! Your new buildings are unlikely to be pre-constructed, leaving you with a load of work to do. It may seem like a great idea to buy a kit. But know what you are letting yourself in for!

Perhaps when you left school you saw your future as a carpenter or a ‘chippy’. You may have been looking forward to a life building sheds. That’s fine! There’s nothing wrong with that. But if not then why don’t you let the factory’s do the work for you?

Insist on a complete building to be delivered to you.

All our Buildings are delivered in completed sections (and mostly assembled free of charge) to save you time and effort!

Shed Sizes: 6’x6′, 7’x7′, 8’x8′ or 9’x9′
Where Can I Find More Information?
Timber Workshops Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Garden Workshops

Visit this page for more Buying Advice You will be pleased that you did. Also, visit 1st Choice’s UK display sites and see for your self. There is a great selection of sheds built on our show site for you to view!

Before spending your money take the time to out visit one of our two display site in Surrey, close to Guildford, Woking, Farnham and Aldershot. Our friendly staff will be delighted to show you our buildings, listen to you and give you free unpressured advice to enable you to make an informed choice.

Click Here For A Walk Through Of Our Display Site

STOP And Think BEFORE Buying Your New Garden Shed. What you should ask and check BEFORE buying

  • Are the buildings you want to buy on display?
  • How good is the timber cladding?
  • Are the floor and roof SOLID timber – is there any chipboard?
  • Can you choose your size and style of shed?
  • Are the sheds delivered and installed FREE and delivered FREE?
  • How thick is the framework?
  • How tall are the buildings, are you a midget?
  • What conditions are attached to the guarantee?
  • Is the shed made in the UK and is it stockpiled?
The Answer is YES!! Click For Buying Advice from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Viewing and Display Sites

Questions often asked on Google is are there any ‘garden sheds near me? With almost 100 buildings on show, seven days a week we positively encourage you to come and visit! Check the quality of our sheds for yourself by visiting our extensive display centre. Located between Woking and Guildford, in Surrey. We have a selection of products from all of our main ranges. We will make you feel very welcome.

Timber Cladding And What To Look For

With a large array of different timber cladding to choose from it’s important that you make the right choice to ensure the longest life for your new shed. Read About Quality of Timber Which Should Be Used

Your New Shed Roof Is Crucial To Its Life

How well designed the roof is on your new shed is crucial to its life, whether it’s pent, apex, gable or lean to. You need to pay particular attention to the specifications. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions BEFORE buying. Afterwards is too late. Read About What you MUST Know about Timber Roofs

Your New Shed Floor Needs To Be Strong

How well designed and how strong the floor is made is important to the comfort and longevity of your new garden shed. Whether it’s a large wooden shed or a small garden hut you need to check it out to ensure it will meet your demands. Read About What you MUST know about Wooden Floors

Ensure The Roof Style Will Suit Your Needs

With a choice of roof styles, you need to ensure you understand the differences and the benefits of the different types. Also which one you like the look of. Read About Range of Styles and Sizes from 1st Choice Garden Buildings

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Garden Shed? – What You Need To Know

Sheds tend to be quite heavy and can be hard work to build. You may like the challenge of building a shed but, if not, why not select the option of fully assembled sheds delivered to your home? All you need is a solid level base and a chair to relax in. We take the strain with our free delivery and assembly service. Let our shed fitters do the hard work – how good is that? Why not have your shed built on site? 1st Choice wooden sheds are installed free of charge.
Read About Delivery and Assembly Options

Important To Know About Windows And Glass

With such a huge choice of windows, it’s important to know what you are getting. Don’t risk being short-changed with a cheap option, check it out before buying your new timber store. Read About Glass and Windows

If You Are Not From Lilliput Then Be Wary About Your New Building

Over the years the human race has been getting taller but no one bothered to tell some shed companies. They still make them for vertically challenged people. This may save a few pounds but is not so good for your head! Read About Height and Doors

And Best of All – THOSE Wonderful Extra Long Guarantees Being Offered

Many shed companies shout from the hills about their extra-long guarantees and warranties! HOWEVER, they are not all that they seem. With VERY strict conditions which must be adhered these guarantees can often be worthless. Read About What you MUST Know about Guarantees and Where your Building will be Made

How To Insulate a Garden Shed Floor, Walls and Roof

  • 1/  Measure the size of your building. How high are the walls, how large is the roof area, measure the floor if you want to insulate it
  • 2/  Decide on the type of insulation you would like to use. i.e. fibreglass type, insulating a shed with polystyrene, or foam insulation sheets
  • 3/  Order the selected insulation from your builder’s merchant or someone like B&Q
  • 4/  How to insulate the garden building walls – Cut the insulation to size and fit this in between the walls and tack into place.
  • 5/  Cover the wall with plywood, hardboard or T&G timber boards.
  • 6/  How to insulate a building roof – Cut the insulation to size for the roof, we recommend using polystyrene as this can be cut slightly oversize so it can be wedged into place
  • 7/  Cover the roof with plywood or hardboard. We recommend screwing this into place so it can be removed if need be.
  • 8/  Finally cover the joins in the wall and roof panels with cover strips. This ensures your insulating of your shed, summerhouse or hut has a tidy cosmetic finish
  • 9/  How to insulate the floor – You will need to fit insulation in between the floor joist and tack into place before assembling it.
  • 10 Alternately, buy an shed with insulation already in place. This is the easiest option but a little more costly.

Should I Choose Insulation For My Timber Building or Shed?

Throughout the summer months, it’s no problem using your building in your garden for the normal day to day things, whether it’s a little pottering about or enjoying being away from the house. But in the cold winter weather, it becomes a place not to be used. Which is a shame? How much better would it be if you could use it all year round with no limitations on what you could do down there. Well, this is possible by deciding to go for an insulated one and you will then not mind going down there all year round. You would then be able to enjoy your hobby down there, possibly allow your children to use, but with reservations on that use, or maybe just enjoy a little time away from the hubbub of the daily grind. If you had a little ‘home cottage’ type business and used in connection with that activity then you could claim the cost against your profits so that would make it even more feasible.

Is It Possible To Insulate After It Has Been Delivered?

If you have reasonable DIY skills then it is possible to line and insulate it after delivery. You would need to buy the insulation, normally fibreglass insulation or polystyrene, and some form of internal cladding. Mostly plywood would be used or maybe hardboard, which can have an attractive veneer finish on it or T&G cladding. To add the insulation you would need to cut it to fit within the internal timber framing. If you are using polystyrene you will find that it stays in position by itself. With the fibreglass, you would need to tack that into place as it’s quite floppy. When you come to insulate the roof I would always recommend the polystyrene as this can be cut slightly oversize and pushed into position. It would then be self-supporting. Ideally, get one or two friends in when you are doing the roof as they will be able to hold the roof sheets or T&G in place whilst you secure it into place. The final cosmetic thing to do is to add covering strips over all the joints. Challenging But Quite Rewarding

Are There Any Other Options Other Than DIY Insulation?

Our 40 years in the timber building industry means we can offer on all our Platinum range of buildings an optional insulation service where they would be insulated and then lined. By taking up this option your new building. cum man cave or she shed, would then be able to be used all year round and not just in the warmer months. The building would be insulated with Kingspan foil backed insulation which enhances the temperature within the building. There is a choice of internal claddings ranging from plywood, board or T&G to suit your needs and requirements. To finish off timber internal trims are added to ensure a great cosmetic finish.

Is It Expensive To Add Insulation To My Garden Building?

On each Platinum shed order form, there is the cost for the insulation so you can decide before ordering whether it will be cost effective for you. We can also insulate the floor as well but you would need to call to get the cost for this. By deciding on the lining and insulation option you would be able to use your shed all year round. How much better that would be for you – only you can decide. But it will make it an even more attractive proposition when the weather is not so good. How you use these extra days and hours is down to you but just to be able to go down and have some ‘me’ time is worth it just for that. It won’t take long to decide this is a great opportunity for you – a great ‘man cave’ or ‘shed den’.

Will My Insulated Timber Building Be Cosy In The Winter?

By adding insulation and lining it then it will definitely be warmer all year round. You will need to add heating to it, the same as in your home, but with that, it should nearly be as warm. So whether you do it or we make your life easier and we do it for you you can see this is a great and viable option. As far as heating is concerned we recommend an electric radiator as this produces nice dry heat. Do not use a Calor gas heater as this produces loads of moisture as well as being a fire risk. Don’t even attempt to do this. Another positive for insulation is that the building will stay cooler in the summer as well. Not many people are aware of this and are only concerned about keeping it warm. To be fair I was not too aware of that until, when I was at our display site, I went from an insulated office into an uninsulated one. I was staggered by the difference. So much so that I went and double checked. This is why it will be a good investment for your shed and a wise decision. You won’t regret it. The insulation option is well worth considering.

Can An Insulated Shed Help Sell My House?

There are many things which make a house easier to sell such as being in a good state of repair and decoration, to being in the right area and near the right schools. Another main area to ensure looks right is the garden. The front garden give potential buyers their first impression and when they view the back garden then this also needs to impress potential buyers.

Even simple things like ensuring the grass is cut and all weeds removed from any borders will help. Tidy away any random items so the garden displays an uncluttered look. Garden buildings can also play a part, whether it’s a garden shed or any other type of out building. If your outbuilding has been lined and insulated then this makes your house a much better proposition. And if it’s looking spick and span and, when combined with a tidy garden, will make your home more desirable.

The attraction of a an insulated garden shed is very appealing as this can give prospective purchasers a very good reason to choose your house. This will give them an opportunity to carry on using it as an office, or maybe they can use it as a recreation or craft room. Possible other uses are as a gloried den for the children which they would love. You can always look on the internet and ask what is the cheapest way to insulate a garden building or about insulation DIY options?

The choice of garden buildings is staggering with many different types available and you can see a good range on our web site. The most important consideration is to ensure it is lined and insulated (I always think this should be insulated and lined as the insulation has to go in before the lining. But it normally is described as lined and insulated, why I don’t know) The reason for the insulation option is to help to keep the building warmer in winter and more importantly, and not always appreciated, is to keep it cooler in the summer.

You need to ensure that the internal height is sufficient as many of the cheap (made down to a price) sheds and garden buildings are quite low. This is important as a low ceiling height will make it a little claustrophobic. Ensure that the building is made from T&G (tongue and grooved) timber and also, for long life, from redwood deal and not the cheaper white wood.

Where ever possible order double glazed doors and windows as this will help to keep the warmth in during the winter and the heat out during the summer making the building pleasant all year round. There is a number of options for the roof covering from heavy duty felt, long lasting Onduline roofing, felt tiles, cedar shingles or even a slatted roof. All will keep your new building dry from rain and snow so the choice is cosmetic.

The managing director of property developers, Puddlestone, said that there has been a significant rise if the demand for homes with insulated buildings in the gardens and this has made those homes more attractive and easier to sell. This is put down partly to the increase in people wanting to work from home due to the financial crisis. Having said that it does not always mean that the sale value will reflect the cost of the home office just that it makes the home easier to sell.

However, if you are thinking of investing in an insulated building for the garden it is good to know that it will help in the future to sell your home. So you have had the benefit of whilst you are living there and you also have the confidence that when you decide to move on it should be easier to do so.

How I Insulated and Lined My Garage
By Robin Antill (Owner & Partner)

Comprehensive Surrey Display Sites For Viewing

We believe that it is vital that you are given the opportunity to inspect a timber building before parting with your so we have established two easily-accessible display sites near Guildford and Farnham in Surrey which is not too far away where you can come and over 100 buildings from all of our main ranges of buildings. You can browse our wooden sheds at your leisure without worrying about any high pressure salesmen pouncing on you (not that we would employ that type in any case!). If you need any help then we are there to advise.

Guildford Showrooms

Click on VIEW LARGER Map For Directions

Farnham Showrooms

Click on VIEW LARGER Map For Directions

Full installation (Erection) Service Included **

Besides optionally insulating our sheds and workshops for you all our garden buildings will be installed free of charge at the time of delivery providing there is a suitable base. And if there isn’t, don’t worry, we can build that for you too for a small extra charge. Experts in timber shed, wooden huts and timber buildings for sale. And so much more so take a small drive and come and see us.

Garden Sheds Over The Years

These buildings are a British institution and have been popular for many years. Even before the 2nd world war sheds in the garden were popular with the nation when we all gardeners ‘dug for victory’. Since then they have played a large role in the hearts of the nation. There are now few gardens which don’t have a building of some sort whether is a small garden hut or a large wooden shed. Whether it’s small behind a modern house or in a large garden shed for a more affluent home – you will find these buildings are very well used. Generally, houses built between the 1930s and ’50s have substantial gardens. This is where larger garden sheds are to be found. As we got into the 90’s gardens became smaller, putting constraints on the size of shed which could be built and corner sheds become more popular. After the housing bubble burst houses tended to be built with tiny gardens so only the smallest ones would fit the bill.

What Is A Shed?

In essence, storage sheds are normally single-storey buildings used in the garden more often, allotments. The size of the building varies depending on the use, needs and more importantly, the available space. In all instances, all these buildings play a useful role in the day to day life. The sheer versatility is helped by the many different designs which are available. From very basic huts to high-end buildings suitable for a multitude of uses. Essentially, these garden sheds consist of an internal frame onto which cladding is secured. Many sheds waterproofed against the elements. The roof is normally either apex (gable or V’shaped) or pent (single or mono-pitched). Although some buildings, usually in the higher price bracket, can sometimes have a hip roof like on a house. These are quite striking buildings but the price can put a lot of people off. The reason for the price is the complexity of manufacture.

What Materials are Garden Sheds Supplied In?

These buildings come in a variety of materials such as wood, timber, metal, steel, plastic or concrete. Often the choice of material used for these tends to be personal choice but different claddings have varying pros and cons. Timber sheds tend to be most popular due to the natural feel it the material gives. However, whilst they are strong, one of the downsides is they need to be treated to maintain their long life. Tanalised or pressure-treated ones won’t require as much maintenance. They normally last for around 15 years, so are very popular. Some sheds are made from galvanised steel with a long guarantee against rust, so no treating of these sheds is required. Beware of metal buildings which are ‘electro-plated’ rather than ‘hot dipped galvanised’. This treatment won’t last as long. Sheds made from more durable materials won’t rust so are a viable proposition for the owner who does not want any maintenance issues. However, these type of units can look a little bland and industrial but do serve their purpose in the garden very well.

Concrete is the ‘bruiser’ of the shed world. Being made from solid concrete they don’t need any maintenance to speak off. They can brush aside everything that the weather throws at them. One of the downsides of these is the limitation in sizes available and. Also, to some people, they can feel rather utilitarian.

1st Choice for Corner Sheds and Summer Buildings

These buildings has evolved over the years to suit their surroundings. This is why corner garden sheds have been more common where people try to make the most of all of their gardens. Along with the standard pent or monopitch, apex or gable buildings these corner buildings are very popular and it’s easy to understand why.

1st Choice for Wooden Buildings©

Our Corner Garden Sheds Add Value to Your Home.

Read The Following If You Have An Unused Corner In Your Garden For A Shed

Storrington Corner Building
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Storrington Corner Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Our range of corner sheds are specifically designed to fit into that corner (goes without saying, really). This makes the most of the space available and offers protection for all your garden valuables. The other plus is that they are quite attractive in their own way and will enhance your garden. We have a large range of corner sheds, from small sheds to large sheds, so there should be a size to suit you. All made from solid T&G redwood timber and have opening windows as standard. With well braced doors with a proper lock and door handle this will enable you to lock those precious items of yours away. Throughout England these buildings are the ideal choice.

Why You Should Choose a Corner Shed for Your Home

Whether it’s a small or standard size building the most important reason for choosing one is the extra storage for your belongings which it produces. You can make space in your house by moving items out there even if it’s only for a little while when not being used or to give your house a break from all those bits and pieces we keep ‘just in case’. And I’m as guilty as the next person with this. I do advise that you try to think ahead and to buy the largest shed you can afford as you will soon find that a small one will soon be filled.

Before Buying a Corner Garden Building Always Do Your Home Work

You might not thank me for this but you should always do your homework (I never liked homework either) before buying any sort of garden building. The quality of the materials used reflects in the overall quality of any corner shed and there can be a large price difference. The cheap corner sheds will be made from the cheapest quality timber available rather than the correct grade of timber which you will find on buildings made to last. Try to imagine the difference between a corner building made down to a price against one which is made using the most suitable materials. If you want a corner building to last a long time the one with most suitable materials will be the best value overall, even though it’s a little more expensive. One way to get a feel for the products available is to look at customer’s feedback. Take a look on this independent feedback as this will give you a better idea of the products and service offered by 1st Choice Leisure Buildings.

When Choosing Always Beware of Cheap Timber Being Used

Invariably, the cheap corner sheds will be made from fast growing whitewood timber. Whereas, slow growing redwood timber is used on the better buildings as this normally is far more robust and long lasting. Redwood timber is dearer to purchase for the shed makers but the overall value of this material is without question better than any made in whitewood. It will always be better value in the long run. There are times when a cheaper corner shed will serve you well. Maybe you only intend to have it for a few years before you move but you also need to think what a bad impression a sad and sorry looking shed will do for potential buyers. Food for thought? Also ensure all timber is T&G as this will be stronger and also check out the thickness of the framing. Some cheap sheds use timber which is only 25 x 25mm (1in x 1in). With framework this small it can let the whole building down. Always, check before signing on the dotted line. For more buying advice take a look on this page for advice on what to look out for – you won’t regret it. And you will nearly always find that the cheap shed is not the best value.

Be Very Wary of Cheap Chipboard, OSB Board and Other Cheap Boards

To pare costs the cheap corner shed makers like to use chipboard, OSB board, Wafer board or Sterling Board on the floors and roofs. In my view, after 40 years in the garden buildings business, this can be seen as ‘spoiling the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar’. Most of these materials are OK until they get wet – but being outside means this is likely to happen – and then these materials can start to disintegrate. Certainly not ideal. And to make matters worse a large number of these companies describe their floors and roofs as ‘sheet material’. Why? They don’t want you to know they are cutting corners. Very misleading and wrong. Always ask a direct question as to what the sheet material actually is. You will be surprised. Our large range of sheds always use ‘proper’ T&G timber boards so your 1st choice should be 1st Choice.

Our Large Range of Sheds Will Be Built For You. Taking the Worry Out It For You

Large sheds and corner sheds are, normally, rather large items and can be quite hard work to move about and to erect. The five walls which they have make it even more tricky than the usual four and more tricky to assemble. And, being well made, the better buildings are very heavy so why not let the experts do this for you. By doing so you won’t have to worry about any of that. You will know that is has been built and felted correctly enabling your new corner shed to do its job for you – protecting your valuables from the weather. The large range of cheap corner shed makers claim it will be easy to build their building but they often come in loads of sections. Often each wall will be made in 2 or 3 sections rather than one section. Quite a minefield and not ideal! All 1st Choice Leisure Buildings large range of sheds will be assembled FREE of charge saving you this worry. So let 1st Choice take the strain and not your back.

Where Ever Possible Try To View Your New Shed Beforehand

With the large number of internet companies trying to sell sheds you will find that not many will offer you the chance to see beforehand. They MAY have a glossy brochure (if you are lucky) and a flashy web site but the only ‘proper’ way of buying a corner shed is to see ‘it in the flesh’ so to speak. 1st Choice Leisure Buildings have two large garden buildings display sites in Surrey and their large displays includes over 40 buildings for the public to see. With such a large range of sheds we don’t might not have all the models on display but there will be a great selection and can appreciate the quality. 1st Choice have been in the garden buildings business since 1979 – a very large number of years and was first in the UK to display their products on the web as well as having display sites. The best of both worlds so well worth thinking about so take advantage now.

Photo Gallery

Platinum and Diamond Garden Sheds Photos and Images - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Diamond Woodgate Apex
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Woodgate Wooden Reverse Apex Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Classic Apex & Pent
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Chichester Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Georgian Apex & Pent
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Chichester Georgian Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Platinum Titchfield Apex Shed
Free Assembly Included

Platinum Titchfield Apex Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Platinum Titchfield Pent Shed
Free Assembly Included

Platinum Titchfield Pent Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Titchfield Reverse Apex
Free Assembly Included

Platinum Titchfield Transverse Apex Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Platinum Traditional Style
Free Assembly Included
Optional Insulation

Platinum Portsmouth Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Diamond Shoreham Shed
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Shorehan Narrow Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Storrington Corner Building
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Storrington Corner Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Garden Workshops
Free Assembly Included
Optional Insulation

Timber Workshops Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Platinum Medstead
Free Assembly Included

Platinum Alton Solar Potting Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Platinum Alton
Free Assembly Included

Platinum Solar Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Diamond Portslade Pent
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Portslade Pent Solar Workshops - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Diamond Pulborough
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Pulborough Solar Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Diamond Petworth
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Petworth Solar Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Diamond Graffham
Free Assembly Included

Diamond Graffham Potting shed Greenhouses - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Combination Buildings
Free Assembly Included

Combination Garden Sheds - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Concrete Sheds
Free Assembly Included

Lidget Concrete Prefab Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

SafeStore Metal Sheds
Optional Assembly On Gold

SafeStore Gold Silver Steel Metal Sheds UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Metal Motorbike Garages
Optional Assembly On Gold

SafeStore Gold Silver Metal Motorcycle Garage - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Wheelie Bin Sheds
Fitting Instructions Supplied

StoreChoice Wheelie Bins Horizontal Plastic Sheds UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Caravan Storage Sheds
Fitting Instructions Supplied

SafeStore Gold Silver Plastic Mobile Home Sheds - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

StoreChoice Plastic Sheds
Fitting Instructions Supplied

StoreChoice Apex Plastic Garden Storage Workshop UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Mobility Scooter Shed
Fitting Instructions Supplied

StoreChoice Apex Plastic Mobility Storage Workshop UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Mobile Home Caravan Sheds
Optional Assembly On Gold

SafeStore Gold Silver Mobile Home Shed Storage Unit - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Secure Bike Sheds
Optional Assembly On Gold

SafeStore Gold Silver Secure Bike Storage UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

If quality big, large, small & the best wooden sheds are on your shopping list, then our range of buildings should meet your needs. Made to suit your needs in size and design so you don’t have to compromise. And we have two UK display sites, near to Farnham, Woking and Guildford in Surrey, so you can view examples for your self and see the quality, sizes and styles. Open seven days a week for your convenience at Guildford. Most garden sheds include free delivery & assembly. Take the opportunity to browse our range of buildings online & then come down to see us, a family business started in 1979.

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Main Product Ranges

Farnham Show Site

1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Squires Garden Centre,
Bagshot Lea Road,
Badshot Lea,
Phone 01252 311085


Woking Show Site

1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Sutton Green Garden Centre,
Whitmoor Ln,
Sutton Green,
Phone 01483 237550


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