Our Range Of StoreChoice Gold & Silver Plastic Storage Sheds
Suitable For Mobility Scooters, Wheelie Bins, Storage And Workshops

8ft Wide – Five Sizes
StoreChoice Gold ‘Harrow’

StoreChoice ‘Harrow’ Double Skinned Plastic Storage Shed - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

7ft Wide – Two Sizes
StoreChoice Gold ‘Stanmore’

StoreChoice ‘Stanmore’ Apex 7ft Wide Plastic Garden Storage Workshop - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

10ft x 8ft Apex – Gable
StoreChoice Gold ‘Northwood’

StoreChoice ‘Northwood’ Apex 10ft Wide Duel Entrance Workshops UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

10ft x 8ft Multiple Sizes
StoreChoice Gold ‘Eastcote S’

StoreChoice ‘Eastcote S’ Apex 10ft Wide Plastic Garden Storage Workshop UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

15ft x 8ft & Multiple Sizes
Gold ‘Northwood PLUS’

StoreChoice ‘Northwood PLUS’ Dual Entry Apex 15' x 8' Plastic Storage Workshops UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

12½ft x 8ft & Many Sizes
StoreChoice Gold ‘Eastcote L’

StoreChoice ‘Eastcote L’ Double Skinned 15' x 8' Plastic Garden Workshop - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

5ft x 7ft (98 Square Feet)
StoreChoice Silver ‘Brentford’

StoreChoice ‘Brentford’ Plastic Mobility Scooter Storage Shed UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

6ft x 3½ft (70 Square Feet)
StoreChoice Silver ‘Richmond’

StoreChoice ‘Richmond’ Plastic Horizontal Shed Storage UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

7ft x 3ft (62 Square Feet)
Silver ‘Twickenham’

StoreChoice ‘Twickenham’ Plastic Horizontal Shed Storage UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

4ft x 2½ft (34 Square Feet)
Silver ‘Teddington’

StoreChoice ‘Teddington’ Horizontal Plastic Sheds UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

7×4 – 7×7 (ft x ft)
StoreChoice Silver ‘Mortlake’

StoreChoice ‘Mortlake’ Apex Plastic Sheds UK - 1st Choice Leisure Buildings

The Top Uses For a Plastic Shed

Plastic sheds for sale, an economical way of adding extra space to your home. Not everybody is looking for chunky timber versions, so a shed made from UPVC or similar might be just the ticket to provide you with that extra garden storage!

We have a large range of different buildings in our StoreChoice Gold and StoreChoice Silver plastic ranges so there should be one to suit your needs.

So whether you are looking for an attractive building to relax in and enjoy the sun, a workshop for your hobby, a shed for storing your garden tools and mowers or one for your bike or caravan you need to take a look.

One of the virtues of this material is that it is extremely durable so all of our plastic garden sheds have a long life. They are virtually maintenance free, apart from the occasional wipe with a soapy cloth, making them extremely attractive for the occasional gardener and professional alike.

We do have some on display but not all. You are welcome to visit and view but it may be an idea to check what’s on site before visiting us. Give us a call on 0800 999 6995 today!

Plastic Sheds For Your Home and Garden

Plastic sheds are light and versatile which means you do not necessarily need to have the infrastructure to erect a perfectly respectable sized one in you garden. In many cases, depending on the size, they can sit on the grass, patio or hard standing without the expensive task of preparing groundwork, or a concrete base.

What Are Plastic Sheds Made From?

A common question and one which we come across all the time. Just because a shed is made from plastic does not mean that it is cheap and nasty. The plastic sheds for sale from one of our show sites are made from high grade polycarbonate which is an extremely tough material. depending on the type and size of shed you buy some will come with walls and a floor made of the same material, others may not have a floor. It all depends on the size and purpose of the shed you buy.

The shed clips together very simply, supported by an aluminium frame, which is put in place first. When thinking of a ‘plastic shed’, don’t just think about the lowest common denominator. These small buildings are top quality and will last for years.

Who Sells Plastic Sheds

You can buy really cheap versions from the internet, but as we maintain right through our website, it is far better to see before you buy. We have a selected number of sizes and designs at our show site but please give us a call to check which ones can be viewed: 0800 999 6995

Can Plastic Sheds be Painted?

The beauty of the plastic used in these sheds means that they do not have to be painted. Polycarbonate comes in a variety of colours. It is this which will determine the finish of your shed. There is no need to paint a plastic shed, but if you do get bored of the colour in years to come there are specialist paint products available.

What are Plastic Sheds used for?

There are a multitude of uses for a shed like this. From simple bike storage right up to a fully fitted garden workshop. The only thing holding you back is your imagination. For a start they are a great place to store your garden valuables.

Think about how much you spent on that lawnmower, the pressure washer and all of the tools in your garden. What better place to store them than an economical, sturdy shed like this? For the more adventurous, you can fit them out with a work bench and greenhouse, the possibilities are endless. From a plastic bike shed to bin storage and a place to hang out in, just use your imagination.

Can I Insulate a Plastic Shed

Plastic sheds normally come un-insulated but there is no reason why a layer of insulation cannot be added. All surfaces have the potential to be insulated but bear in mind that effective insulation is quite thick. This can take up valuable internal space, especially if the shed is quite small. Also, do you need to insulate your plastic shed? If there is no point and you are not going to be spending much time in there then the extra expense may not be worthwhile!

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