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Diamond Woodgate Wooden Reverse Apex Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Woodgate Reverse Apex
All Sizes To Suit You
Diamond Chichester Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Classic Chichester Apex & Pent
Prices Include Assembly
Diamond Chichester Georgian Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Georgian Chichester Apex & Pent
Georgian Windows FOC
Platinum Titchfield Apex Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Titchfield Apex Shed
Pressure Treated Timber
Platinum Titchfield Pent Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Titchfield Pent Shed
Toughened Glass As Std
Platinum Portsmouth Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Traditional Style
Lined With Georgian Window
Diamond Shorehan Narrow Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Shoreham Shed
Ideal For Side Of House
Diamond Storrington Corner Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Storrington Corner Building
Perfect In The Corner
Timber Workshops Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Garden Workshops
When Only The Best Will Do
Platinum Alton Solar Potting Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Medstead
Garden Potting Room
Platinum Solar Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Alton
Solar Potting Shed
Diamond Portslade Pent Solar Workshops - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Portslade Pent
Solar Potting Shed
Diamond Pulborough Solar Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Pulborough
Wooden Potting Shed
Diamond Petworth Solar Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Petworth
Half Glazed Roof
Diamond Graffham Potting shed Greenhouses - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Graffham
Potting Shed Greenhouse
Combination Garden Sheds - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Combination Building
Multiple Rooms
Lidget Concrete Prefab Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Lidget Precast
Concrete Sheds
SafeStore Gold Silver Steel Metal Sheds UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
SafeStore Gold & Silver
Secure Steel Sheds
SafeStore Gold Silver Metal Motorcycle Garage - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
SafeStore Gold & Silver
Metal Motorcycle Garage
StoreChoice Wheelie Bins Horizontal Plastic Sheds UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
StoreChoice Gold & Silver
Wheelie Bin Sheds
SafeStore Gold Silver Plastic Mobile Home Sheds - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
SafeStore Gold & Silver
Caravan Storage Sheds
StoreChoice Apex Plastic Garden Storage Workshop UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
StoreChoice Gold & Plastic Sheds
All Weather Double Wall UPVC
StoreChoice Apex Plastic Mobility Storage Workshop UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
StoreChoice Gold & Silver
Mobility Scooter Shed
SafeStore Gold Silver Mobile Home Shed Storage Unit - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
SafeStore Gold & Silver
Mobile Home Caravan Sheds
SafeStore Gold Silver Secure Bike Storage UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
SafeStore Gold & Silver
Secure Bike Sheds

Garden Sheds For Sale

All available in more or less in any size to suit you. All wooden sheds include free assembly saving you loads of money and making life just a little easier. They can be made bespoke to suit your needs in a range of styles, sizes and finishes.

What Other Outdoor Buildings Companies Don’t Want You To Know
Diamond Woodgate Wooden Reverse Apex Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Woodgate Reverse Apex

When looking for garden sheds it appears very straight forward. Just click around the internet, find the size you want and then look for the best price. Easy YES? Well not really as there is such a huge array of varying quality sheds out there.

From the cheap and nasty right up to ones which would feel at home at Hampton Court Palace.

You need to do your homework to ensure you buy the right one for YOUR needs. Take a read of the following or look on our What You Need To Know web page or any of our Top Buying Tips pages.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings – ONLY Sell Garden Sheds Made to Very High Standards


Buy From An Established Business
Diamond Chichester Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Classic Chichester Apex & Pent Shed

By choosing to buy your timber shed from an established business you can be sure that they have a great deal of expertise in the industry. Also, they have become established by selling the right products at the right price.

Most importantly, they have been listening to their customers. By choosing a business which actually has a show site you can be sure there is somewhere to contact them if you need to. With online-only businesses, they can be here today and gone tomorrow.

With a business with an actual physical address, you will also find you can talk to someone if you choose. Just by typing in ‘sheds near me’ or ‘garden shed suppliers’ will generally find a local business.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings, a Family Business which was established in 1979. We also have a physical office and Show sites.

Toughened Glass As Standard

Garden Shed Installation Service
Diamond Chichester Georgian Timber Apex and Pent Garden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Georgian Chichester Apex & Pent Shed

Sheds by their very nature are large and heavy so building them can be a challenge. This may be fine for some people but a company offering a delivery and installation service will always be a better option. Not only does it save you a lot of hassle, but you can also be sure it has been installed correctly.

Besides the assembly service for our sheds, we can also arrange for a base to be built. This can either be made from a slab of solid concrete or a tanalised timber sub-frame base. It’s even possible to arrange for your building to be painted in colours to suit you. Although the buildings do come with a protective treatment.

1st Choice offer a delivery & assembly service (mostly free of charge) to save you time & effort. Not just dumped in your garden.

Bespoke Garden Sheds

Always view your sheds before buying!
Platinum Titchfield Apex Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Titchfield Apex Shed

The internet is a wonderful thing but even with the flashiest of pages or glossy brochures, you can never get a REAL feel for what you are buying. For many items, this is not a problem but with your new garden shed it’s important to know that what you getting will meet your expectations. By actually viewing the proposed structure. you can be sure of the quality and how well it is constructed. You can see how tall it is so you won’t bang your head. Also how the doors and windows are made.

This will help you to distinguish from the cheap and nasty built to a price. Our well-constructed buildings are designed to last a long time. By viewing beforehand you can save yourself from potential heartache and stress. You’ll be glad you did!
The cheapest price is not always the best value. Click Here For A Walk Through Of Our Display Site

Visit One of the 1st Choice Leisure Buildings Showrooms – and see our displays near Guildford and Farnham in Surrey.

Longevity is key!
Platinum Titchfield Pent Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Titchfield Pent Shed

There are certain advantages for standard sizes or designs as these can help keep the costs down. However wouldn’t it be good to buy a building to suit you and your garden? By doing this you can utilise your new shed to have the best use and to fit in the space that you have.

Talk to a company which can make a bespoke structure in the size and design you need. The extra marginal cost can be the difference between making do or being 100% satisfied.

All you need to do is to talk to us about what your ideal shed is and we will do our utmost to meet your needs.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings can make virtually every shed we sell in a size and design to suit you.

Onduline Roofs With Air Gaps

Ensure the Timber Used is the Best for your new building
Platinum Portsmouth Tanalised Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Platinum Traditional Style

Money can always be saved by selecting a cheaper timber such as whitewood. To a certain degree, it’s OK for a basic garden shed. However, It’s far better to insist on a quality redwood ‘deal’ timber. This wood grows far more slowly than whitewood so the grain is more tightly compacted, ensuring a longer life. A marginal extra expensive for a better long term prospect. Whitewood, because it grows quickly can be subject to the small knots dropping out.

All timber is responsibly sourced and is FSC ‘Forest Stewardship Council’ quality approved. This is very important these days where every effort needs to be taken to protect our environment.

The majority of 1st Choice’s garden sheds are made from redwood ‘deal’ timber for a long life.

Traditional Style Garden Sheds

Beware of Chipboard, Sterling Board, or OSB Boards Being Used
Diamond Shorehan Narrow Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Diamond Shoreham Shed

You will find that most of the cheap garden sheds use chipboard, OSB, or Sterling board on the floors and roofs to save money. However, as soon as damp gets in these boards start to swell and disintegrate. That’s the end of your shiny new shed!

Some shed companies try to hide this by saying their floors and roofs are made from ‘Sheet Materials’. They avoid using the words chipboard or OSB board because they know there could be problems in the future.

1st Choice Leisure Buildings recommends solid timber – we do NOT use chipboard, OSB board or Sterling board!

An Ideal Solution For Your Home

Are All Panels Fully Pre Made For You?
Diamond Storrington Corner Wooden Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Storrington Corner Building

Many of the cheapest shed companies deliver them in pieces where you have to build some of the panels yourself. Ludicrous! If you are buying a cheap shed always triple-check what you are getting! Your new buildings are unlikely to be pre-constructed, leaving you with a load of work to do. It may seem like a great idea to buy a kit. But know what you are letting yourself in for!

Perhaps when you left school you saw your future as a carpenter or a ‘chippy’. You may have been looking forward to a life building sheds. That’s fine! There’s nothing wrong with that. But if not then why don’t you let the factory’s do the work for you?

Insist on a complete building to be delivered to you.

All our Buildings are delivered in completed sections (and mostly assembled free of charge) to save you time and effort!

Shed Sizes: 6’x6′, 7’x7′, 8’x8′ or 9’x9′
Where Can I Find More Information?
Timber Workshops Wooden Buildings - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings
Garden Workshops

Visit this page for more Buying Advice You will be pleased that you did. Also, visit 1st Choice’s UK display sites and see for your self. There is a great selection of sheds built on our show site for you to view!

Before spending your money take the time to out visit one of our two display site in Surrey, close to Guildford, Woking, Farnham and Aldershot. Our friendly staff will be delighted to show you our buildings, listen to you and give you free unpressured advice to enable you to make an informed choice.

Click Here For A Walk Through Of Our Display Site

Consider The Following Before You Buy

STOP And Think BEFORE Buying Your New Garden Shed. What you should ask and check BEFORE buying

  1. Are the buildings you want to buy on display?
  2.  How good is the timber cladding?
  3.  Are the floor and roof SOLID timber – is there any chipboard?
  4. Can you choose your size and style of shed?
  5. Are the sheds delivered and installed FREE and delivered FREE?
  6. How thick is the framework?
  7. How tall are the buildings, are you a midget?
  8. What conditions are attached to the guarantee?
  9. Is the shed made in the UK and is it stockpiled?

The Answer is YES!! Click For Buying Advice from 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

Viewing and Display Sites

Questions often asked on Google is are there any ‘garden sheds near me? With almost 100 buildings on show, seven days a week we positively encourage you to come and visit! Check the quality of our sheds for yourself by visiting our extensive display centre. Located between Woking and Guildford, in Surrey. We have a selection of products from all of our main ranges. We will make you feel very welcome.

Timber Cladding And What To Look For

With a large array of different timber cladding to choose from it’s important that you make the right choice to ensure the longest life for your new shed. Read About Quality of Timber Which Should Be Used

Your New Shed Roof Is Crucial To Its Life

How well designed the roof is on your new shed is crucial to its life. You need to pay particular attention to the specifications. Do NOT be afraid to ask questions BEFORE buying. Afterwards is too late. Read About What you MUST Know about Timber Roofs

Your New Shed Floor Needs To Be Strong

How well designed and how strong the floor is made is important to the comfort and longevity of your new garden shed. Check it out to ensure it will meet your demands. Read About What you MUST know about Wooden Floors

Ensure The Roof Style Will Suit Your Needs

With a choice of roof styles, you need to ensure you understand the differences and the benefits of the different types. Also which one you like the look of. Read About Range of Styles and Sizes from 1st Choice Garden Buildings

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Garden Shed? – What You Need To Know

Sheds tend to be quite heavy and can be hard work to build. You may like the challenge of building a shed but, if not, why not select the option of fully assembled sheds delivered to your home? All you need is a solid level base and a chair to relax in. We take the strain with our free delivery and assembly service. Let our shed fitters do the hard work – how good is that? Why not have your shed built on site? 1st Choice wooden sheds are installed free of charge.
Read About Delivery and Assembly Options

Important To Know About Windows And Glass

With such a huge choice of windows, it’s important to know what you are getting. Don’t risk being short-changed with a cheap option, check it out before buying your new timber store. Read About Glass and Windows

If You Are Not From Lilliput Then Be Wary About Your New Building

Over the years the human race has been getting taller but no one bothered to tell some shed companies. They still make them for vertically challenged people. This may save a few pounds but is not so good for your head!  Read About Height and Doors

And Best of All – THOSE Wonderful Extra Long Guarantees Being Offered

Many shed companies shout from the hills about their extra-long guarantees and warranties! HOWEVER, they are not all that they seem. With VERY strict conditions which must be adhered these guarantees can often be worthless. Read About What you MUST Know about Guarantees and Where your Building will be Made

Garden Sheds Over The Years

These buildings are a British institution and have been popular for many years. Even before the 2nd world war sheds in the garden were popular with the nation when we all gardeners’ dug for victory’.

Since then they have played a large role in the hearts of the nation. There are now few gardens which don’t have a garden storage hut of some description. Whether it’s a small behind a modern house or a large garden shed for a more affluent home. You will find these buildings are very well used.

Generally, houses built between the 1930s and ’50s have substantial gardens. This is where larger garden sheds are to be found. As we got into the 90’s gardens became smaller, putting constraints on the size of shed which could be built. After the housing bubble burst houses tended to be built with tiny gardens so only the smallest ones would fit the bill.

What Is A Shed?

In essence, storage sheds are normally single-storey buildings used in the garden more often, allotments. The size of the building varies depending on the use, needs and more importantly, the available space.

In all instances, all these buildings play a useful role in the day to day life. The sheer versatility is helped by the many different designs which are available. From very basic huts to high-end buildings suitable for a multitude of uses.

Essentially, these garden sheds consist of an internal frame onto which cladding is secured. Many sheds waterproofed against the elements. The roof is normally either apex (gable or V’shaped) or pent (single or mono-pitched). Although some buildings, usually in the higher price bracket, can sometimes have a hip roof like on a house. These are quite striking buildings but the price can put a lot of people off. The reason for the price is the complexity of manufacture.

What Materials are Garden Sheds Supplied In?

These buildings come in a variety of materials such as wood, timber, metal, steel, plastic or concrete. Often the choice of material used for these tends to be personal choice but different claddings have varying pros and cons.

Timber sheds tend to be most popular due to the natural feel it the material gives. However, whilst they are strong, one of the downsides is they need to be treated to maintain their long life. Tanalised or pressure-treated ones won’t require as much maintenance. They normally last for around 15 years, so are very popular.

Some sheds are made from galvanised steel with a long guarantee against rust, so no treating of these sheds is required.

Beware of metal buildings which are ‘electro-plated’ rather than ‘hot dipped galvanised’. This treatment won’t last as long. Sheds made from more durable materials won’t rust so are a viable proposition for the owner who does not want any maintenance issues. However, these type of units can look a little bland and industrial but do serve their purpose in the garden very well.

Concrete is the ‘bruiser’ of the shed world. Being made from solid concrete they don’t need any maintenance to speak off. They can brush aside everything that the weather throws at them. One of the downsides of these is the limitation in sizes available and. Also, to some people, they can feel rather utilitarian.

1st Choice for Wooden Buildings©

How Qualified Are We To Offer This Advice?

We, being a family business, have been involved in the manufacture of quality garden buildings for sale since 1979 when Robin started his first production unit. Craig, Robin’s son, joined in 1990 and trained at Guildford College in joinery. And for over 20 years we ran one of the largest UK shed companies in the south of England and made the conscious decision to only deal with quality materials which we knew would last the test of time.

This ethos probably comes from our upbringing. Robin’s father and grandfather were Master Butchers in Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire and Quality and Customer Service was always the keyword behind their businesses.

Craig is a key member of the business and is helping 1st Choice to embrace the challenges of the 21st century. And with his two children, Daniel and Rebecca, the future looks very promising. So as you can see we are not just salespeople selling a range of products who know nothing of little about the products but have the history behind us to ensure that when you choose ‘1st Choice’ then you know your building actually will be ‘1st Choice.

Author is Robin Antill - expert in garden buildings Written By Robin - Expert in Garden Buildings For 39 Years.
Hi, I'm Robin Antill, founder of 1st Choice Leisure Buildings, and I use my expertise gained over 39 years in the garden buildings industry to understand that each customer is different. With my manufacturing, retailing and customer service experience my articles help people choose their ideal shed, garden workshop, summerhouse, log cabin or garden office needs to suit their requirement and that is key to satisfaction. And what do I do when I'm not writing? You may find me following Grimsby Town Football Club or riding roller coasters - so plenty of 'ups and downs' in my life.

Help With Planning Permission For Garden Buildings

If you need help about planning permission take a look at our page about planning requirements for garden storage sheds on our web site or go direct to the Planning Portal Official Site

General Help And Advice for Buildings in the Garden

If you need help and shed buying tips then take a look at our page with advice about buying on our web site or go direct to the Which Garden Shed UK Reviews

Should I Consider Buying An Insulated Shed?

The garden shed is used traditionally as a storage place and sometimes as a workshop which limits its use, especially during the cold winter months.

There is another option which means you are able to use it all year round. By investing a little more and upgrading to an insulated building you will be able to use these wonderful sheds all year round. Your children could use it as a den and maybe play computer games in there or chill out with their friends.

At at the same time, they will be out from under your feet! Mum or Dad could use it as a ‘man cave’ or ‘she den’ for their own hobbies, pastimes and have some ‘me’ time. An insulated shed could be used as a home office for business. If so the cost would be tax deductible which is a ‘win-win’ for you.

Can I Insulate My Shed After It Has Been Delivered?

If you are a reasonable DIY’er then it’s relatively easy to insulate the shed yourself. You would just need to buy the insulation material, such as fibreglass, polystyrene or a purpose-made material. You would also need sheets of plywood, hardboard (which can be veneered) or maybe T&G boards.

You would need to cut the insulation to size and tack it into place between the internal timbers. Afterwards, you would need to cut the wall sheets to fit and screw or tack into place.

The roof can be challenging to insulate due to the delights of gravity! It ‘tries’ to fall down. You would need 2 or 3 people for this to make life easier. Finish it off with cover strips on the inside – job done.

Challenging but quite rewarding!

Are There Any Other Options Available?

We are able to offer a full range of insulation options on all the Platinum sheds to save you the hassle. The walls and roofs would be insulated and lined in a variety of ways, to suit your needs. This will mean your building would be available all year round.

As standard, we would use a ‘Kingspan’ type of quality insulation. This is a solid composition board, foil backed to help with thermal efficiency. Internal trims would be used to give a clean look inside. It costs a little more, but just think of the benefits!

Will my Insulated Shed Be Warm In The Winter?

Provided your new shed is insulated and lined either by you or us then it will be nearly as warm as inside your house. However, like your house, during the colder spells, you will require some heating to ensure a comfortable environment.

We would recommend an electric radiator as the best option. Stay well away from any form of Calor type gas heaters as they produce a lot of damp as well as being a fire risk. The bonus is that the insulation will help to keep your shed cooler in summer.

This is something I didn’t know in my early days of garden shed manufacturing (I started back in 1979 making sheds). I discovered this when going from an uninsulated building into an insulated one. The difference was amazing!

The insulation option is well worth considering.

How Much Will Insulating A Garden Shed Cost?

On the Platinum buildings pages, there are links to the basic prices and their options. On some of them, there is even an option to insulate the floor for even better protection from the elements. The question to ask is whether you can afford it and can you justify the cost?

Well, if you would like to use your new shed all year round then it’s worth working out what this is worth to you. To be able to utilise your shed all year can be a great asset and, maybe, a little piece of calm away from our mad ‘day to day’ world.

Can I Receive A Personal Quote?

We are, of course, very happy to supply you with a firm no-obligation quote for your garden shed to meet your needs.
Just call us on 0333 800 8880, use our contact form or visit one of our display sites.

It’s always worth taking a look when buying a new shed for your garden. Come and visit either of our showrooms and see how good these buildings are

Guildford Surrey, Display Site

Please visit our show room within the Sutton Green Garden Centre conveniently situated directly off the A320 Woking to Guildford Road where you will a large range of garden buildings, including log cabins, garden workshops, summer houses, concrete garages and garden sheds.

The site is open and manned 7 days a week for viewing as well as obtaining free advice and ordering your delightful new building.



Farnham Surrey, Display Site

Please visit our show room within the superb Squires Badshot Lea garden centre, close to the Shepherd and Flock roundabout on the A31 Farnham to Guildford Road where you will a large range of garden buildings, including log cabins, garden workshops, summer houses, concrete garages and garden sheds.

The site will be open 7 days a week for viewing and will be manned most days in the week including weekends.



Now Fully Open With Nearly 30 Different Buildings On Display To View

Nuclear Powered Garden Shed

Gardens sheds are really practical additions to any garden and there is no reason why they can’t be used for many different and creative uses. Over many years summerhouses have been increasing in popularity but a basic ‘bread and butter’ shed can be just as versatile. This is because not only can they store the garden tools and furniture away they can be use as places of inspiration and creativity.

Among the many people who have been inspired in sheds and to be creative was David Charles Hahn, a young man who was 17 at the time. However, he took this to the extreme by trying to build a home made breeder nuclear reactor in his backyard retreat. He became known as the ‘Radioactive Boy Scout’ for his pursuits in his shed which remained unpublished until a Harpers article written by journalist Ken Silverstein in 1998. Hahn also was also behind the Silverstein’s book called ‘The Radioactive Boy Scout’ about Hahn and his infamous shed.

Hahn who was a boy scout in the Boy Scout’s of America, in Commerce Township, Michigan, and conducted his experiments in the garden shed at his mother’s home. This was a quiet place where he could work away from any disturbances and in peace. Whilst he was not successful, which is not surprising as Iran have all their scientists working on a nuclear reactor at the moment, his work in the garden shed attracted the attention of the local police who discovered radioactive materials in the boot of his car. As you can appreciate he was not too popular with his aims. About 10 months later the garden shed and his mother’s home and property was cleaned by the Superfund Cleanup site to remove all radioactive materials. However, Hahn had earned the right to be Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts of America prior to the discovery of his experiments. I don’t think there is a badge for creating a Nuclear Reactor, but I understand there is one for Atomic Energy, which is a far cry from what was available to me in the Scouts in the 1960’s and I know Lord Baden Powell said that scouts should be creative but I don’t think he meant to go as far as this.

A little less controversial use of a wooden shed is by Damien Hirst who uses his down in Devon for his painting. He said that with practice you can make great paintings and the perfect place for him is his garden shed. It would appear that the solitude and peace and quiet of the ‘man cave’ is the reason behind this creativity. Maybe the mere fact that a garden shed is often used for making things can create inspiration. Either way these buildings are well loved members of the garden community.

Many authors have used their garden sheds to write some of their best work and this includes Roald Dahl who used his shed to write his very popular children’s stories. His family were very keen to preserve this building for the museum and they have raised an appeal so it can be added to their collection. In history there are many more examples where these buildings are used creatively.

So if you are asking the question where can I get sheds near me or garden sheds in the Uk then 1st Choice Leisure Buildings is the place to go. Established in 1979 and have a great track record and superb range of buildings to choose from.

If quality big, large, small & the best wooden sheds are on your shopping list, then our range of buildings should meet your needs. Made to suit your needs in size and design so you don’t have to compromise. And we have two UK display sites, near to Farnham, Woking and Guildford in Surrey, so you can view examples for your self and see the quality, sizes and styles. Open seven days a week for your convenience at Guildford. Most garden sheds include free delivery & assembly. Take the opportunity to browse our range of buildings online & then come down to see us, a family business started in 1979.

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